A Moment For Emily Ratajkowski In A Bikini

Let’s take a breather with Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini on the beach with her boyfriend, Jeff Magid. Who from what I can see is a pasty, shlubby white dude who seems to be napping instead of staring at the gorgeous woman he’s inexplicably banging. Although he does wake up for a second to poke her boob like he’s checking to make sure this is all real, which is probably something I’d be doing every minute or so as well.

“Yes, we’re ready to order. Just one sec.” *reaches across table*
“Jesus, man, did you just poke her boob?”
“You see her, too?! OHTHANKGOD!”


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For the record, he never touches this at all, so let’s all agree this man is legally blind.

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Photo: Fame/Flynet, Instagram