Emily Ratajkowski Has Very Special Breasts

In honor of Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts gracing this earth for the past 26 years, let’s take a look at some of her tatas’ most esteemed accomplishments and accolades…

—Emily Ratajkowski’s boobs speak french.
—They have a learner driver’s permit in the state of Massachusetts.
—One of them is gluten-intolerant.
—EmRata’s boobs eclipse each each other at some point on the Earth’s surface every 18 months.
—Shakira once confused them with mountains.
—They won a James Beard award after opening the restaurant Nipplé in the Village.
—Tyson chicken offered them a modeling contract in 2015. They turned it down.
—They once recorded a critically acclaimed holiday album.
—Pepperdine University offers a major in Ratajkowski Studies.
—John Legend named his 2004 album Get Lifted after Ratajkowski’s boobs.
-No one has ever touched them without saying, “wow” … including Emily herself.