We Lost Elmore Leonard (1925 – 2013)

August 20th, 2013 // 33 Comments
Elmore Leonard

Iconic novelist Elmore Leonard died this morning after complications from a stroke he suffered last month, according to People. He was 87 years old and had released a book as recently as last year, Raylan, based on the Justified character he created. Because chances are if you’ve seen an awesome movie or television show, it was probably based on an Elmore Leonard novel: 3:10 To Yuma, Out of Sight, Jackie Brown, Get Shorty and 52 Pick-Up. He was the type of writer you aspired to be if you have the writing bug which, as you can see, doesn’t go away until you’re dead. A fact that’s either really encouraging or depressing as shit because I’ll be sitting in a nursing home writing dick jokes about Justin Bieber‘s grandkids. (Spoiler Alert: One’s a cyclops.)

Rest in Peace, Mr. Leonard

UPDATE: Here’s a badass read via Ezra Klein on how Elmore Leonard wrote all of his novels.


  1. Urbanspaceman

    Elmore, thanks for all your wonderful stories. I had a blast reading them. R.I.P.

  2. Robb7

    Agree — nobody did the “set-up” better than Leonard. RIP

  3. fahku

    He’s also spinning in his grave because of your misuse of ‘your’. It’s ‘you’re’, dummy. As in ‘until YOU’RE dead’. Grammar is important, especially when eulogizing one of the greatest writers of our time.

    • JC

      Elmore Leonard was a writer, not a 7th grade grammar teacher. I doubt most writers vomit with rage over the occasional typo.

      Although as long as we’re going there, “As in ‘until YOU’RE dead.’ is not a complete sentence. Grammar is important, especially when criticizing someone else’s grammar.

      • fahku

        I’m not the only one who noticed and if you think writers don’t cringe at something like that, you’re a moron. As in, YOU ARE a moron.

      • JC

        I’ve been an editor for most of my professional life, which means that my job is usually fixing the errors that very smart, capable writers make all the time. They’re usually quite happy to have a second pair of eyes check their work. Nobody’s perfect.

        For example: Your first sentence is a run-on. There should be a comma after “noticed.”

      • fahku

        You’re an editor and you’re on this site? Liiiiiiiiiies.

      • fahku

        I mean, REALLY?!
        “He was the type of writer you aspired to be if you have the writing bug which, as you can see, doesn’t go away until your dead.”

      • JC

        “You’re an editor [COMMA] and you’re on this site?”

        Some people think it’s fine to omit commas from compound sentences. I am not one of them.

      • fahku

        I’m loving this so much [COMMA] by the way.
        How’s the editing going today?

      • Frank Burns

        I’m mostly all typos and poor construction, though occasionally lucking into proper grammar. I blame texting during online gaming! Also, I’m lazy. You should probably just skip over my posts to spare yourself a “Burns, you suck!” moment of editorial angst.

      • fahku

        My final comment on the matter is this: Elmore Leonard and any other talented writer, especially one who writes lengthy novels, is certainly allowed to make errors here and there. However, I believe a blogger who makes a living writing a few paragraphs of snark per day should be fully capable of editing their own work. In particular, a paragraph eulogizing one of the greatest writers in recent history.
        Furthermore, I do not accept the theory that anyone with either talent or skill would not distinguish between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ whilst writing, specifically because they are two different words with entirely different meanings.
        I say good day to you, Sir.

      • It’s a fucking typo which I make plenty of. I know the distinction between your and you’re along with the various forms of there, their and they’re, but occasionally my fingers miss them.

        As far as editing my work, I attempt to and even have Photo Boy take a pass, but even I miss those little typos because I’m trying to cobble together the next post or my mind reads it correctly. Is it sloppy? Yes. Am I an idiot who doesn’t understand basic grammar? No. Do commas to this day still baffle me? Uh huh.

        Also, fun fact, Elmore Leonard was not a huge fan of grammar and often took liberties with it, but I’m nowhere even close to that man’s level as this site proves, so we’ll leave that go.

        I will say this, however, to all the people who take joy in nitpicking what are 99% of the time simple typos, I have this job and you do not even with your perfect grammar and that clearly drives you CRAZY. And for more flavor, I had an ex who used to correct my grammar on IM constantly in college, and she was a cunt so make of that what you will.

        Adding… Thank you, JC.

      • fahku

        I SAY GOOD DAY!

      • JC

        Nobody’s reading this now, but there have been some interesting studies about muscle memory, homonyms, and typos like this. A person who full well knows the difference between “your” and “you’re” will be more likely to interchange them, as a typo, than typing something like “yuo’re,” because your brain thinks, “It’s time to type ‘you’re,’” but your fingers have already decided, “Hey, I know this word! It’s ‘your.’ I’ll finish it for you, brain. No sweat.” So it possibly has almost nothing to do with lack of knowledge and everything to do with a disconnect between what your fingers know how to do on autopilot and what your brain actually wants.

      • I’m reading this now. I’m always reading…

        Have I mentioned I’m lonely a lot?

      • why do you bother to interject yourself into the comments? did the b.s. about your typo bring on flashbacks of the cunty grammar correcting ex or something? that said, if you’re making a living writing shit for others to read, take some pride in avoiding 2d grade caliber errors, and if you’re offering opinions on current events, inform yourself before spouting off. or don’t. I hope your cunty ex at least had a great ass or big tits or some redeeming quality to make up some for the grammar bullshit.

      • Ha ha, I love how schmidtler took this lame grammar dispute to throw in a thinly veiled “and knock off the politics and the anti-gun talk and the Trayvon Martin shit already” for no other reason than he has a permanent bug up his ass.

        As someone with grammar-Nazi tendencies myself, I don’t think I’d mind meeting this ex of yours, Fish. Hook me up?

      • whats the matter, none of the girls you work with at Mandees buying any of your pickup lines Tom? That’s a shocker, considering your OCD tendencies to correct other people’s improper use of terminology for different types of women’s clothing & accessories, and your obsession with correcting grammar usage on the internet.
        And yeah, I do believe that when you write on a public forum, and choose to spout off on current events, it’s best to be informed about your topic instead of blissfully shriekingly ignorant.

      • WTF, @fahku? Sand in your vagina, much?

  4. I liked his work. I’m sad to realize there will be no more.


    • Maybe Disney will buy the rights to all his stuff and release ghost written prequels, chock full of idiotic jar jar binks type characters suitable for merchandising purposes? I always thought 3:10 to Yuma could have used some jive talking robots and explosions.

  5. ‘Justified’ is a good show.

  6. It’s “you’re” not “your”. Oh the irony…..

  7. QT rescued Travolta. But Chili kept JT in the game for years.

  8. Dutch, thanks for the yarns. Dammit, you weren’t supposed to check out so early.

  9. sobrietyisacrutch

    “Justified” is awesome! Btw, did he write “Too Cool” also? No where near as good as “Get Shorty” but I thought The Rock was hysterical in it.

  10. Frank Burns

    R.I.P also Lee Thompson Young, known as “Jett Jackson” and also in “Rizzoli & Isles”. Suicide at age 29. You really just never know what is going on in someone’s life.

  11. The Pope

    Now that the “Get Shorty” celebrity death trifecta is complete, Travolta can stop sacrificing male virgins. Though he probably won’t.

  12. One of the good ones. Most of his books I still enjoy, 25 years after reading the first one. Also – some very good-to-great movies (and one TV show) based on his work; not many writers can say that…

  13. Jenn

    He was great. Never read anything of his I didn’t like.

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