Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi getting married while the gettin’s good

May 16th, 2008 // 211 Comments

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are taking immediate advantage of the California Supreme Court ruling that struck down the ban on gay marriage. The two plan to wed according to a spy for TMZ who was on the set for the latest episode of Ellen that will air today:

She surprised everyone and announced that she was going to tie the knot with longtime girlfriend, actress Portia de Rossi. Portia was in the crowd and after she made the announcement, the studio audience went wild, giving the two a huge standing O.

To some people, this news is a triumph for civil liberties. To others (*cough*thesouth*cough*), this is worse than 9/11. To me, however, this is just confusing. I mean, who makes the sandwiches? Do they flip a coin or something? I want to say Ellen is the “man,” but then again Portia looks like she could throw some elbows. But those elbows could do some wicked ironing. God, this is tough. Superficial Writer frustrated! Superficial Writer lie on floor of men’s room. Superficial Writer hash this thing out.

UPDATE: Superficial Writer caught Geekologie Writer no wash hands.

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  1. Heidi


    When my mom started taking the pill her pharmacist warned her about getting cervical cancer. 10 years later my mom got cervical cancer.

  2. meanmofo

    I really dont see what the big deal is, Ellen is just basically a guy without a dick right? At least I dont think she has one…

  3. jacy

    Even if it does, we’ll all end up with some kind of cancer anyway.

  4. Nancy

    Ellen is 50??? Yikes. No wonder she wants to get “married” to her much younger girlfriend. Ellen will be hitting menopause soon enough, and then her lucky partner will get to lick a dry, shriveled, thin-gray-pubed vag that always smells of urine due to the incontinence. Run, Portia, run!

  5. Tofu


    You have a good chance of getting cancer by eating meat with all the pesticides and growth hormones.

  6. alexis

    GAY MARRIAGE IS A RIGHT! It is all about EQUALITY. Anything that doesn’t harm another person is entitled to us- read your constitution. This country is full of brainwashed fascists who use the bible like a history book. Marriage exists in all countries regardless of religion.

    We are supposed to have freedom of religion in this country. It doesn’t matter if the bible says that marriage is only between a man and a woman since Americans of all religions can be married.

    I am straight and happy to be in a long term relationship without wedding plans, but the purpose of a gay marriage ban is to hurt others. Stop the HATE. american_crow@yahoo.com

  7. Sheva

    Can’t wait for this to work its way to the northeast. Then I have lined up these two chicks for marriage. One is a blond and her cousin is brunette. So that works for me.

    We’re getting married soon.

    Anyone who dares to question this is a reactionary. I want a triple marriage deduction on my taxes.

    My neighbor has his eye on a nice girl in high school. As soon as she turns 16 they are getting married. He already has one girl in college ready and he’s going for the bigger marriage too.

    If you are for the homos, you can’t argue with polygamist.

  8. Shut UP!

    I don’t give a fuck who marries who how many times….just don’t fuck with kids….like the polygamists

  9. jacy

    @156-True, but I couldn’t do the vegan thing. And the sun can give you skin cancer, but I love to sunbathe. It doesn’t pay to be paranoid because so many things can give it to you.

  10. Dixie #140 is a really dumb bitch

    Dixie #140 — The pill can give you cervical cancer? What they hell are you talking about? Cervical cancer is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Not hormones that control menstruation. How do you get HPV? By putting your pussy around an infected dick. Has nothing to do with the pill. I sure hope you are smokin’ hot with big tits, because you’re dumb as a stump.

  11. eurotrash

    so.. after attempting to read all these comments I have a few questions;

    1. can someone actually give a logical and well thought out explanation as to why it would be wrong for gay people to get married?

    2. why do you guys only have democrats and republicans? liberals and conservatives? people and politics can’t just be two extremes, it makes no sense!

  12. Auntie Kryst

    @162 Well because as fucked up as it is, it is still better than a country like Italy that has countless parties, and the government collapses more times than their soldiers can drop a rifle and run.

  13. Auntie Kryst

    @162 again, my bad I didn’t answer your first question. To that, I’ve really no fucking clue..

  14. LL

    Excuse me, but when is too fucking homos, second rate fucking “human beings” getting together called marriage. FUCK that, they’ll never be married no matter what crack head, far left minister who decides to do the deed says.
    FUCK this. I fucking hate faggots and their equal rights. Bull shit.

  15. Dixie


    I graduated from Cal State Long Beach in Long Beach CA. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and am currently the Director of the Information Technology group. My doctor warned me about the pill and cervical cancer. I think you should go get your high school diploma so you can learn new words instead of just profanity.

    Associated Press: Updated 6:26 a.m. PT, Mon., Feb. 11, 2008
    LONDON – Women taking the birth control pill have a slightly higher risk of cervical cancer, but that risk disappears a decade after they stop taking it, scientists say.

    International researchers reported Friday in the British medical journal The Lancet that women who took the pill for at least five years had nearly double the cervical cancer risk of women who had never taken the pill.

  16. The White Urkle

    4 judges decided that 4.6 million Californians were wrong. That is not democracy, that is activism. That is liberalism being forced down our throats. I am so glad I left California. Fucking illegals and liberals can have that fucking State. Look up SB777 and tell me we are not being forced to take it!

    Alexis, you are retarded. no where does it say GAY marriage is a right. Stop pushing your gay agenda on the rest of us.

  17. LL


    Thank YOU! I totally agree. I hate that fucking state, and even worse, the gay agenda. FUCK it.

  18. EuroNeckPain

    Which one is 50 ?

  19. lulu

    THAT’S RIGHT ALEXIS. #157—SHE IS RIGHT. Jesus would be disappointing in all you christian fascists! You can’t CHOOSE WHICH SCRIPTURES YOU LIKE AND WHICH ONES YOU DON’T. Since it says homos will go to hell and you believe that (and are obviously against gays)—why don’t women wear head coverings in church??

    MCCAIN IS JUST PRESIDENT BUSH #2 and if you don’t realize that, MY GOD YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID!!!!!!!!! He endorsed him for God’s sake! And if you don’t like President Bush, you need to go into a mental hospital with the other 20% OR LESS of u.s. citizens who support King George Bush.

  20. Who Cares

    Ellen better marry her ASAP before some cute guy snaps her up.

  21. Melon Head

    Portia looks so weird now because she’s had too much Botox pumped into her face, and her tattooed-on eyebrows are last year’s style. These two are so, so out-of-touch with the rest of the planet.

  22. hooray

    The conservatards that are whining about a court overturning the will of the people have no leg on which to stand. George Bush was installed as POTUS by the US Supreme Court ending the Florida recount which would have resulted in Gore winning Florida and the presidency.

    And since when is it democratic or right to have the rights of a minority determined by the general public? Should we have allowed civil rights for racial minorities and women to be decided via referendum?

    If you don’t like gays move to Iran or Saudi Arabia. The Christian Right= Muslim fundamentalists.

  23. Dixie, try to learn something

    Dixie #161 —

    Do you know the difference between correlation and causation?

    Yes, using the pill is correlated with cervical cancer because women on the pill are more likely to have unprotected sex with multiple partners, thereby increasing their risk of screwing a dude carrying HPV and getting it themselves.

    But nothing in the pill itself causes cervical cancer. What do you think, they manufacture the pill with some HPV in it?

    It’s not the pill. It’s the behavior associated with the pill, i.e., being a slut.

    You are so dumb that you think you’re smart.

    You must be a liberal Democrat.

  24. Mos

    Healthy, relatively clean pussy usually smells great. Ocassionally there is the off-smelling pussy, but mostly pussy is for going down on before inserting into. I Heart Pussy!

  25. Proud Democrat


    A chick on the pill that is faithful with one man could get STDs if he is not faithful. The bottom line is use a condom unless you really trust the person. You must be a Republican because they tend to put down Democrats for wanting to end the war in Iraq that cannot be won. They also put down Democrats for wanting quality programs for our children. Unless you are making 200,000 per year; it does not benefit you to vote Republican but I’m sure you are too ignorant to understand this.

  26. eurotrash

    174 u just totally made that up didnt u :)
    seriously though the pill does increase the risk for cancer – not necessarily cervical cancer, but the info booklet with my pills clearly states that if you take the pill for longer than 5 yrs (especially if you smoke too) you’re at a higher risk for cancer.

  27. Quinn

    Cool, we’re gonna be the first country to recognize same sex marriage. That’s why we rock!! We’re progressive!!!
    Stand back gay bashin’ Canadians!! Our precocious government is on a roll.

  28. God, people are dumb

    #177 — No duh. The use of hormone therapy (e.g., the pill) can increase one’s risk of certain illnesses, including certain types of cancer.

    But we’re talking about cervical cancer, which is caused by HPV. The pill cannot “cause” cervical cancer, although it may increase a woman’s risk, either by making it more likely that she will engage in risky behavior (i.e., unprotected sex with multiple partners) or by making a woman’s body more susceptible to HPV. I’ve never heard that the pill makes a woman’s body more susceptible to HPV. But even if it does, the pill is not “causing” the cervical cancer. HPV does.

  29. Rosie's meat curtains

    It says “comments” – not “debate”, you turds !

  30. britney's weave

    what in the hell is going on in here???

  31. blowhard

    wtf? All that matters is that this is a picture of Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, duh?

  32. rocker

    How did Portia go from being hot in Sirens and Ally McBeal to becoming the joker? Does lez sex do that to you?

  33. rocker

    How did Portia go from being hot in Sirens and Ally McBeal to becoming the joker? Does lez sex do that to you?

  34. Erica

    I hate all you close-minded fucks. It’s you who deserves to be unhappy for being so full of hate. You’re entitled to your fucking opinion, but you know; THE BIBLE IS ANCIENT. Get your tiny peanut-sized brain out of your ass and welcome to the 21st century. TIMES HAVE CHANGED. The bible is ancient BULLSHIT. You can have morals, but seriously. If you think about it hard and carefully, which may be hard since your head is still in your ass, you’ll come to also realize religion is bullshit. Let the gays of the world be happy for once. Since all of the homophobic hateful shitheads seem to think it affects them.

    165. You’re one messed up person. I think it’s time for therapy. Come on now, it saves lives you see..

    Oh, by the way, I’m anti-marriage. I never want to get married. I want a life partner, not a husband. I still think gays should be able to be happily married just like the rest of the straight assholes (Yes, I’m straight). But I think a lot of woman are partialy gay. Only Thursday-Saturday though.

  35. lambman

    congradulations ladies!!!! Ellen is fun and Portia is freaking hilarious!

  36. Madeline

    This is what I can’t understand most. Yeah gay people want to get married for TAX BREAKS. Sure, that’s why STRAIGHT people get married right? The main concern for them is for tax breaks. YEAH.

    Also, since when does a marriage have validity when children are made? Some straight couples can’t have children. And what about old people who get married and can’t have children? Why are they allowed to and why should gays not be allowed to?

    To the person who said EVERY religion is against it, you’re an idiot. You clearly do not know about ALL religions, and who cares? Stop following what a religion tells you, and THINK FOR YOURSELF. Why would someone “choose” to be gay if they weren’t? Why would they have a relationship with the same sex that was more than platonic if they WEREN’T gay? It makes no sense. It’s because homosexuality is natural. And if they want to get married, then so what? I’d rather my tax money go to them than some trashy drug-addict skank who is able to get married and pregnant without any hardship. Being gay doesn’t make you a bad person, being hateful towards others because they don’t believe what you believe in is. (And no, I’m not gay)

    Times change, definitions change. Isn’t it funny how all the states with the best colleges (UCs, Ivy Leagues, etc) always vote Democrat? And all the southern states, midwestern states (ahem – less educated) generally vote Republican?

  37. dude_on

    To each their own but why can’t there be a few high profile lipstick lesbian couples? Is that too much to ask?

  38. tired

    #173 … in order for Gore to have won Florida, he would have needed to have the majority vote. He didn’t….no matter how many times he counted. The Court put an end to the insanity and waste of time and money. Get over it.

  39. wookielove

    I have to side with Jesus here and not condemn others. Jesus was/is a way cool dude and was always good to the ones that the intolerant religious control freaks looked down upon.


    The people of California voted against homosexual marriage, yet four judges can overturn the will of the people. It’s about Fascism in the guise of equality – homosexuals are just the vehicle to destroy the traditional family. When the daughters of America’s middle class become Marxists (via Feminism) what traditional institution is safe from their all-embracing ideology? Why not throw away all the fundamental institutions and practices that made us free and great, and embrace every new thing that comes along in the name of diversity and open-mindedness? Oh, right, that’s what we are doing.

  41. Nella

    I’m so happy for them. ;) They’ve been together for so long. And no, lesbians don’t want to get married for the tax break. I’m sorry it’s too much for SOME CLOSE MINDED MORONS to understand, but not EVERYONE wants a dick squirting inside of them (88), just like not every guy wants a girl cumming all over his dick. So I’m quite thrilled they can continue to be a family together the way they want to.

  42. Yourfairytalen

    AMANDA is a fake dago. She is not Italian. Ellen could do so much better – she could enjoy the real thing.

  43. britney's weave

    Why not throw away all the fundamental institutions and practices that made us free and great, and embrace every new thing that comes along in the name of diversity and open-mindedness?

    what we did was fight a war to end the colonization of america by the british. in the meantime we colonized the native americans who were already here. yeah, we were fucking great. study something other than “the white man’s history of the winners,” then come with a real argument.

  44. Blue

    Why do they both look like the Joker?

  45. stokhastikos

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  46. John

    Democrats and Liberals all believe in Natural selection and Darwinism, right? And they’re all for Gay rights as well…..well explain me this then: how in the world would homosexuality ever make sense in the light of natural selection. I mean they can’t even REPRODUCE for Pete’s sake!!!!!
    You guys pretty much cheer for a theory (nat. selection) that damns all the gays you love so much to extinction since they can’t pass on their genes….

  47. poot

    so, is your predispostion to being a dick genetic? perhaps we should have you neutered, john.

  48. britney's weave

    197 — “Democrats and Liberals all believe in Natural selection and Darwinism, right?” no, they don’t. but nice try with the generalization. and many heterosexual couples can’t procreate either. some even choose not to.


  49. eurotrash

    john 197;

    here’s a theory; maybe thats exactly why gayness is on the rise! humans are totally overpopulating the planet and mother nature is using everything she’s got to get it under control. whether it be diseases like aids or cancer, or an increase in same sex attraction in the species to prevent reproduction.. who knows ;)

  50. Ringlet

    #13. Don’t you have a mom? I find your comment very disrespectful towards women. I believe comments like this that degrade females, should be deleted off of this site.

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