Elsa Pataky and the Panty Flash Parade

June 23rd, 2010 // 37 Comments

Because perverting is our national pastime, here are model/actress Elsa Pataky (Snakes on a Plane), Perrey Reeves (Entourage) and the new Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky flashing their panties at some point yesterday. None of these women really warranted their own post, so I combined them to together to form my own version of Voltron that Spencer Pratt will swear to God has teeth if not tentacles.

Photos: Fame, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. There are so many panty shots these days, it’s not much of a thrill. But I am sure Randal will have some very gay to say about it.

    • Keno

      Oh Randal….the “Panty” to our “Ass”…

    • snarkyscreenname

      Why don’t people get Randal? He is not seriously fruity. He is making fun of them with sarcasm played off as endearment. I’m sure there is a term for his particular type of humor, but if you read it imagining him as a total smart-ass mocking these morons, then he is hilarious!

      • People don’t get Randal because he is seriously fruity. I have been around here a long time and have seen tons of Randal’s post. And I would bet he is a 30 something closet homo that still lives at home with his mother. There is nothing about Randal I want to imagine.

  2. Commented on this photo:

    Do they look ok?
    Am I having a nipple malfuction?
    Did I pay too much for these?

  3. goobie
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  4. J Holmes

    Randal is by far the wittiest and most humorful commentator on here. If you don’t get him, you’re an idiot.

    • Well you are welcome to get on your knees and worship Randal any way you please. He is no where close to being the wittiest or most humorful (which is not a word) commentator on this site.

      And Randal, please get your mother and her old smelly friends to stop posting this crap in your defense….

      • KIKI

        JImbo, I have long suspected Randal of posting his own fan club. Humorful was a dead give away. LOL. You have to admit though, sometimes he is kind of campy.

    • cc

      I agree, Randal cracks me the hell up. The posts are obviously intended to be humorous.

    • classydirtychick

      Randal is highly annoying

      I actually Consciously avoid reading his posts.

  5. Irene Barcelo

    I am amazed with women who do not know how to wear their attire appropriately.

    • Deacon Jones

      I believe you meant “do know” how to wear their attire.

    • Cardinal Fang

      uh…not totally disagreeing with you but, if you had cameramen following you, waiting for you to cross or uncross your legs, I’m sure you would feel different.

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    Pic 2 features the longest tampon ripcord I have ever seen.

  7. wakawaka
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    How does it smell, do you suppose?

  8. Erica

    She dated Adrien Brody, so I automatically hate her.

  9. peanut
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    ‘There are so many panty shots these days, it’s not much of a thrill. But I am sure Randal will have some very gay to say about it.’ (jimbo, please go chop your penis off and go flush it down the toilet. how can you ever get sick of panty flashes? the upskirt/underwear flash photos are some of the sexiest pictures you can get!)

  10. There is no Roughstitute

    These women should be praise. With so much going around the world, there’s absolutely nothing wrong if a number of confident women went into their closet and wear their special attire (lets say like Wonder Woman, because it is some sort of power, between those cooches) to spread joy throughout the world.

    *Joy to the world, for panty flash*….

  11. BiJenni
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    I sure wish I was up her skirt!

  12. grobpilot
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  13. what

    Flashing? How about being chased by perv paparazzi who harass and belittle to get these photos. Papps are the scum of the earth. Superficial used to be a little funny. Now it is nothing but a cover up/vehicle for some a-holes who hate women. Kiss off, fish. You are played out.

  14. Wow, why have I never heard of Elsa Pataky before? She is smokin’!

  15. Jack
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    Seems like perrey is on the set of entourage. I would love for Mrs. Ari to stroke my c*ck with those wedding rings…

  16. captain america

    don’t panic: THIS IS IN THEIR FOOD!!

  17. pervypete
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    The Red: World’s worst tampon string.

  18. Sandra

    She became famous in Spain because of tv (something similar to 90210, called “Al salir de clase”), made some scaring films, nothing to show good acting skills (something she doesn’t have, by the way); tryed to promote herself in France dating Michaël Youn, who made fun at french tv about how stupid she is, with her there, so humilliating :S.
    She is trying it hard, she’s beauty, but she has that something hateable that you can’t give a name.
    This is her evolution (some plastic surgery involved :P)

  19. cc

    More Elsa please. ASAP.

    As for The Bachelorette…I wished she’d fuck off.

  20. xstylebeauties.com
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    Nice little oops ^^

  21. Vamos a ver Sandra que haces educando a los americanos sobre la Pataky y poniendola verde, eres una envidiosa amargada, que tiene de malo operarse para ser mas guapa? y si has visto la mayoria de peliculas del cine actual sabras que no hace falta mucho talento para que te den un Oscar, Elsa no a triunfaado en el cine simplemente porque le falta ese algo k tienen las estrellas de cine solo es un una chica guapa mas, pero bueno que le quiten lo bailado.

    • Sandra

      No educo a nadie, sólo daba algo de información.
      Ni envidiosa, ni amargada, expuse un punto de vista.
      Esto es una web de cotilleo, y en ella se exponen desde los “fracasos” en estilismo a los pasos por el quirófano, y es lo que yo he hecho. Si no te gustan ése tipo de comentarios no deberías leer una web como esta.

      I would like, from now to next, write to me in english, cause this is a website in english, just some respect to people who reads this website too, and would like giving their oppinions.

  22. BatGirl
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  23. whatever dogg
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    Gawd I wanna pry Elsa’s legs open…

  24. Teresa
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    Me parece muy triste la manera de tratar a una chica que es preciosa, os recuerdo que estamos en el siglo XXI y mostrar algunas cosas con sutileza, no deberían ser motivo para que un “periodista” se permita hacer comentarios fuera de lugar.

  25. Moid

    She should be inspiration for women who want to compete for male attention! She looks completely stunning and natural!

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