Eminem Supports Gay Marriage

June 17th, 2010 // 48 Comments

In a new interview with the New York Times, Eminem expresses his support for gay marriage after facing criticisms in the past for using the word “faggot” in his songs:

You’ve been accused of writing gay-bashing lyrics in the past. Would you like to see gay marriage approved in Michigan, where you live?
I think if two people love each other, then what the hell? I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want.
Is this the new, 37-year-old tolerant you?
It’s the new tolerant me!

This is a pretty bold move considering Eminem’s audience is almost entirely white kids who think their quaint, suburban hometown is the ghetto, but then again, they buy enough shoes to make Carrie Bradshaw moisten the Sahara, so it could go either way. I’m gonna wait this one out/see how the kid who makes my burger at Wendy’s reacts.

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  1. Bob Sacamano

    He fell off after his 3rd album, who gives a shit

  2. MR. T

    wait I am confused…..He supports gay marriage? why wouldn’t he…isn’t he gay? Isn’t he engaged to a guy?

  3. peanut

    sure, bob…so why are you writing about it then?

  4. Gay ex-celebrity supports gay marriage? Well stop the presses!

  5. This is great news for the gay community. I’m sure same-sex marriage legislature will get approved much quicker now that they have a well respected public figure like Eminem supporting their cause.

    Now all they need is OJ Simpson, Roman Polanski, and Sarah Palin to toss in their support and it’ll be super-fabulous gay marriages for every little gay boy and girl in America.

    Viva la homorevolution!

  6. pell

    Barely even a full sentence before the jump? I’m usually browsing 10-20 times a day on here, but it’s about to stop. This is getting just plain undesirable.

  7. YoureGay

    Gay people suck. Kill them all.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Well i hope he supports it, he’s gay, just like his fucking albums.

  9. Lady Blah Blah

    “…white kids who think their quaint, suburban hometown is the ghetto…” – LOL.

    I’d rather have a gay son than a wigger for a son.

    Maybe Mathers has grown up a bit, and/or realizes that Elton John’s support of him means that continuing to express contempt toward gays through his music would not be all that cool.

    The NYT should’ve asked him how he feels about wigger marriage.

  10. Bob Saget

    Haha that “…white kids who think their quaint, suburban hometown is the ghetto…” statement is so damn true. So many white kids think they’re badasses for listening to this chump rap. He raps about beating his girl and putting her in the trunk if his car? Come on, thats child’s play.

  11. Ben
    Commented on this photo:

    Eminem would support powering all of our countries locomotives with orphans and kitten blood if he thought it would help him sell records.

    • mike

      wow thats a lie he dont need help to sell records he could take a shit on everyone in the world and still sell records

  12. missywissy

    his rapping is phenominal, but dude needs to get off the subject of himself. Arrogant fucker that thinks people really care about how he feels inside. Nobody cares but his momma and his….ummmm…..anyone?

  13. Bunny

    Man, he looks high. I never heard what he was addicted to. I betcha he was a pill popper.

  14. waka

    The shortness of posts before the jump sucks badly now. I grow tired of this place. I am soon to jump ship if this does not change.

  15. black jesus

    hes a tough nigga

  16. Posh

    He wants to eat dat dere Poo Poo. No, but seriously – ew.

  17. ROUGH the return, and taking no prisoners

    A progressive rapper? What kind of fag move is that?

  18. bar room hero

    Wiggers are scum.

  19. JRS22

    Just because someone says “faggot” it doesn’t mean they hate gays. Hell, like that South Park episode went on about, faggot isn’t even a term associated to gays.

  20. id1979er

    alchemist posted up in the back.

  21. Mike

    Now we know why Kim kept leaving him…

  22. shankyouverymuch

    This is a VERY strange dude, a real weirdo … I think he’s GAY :O(

  23. qwerty

    How does this make gim gay,it’s actually walking around and talking about how much you hate fags that makes you look like a total closet case

  24. huh
    Commented on this photo:

    i always thought he was a little bigger he really is very skinny

  25. qwerty
    Commented on this photo:

    He was more muscular in 2001-3,then he got fat ’cause he was popping pills,now he’s addicted to his treadmill from what I heard

  26. RasputinsLiver


    Well, my Gaydar’s always said loud and clear Marshall Mathers is a closeted, self-loathing queen.

    Being gay is one thing. Being closeted and doing or saying the kinds of things he and all those “family values” fright-wing hypocritical crazies have said and done over the years, especially the ones who’re most vociferous against gay folk, well, and isn’t it always the case it turns out they like to play drop the soap in the closet.

    Trust me, this clown’s as limp wristed as the day is long.


  27. Ethany
    Commented on this photo:

    Love is love people. If things were reversed and heterosexual marriages were outlawed, I’d be pissed. I’d feel less than human. I wouldn’t consider myself human.

  28. ChuckleStain

    I like how he goes around in public with giant headphones on his head, like he won’t know what to do with himself if he can’t hear music constantly.

  29. captain america

    he prefers a COCK more than a LOLLY?

  30. So next step is what, the whole rap community supporting niggaz-to-bitchiz marriage?

  31. mike

    Move along people, there is nothing to see here.

  32. Nero

    Eminem supports gay marriage?! Wtf?!

  33. cellphone

    Two gay women is allright.But men?! Ugh!

  34. Rhialto

    *Strokes chin* Hm.. The world is facing serious overpopulation…

  35. Poo

    What’s with Eminem’s perpetual mouthful-of-sweets/Don Corleone look nowadays?

  36. WTF
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF is with that face???

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