Emily Ratajkowski Got Covered in Italian Food… for Feminism and Stuff!

Emily Ratajkowski wants everyone to know that she can do whatever she wants because she’s a lady. If that means putting on some lingerie and covering herself in pasta like some sort of Guy Fieri wet dream, then that’s her prerogative as a woman. Honestly, there’s nothing really stopping anyone — male, female, or non-binary — from coving themselves in spaghetti and letting someone film you. Question you have to ask yourself is whether or not people might find it oddly sexual or if a T&A blogger named Randy Cappuccino will feature it on his website…

That being said if you’d like to submit your own pasta porn to be featured on The Superficial, please use “THE OTHER PASTA PARTY” as the subject line so that I don’t get it confused my monthly pasta swap.

I’m pretty sure she only eats about 5 or 6 actual strands of spaghetti in this video, so I’m assuming the leftovers were purchased by a rich Japanese businessman who wanted to take his used underwear fetish to the next level. And don’t even start with the whole “there are starving kids in Africa” thing because even starving kids don’t want to eat pasta that’s been rubbed all over someones ass… even if it’s Emily Ratajowksi’s.

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