Irina Shayk in a bikini

October 27th, 2009 // 60 Comments

Here’s 20-year-old Brazilian supermodel Emanuela de Paula posing for Victoria’s Secret yesterday in St. Barth’s. I’m pretty sure if I ever had a chance to touch this woman’s naked body I’d weep like I’d just seen the face of God kiss a baby that’s flying on gossamer wings into a perfect golden sunset. Or immediately explode in my pants then lock myself in the bathroom until she promises to leave. Let’s go with that last one. Ladies?

EDIT: Huge thanks to everyone who correctly pointed out this is Irina, and a special no-thanks to the photo agency whose labeling system could’ve at least gave me a reach-around.

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  1. Jade

    This is Irina Sheik, a 23 year old russian supermodel. Here’s the link with the evidence:

  2. 12 year old boy

    Why does she look like a man? She’s too masculine for me

    • Jaser

      You are definetely confusing Irina with your mother. Irina doesn’t look like a man, she looks tough and strong. All other Brazilian women out there look more like little girls, she looks hot and powerful on her face. She is supposed to be more sexy.
      Tough-looking and bully-looking women with strong features are the sexiest and because you never hit a girlfriend in your meaningless lonely existence doesn’t mean she look like a man. You are just born untalented to recognize women’s real beauty. Don’t be naive, you are untalented.

  3. yuki

    its not emanuela de paula.

  4. Buy a vibrator #10

    #10 is a fat woman who can’t get anyone to fuck her. No wonder she’s angry.

  5. Jim

    That ass looks tighter than a snare drum. I drill that slow and deep…

  6. titsonsnack

    Haha love the first picture. Looks like she just took a dump in the sand.

  7. Izzy

    Definitely Irina Shiek/Irina Shaykhlislamova, 23, from Russia, not Brazil. Check your facts, Superfish.

  8. Smarm

    ” 10. The new math – October 27, 2009 1:04 PM

    Apparently wafer thin + barely legal + swarthy = hot to little “men” (term used loosely) who need a fetus to make them feel bigger. Maybe you guys should hit the gym and lower your standards a tad because your dream girl doesn’t want a fat 47 year old guy with bacne that lives in Mom’s basement. Oh, but NONE of you fit that description right?

    We’ll get right on that, right after you eat a dick. Jealous much? You do realize how pathetic that sounded, right? A few guys throw out random compliments about a beautiful woman that you resemble not one iota, and you go off on a tangent like a dumb cunt. Shut the fuck up, seriously. Funny how you come on here stereotyping the guys who visit this site yet youre here, probably at home trying to squeeze your humpback whale of an ass into your barcalounger w your oreos in one paw and a ham in the other, going back and forth between watching Springer and drooling all over your keyboard, all the while fantasizing that one of these posters w bacne would knock the dust off that lonely hole and put something in there other than this weeks produce special.

    oh and welcome to superficial!

  9. Izzy

    Sorry, Sheik. Typo. Oh the irony.

  10. Rough intentions

    Really? thats a Russian broad? talk about dark and lovely…

  11. Adriana

    In the name of all brazilian women, she definately looks brazilian! Not russian at all! And she even looks like Adriana Lima.

  12. Turd the third

    Boring, nothing interesting about here at all. Nice shape but just boring. She is about as boring as this post. She looks like any of 100 “formula” models. Same shape same legs, no tits, no ass, just boring. I’d rather eat a big Mac than this thing that passes as a model. Did Turd say she was boring?

  13. MCcains tumor

    Russian or Brazilian….who cares….i’ll take two, one for each hand!! I also want to penetrate dat butt….thank you.

  14. als10point

    @ 31, nice!

  15. als10point

    …a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Oh phuck that BS, she sizzles!

  16. Dr. Caring

    The U.S. has been overrun with fat girls, so here’s what they’re hoping to see as a comment:

    “This girl is way too thin for me. I like a girl who looks like a WOMAN not a 13-year-old boy. A real woman, with a normal body: big flabby arms, saddlebag thighs, cankles, big triple-ripple “which bulge is the tits” belly, broad but somehow flat and saggy butt, ironically small boobs for being so overweight. Now THAT’S hot!!!”

    Just waitin’ to read that one…munchin’ a candybar, sipping a grape soda…waitin’…

  17. Is that the Iron Sheik’s daughter?

  18. that ass is begging for my special moisturizer

  19. Randal(l)

    I agree with #10 this horrible pig of a woman is a hemorrhoid on societies corn hole. But because I feel so bad for that slovenly Pile or gross, I’ll throw her a pity fuck. I guess I’m just a humanitarian that way.


  20. clpierced

    If i was a guy i would think she has a nice body. butttt since this is a “superficial” site i need to be mean. well i like it, alot :) im sorry people, but i hate tall women. whenever im at the bar i hate how the tall women basically step on me. im 5’1 and petite, wtf is up with massively tall women? butt (back to being nice) she is semi pretty, i hate dark brown hair and brown eyes..gross. but yes she has a nice body :)

    i want it rough :)

  21. Vinnie Mac

    Wow, I see the Iron Sheik has had some work done. Awesome job on the lipo dude, but the man boobs don’t look so good………….What? Irina Sheik? Oh, never mind then.

  22. tom

    iron sheik is looking a lot better than he did on opie and anothy.
    i guess it’s good the sheik is at the beach… just blame the piss stain on high tides.

  23. dude_on

    Smarm that was legendary. I haven’t read a beat down on a big bone like that since Slim Shady nuked all over Mariah. If you put a lil backbeat on that I’m thinking YouTube Platinum.

  24. Kate

    She is fit! WOW! Great body!

    Seriously, though, why must others of my gender get all huffy when men compliment women who aren’t them?

  25. Fumble

    Whats it going to be fish?
    Does she smell like tacos or vodka? Yum.

    Either way I could teach her some cue ball English in her corner pocket.

  26. tall

    clpierced, i am a 5’9″ woman who would stomp on your face at a bar. i hate short women. they look like trolls and dwarfs. they always looks fat, even if they are not. tall = hot.

  27. clpierced

    hahaha clearly you are insecure about it. and if it makes u feel better and sleep at night you can pretend i am fat. and im sure your like really pretty right?! love you tallfuck :)

  28. plessid

    tall and clpirced need to post pics. prob both fat ugly bitches none of is with a cock would fuck … with someone elses dick.

  29. plessid

    tall and clpirced need to post pics. prob both fat ugly bitches none of us with a cock would fuck … with someone elses dick.

  30. caber

    Amen plessid

  31. vero

    tall and clpierced are both FAT CUNTS LOL

  32. I agree about the not having a 23inch waist. Have you noticed how most models, (fashion, glamour etc) say that they have these measurements and yet never look alike body wise despite being all 5?9/5?10…..

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  34. clpierced

    boys actually im quite attractive, but thanks though! and please diss me when im a young female commenting on a celebrity gossip site, while you are supposed to be a straight male posting on this site? dont you find that a little odd? hmmm,,well no hard feelngs! lovee youuu gay boys :)

  35. JustJess

    #8 – Who gives a shit?

  36. ook

    fish, you have the worst taste in women

  37. i thought this was a gossip site not a site 4 men only

  38. Larry Jones

    Good God. If theres a heaven and I hope to Christ there is, it will be filled with broads like this sitting naked and horny for us mere mortals to enjoy.

  39. doesitmatterthatmuchgetoverit

    SERIOUSLY…..i am so tired of all the arguing over fat..skinny…anorexic…wtf…who gives a shit ..if you are skinny and miserable then so be it and if you are fat , plump and happy then so be it !!!!!! if a guy only wants to be with a girl because she is “hot” then that is just as bad as a girl wanting to be with a man only because he is “rich”…shallow people are just shallow and ignorant either way you look at it !!!!!! i am not a size 3 or a size 20 i feel that i am just right for my body type and what i have been through in life !!!! THE FUNNY THING IS i couldn’t find a decent , loyal,and faithful guy when i was much younger and was what you would consider very “HOT” i had many boyfriends or guys that want to screw you of course because you are hot right …well i am alot older now and have put on weight through out the course of my life ..not a ton of weight but compared to when i was in h.s. .and i have a man that accepts me either way and he knows i am beautiful and yes still sexy even with a little extra weight ….anyways my point is being skinny or “hot ‘ is great but it really only gets you so far in life and if a guy ONLY wants you for your looks then that just means you have low self esteem and will basically just let him use you for his own selfish ego!!!!! when you find a real guy that accepts you for who you are then thats all that matters !!!!!!!! I personally wouldnt deal with a jerk like that anyway even if he was “hot” because his selfish, cocky attitude would make me sick sooner or later so all you men out there that think all woman should be a certain way or look a certain way ..grow the hell up and get over yourself !!!!!

  40. deddog

    i agree, clpierced and that tall girl should both have to post their pics in order to continue enjoying their superficial privileges… apparently the tall one has something to prove


    #49……TALL does not always + hot darlin…sometimes it =’s ..OAF…..and of cousre you will be stompin on peeps faces at bars cause u 2 damn tall 2 c anyone in ur way….sit down oafy lookin lady


    #49……TALL does not always + hot darlin…sometimes it =’s ..OAF…..and of cousre you will be stompin on peeps faces at bars cause u 2 damn tall 2 c anyone in ur way….sit down oafy lookin lady

  43. spicycy

    yeaaahhh i dunno. first picture is sexy.. the rest are zzzz. way to be strategic

  44. sheaskank

    she looks like a stretched out too tall too skinny ugly faced broad that pervs jerk off too all over the world.what a loser

  45. sheaskank

    she looks like a stretched out too tall too skinny ugly faced broad that pervs jerk off too all over the world.what a loser

  46. 2TALL


  47. emma

    yeh she is hot if that if your type but to me she looks a little fake sexy rather than real sexy like say scarlett johansen or natalia vodianova- and im not a fan of black hair with super dark skin- no offence but to me its not sexy.still that is my personal preferences- i can see for guys who go for that type she is smoking- why does everyone on this site have to bad mouth someone who is attractive just because they personally are not attracted to that look?

    she ticks all the boxes so im not going to say she is ugly but just not the type of girl i personally would stare at- im straight by the way so by my type i guess i mean she is not the kind of girl i would be jealous of or be in awe of but i cant deny she is a very attractive woman- more power to her!

    as for the short tall debate- guys generally prefer short girls- tall girls are genearlly only seen as hot if they are also model thin whereas a short girl can pull off curves much better- look a curves on scarlett johansen- if she was tall there would be too “much” there for the average guy but because she is short she doenst take up so much space so guys are ok with it.

  48. The new math

    Oh you sad tny pricked slobs are so SO predictable, let’s see, I’m fat, can’t get laid, bla bla bla. If you had any clue what I looked like you’d wish you could suck your own teeny cock rather than whack off with the tweezers you usually use. Don’t forget to play with your withered balls. Let me ask you this….what on earth would make you think that some uber babe would hook up with a pea brained slob like you or your ilk? If I WAS fat, you should be nice to me because fat pussy would be something you should be grateful for. Girls LAUGH at guys like you. Believe it or not, I am a personal trainer that could crush your retarded cro magnon melons with my tan thighs. Stupid pussies.

  49. The new math

    By the way, I LOVE it when I actually get under your skin…..truth hurt? Fat chicks can lose weight…I watch it happen everyday. So you can resent them for being fat or you can resent them for being hot and not doing a THING for you but laughing at how pathetic you are in your t shirt with the spaghetti sauce stain on it. Either way you are a misogynist loser with a bus pass and a gut like a duffle bag. Now. Isn’t it time I go meet with another client and you log onto that chi-mo fetish site? Fucktards.

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