Elton John Calls Madonna A ‘Fairground Stripper’

Notice how I used a pic of Elton standing next to the American flag for this momentous occasion? Suck it, England.

In a new interview with Australia’s Channel 7, Elton John calls Madonna’s current tour a “disaster” that “couldn’t happen to a bigger cunt” which really isn’t a polite thing to say to a woman who has to carry around an anti-death device just to make it past breakfast. — I’m joking. Let’s hear more! Via Gossip Cop:

“If Madonna had any common sense, she would have made a record like Ray of Light, stayed away from the dance stuff, and just been a great pop singer and made great pop records, which she does brilliantly,” says John. “But no, she had to prove that she [could do it all]… and she looks like a fucking fairground stripper.”

He then added, “And just by saying this, I’ve, of course, laid my cards on the table. For yes, Madonna, I have at last plucked the Cosmic Spear from the hands of Thanos, for today is the day of your reckoning. Just as I know I love cock, know that your dark reign is at an end, you gypsy warbler, I’ll slap you fucking silly.”

Photo: Getty