Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi lesbian wed

August 17th, 2008 // 79 Comments

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi made good on their promise to immediately wed once the ban against gay marriage was deemed unconstitutional in California. Somewhere, John McCain just went “Huh? What? I want tapioca.” People reports:

“Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were married tonight in an intimate ceremony at their home in Los Angeles,” their spokesperson tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Congratulations to Ellen and Portia. I’m a firm believer that everyone, whether you’re born gay, straight or, in my first wife’s case: porpoise, should have the right to make the most retarded decision of your life. I mean, seriously, I still don’t know how she got to keep the house. I should’ve gone for a prenup, but like any man in my shoes, I couldn’t keep my mind off the blowhole. Ultimately, it’s what drove us apart at the end. And, okay, maybe the harpoon gun.


  1. Bigo

    Homosexuals are fucking stupid for getting married, haven’t they learned from straights?. And most of them prefer to fuck around with as many people as they can than get married

  2. Fluffy Butt

    WOW! that’s about as BUTCH as i’ve ever seen Portia … and she’s still smokin hot. WTF!

  3. Lux

    congratulations! May it be the first of many!

  4. bosendorfer

    great! they’re married! that’s awesome. really.

    now, will you make them go away forever, please? i can’t stand ellen. the other one doesn’t seem to run her mouth as much. i don’t wish them ill will, just please make ellen live happily ever after out of the public eye. enough.

  5. vicky

    i just found out ( this is so interesting…I just HAD to share it.. ) portia´s real name is mandy rogers..

  6. Ed Castillo

    i’d like to be the tunafish inside that dyke sandwich.

  7. Dan White

    #24…fuck Harvey Milk and his liberal fags in Cali. I still have his blood on my suit, even if it is a prison suit. Cali used to be the best state in the World. Even in the 70s with my man the Zodiac, it was still a great place.

    I wish everyone could see what I saw was happening to Cali in the 70s. Then it wouldnt such a fucked up place.

    Marriage is between a man and a woman. Just becuase politicians kiss liberal ass by passing these crazy laws to stay elected does not change what marriage is. What is wrong with this country.

  8. vicky

    who says marriage is between a man a nd a woman????

  9. lbc

    Dan White – your a f-ing moron. i bet you dont even know where a clit is you dumb fuck!

  10. badmf

    31. ramalamadingdong – August 18, 2008 11:43 AM

    i am 5’5″, 128lbs. i am certainly not tubby :)

    ***you may not be tubby but your certainly short. lol!!!!

  11. Dan White

    #59. I certainly DO know where a clit is. I’m rubbing mine now, bitch!

  12. L.Linus

    The will of the people will come in Nov during the election when this is overturned. Judges aren’t support to make laws, but it California that’s the normal with the Ninth Curcuit court. People said, they didn’t want gay marriage and they will get that straight (pun intented) Nov.

  13. veggi

    i’m conflicted about this one because gay marriage is just an abomination, like black people. but at the same time, white love is what god intended so i’m not sure if they’re gonna go to heaven or burn in hell with all the negros, hispanics, jews, arabs, and other whites who like those people.

  14. Mandy

    Portia is a 2nd rate actress who’s got Ellen wraped. She’ll dump Ellen just like Ann did. Ellen is stupid if she thinks this 16 years younger woman love her, Portia sees money, ca ching. Thats all, poor Ellen is in for a rude awakening.

  15. Sands

    Disgusting. They’ll probably last about 2 weeks before Ellen learns that Portia is really straight after all. Just like Anne Heche was. Ellen needs to realize that she’s actually a woman and not a man with a missing penis.

  16. Sands

    Veggi-YOU’RE an abomination. Get an IQ test before your next email you retard.

  17. lbc

    Sands-your a fucking moron too!

  18. jasmineee

    #63 Veggi- your a complete fuckwit and prejudice asswipe. What drugs are you smoking son?

  19. fuck ellen

    Who gives a shit? What carpet company sponsored the reception?

  20. Ramona Putz

    Ellen is an idiot. Portia will dump her eventually. It’s all about the money. Ellen has a history of falling for blond skanks.


    Ellen is a total freaking IDIOT.. Portia is just with her for the gold…. DUH.. Before she got with Ellen.. did the world even knew who was Portia.. she was a 5th class actress… whatever… I mean Ellen is just infatuated with her because she’s 15 years younger…. femenine looking, with long hair lots and lots of make up and that’s it… she’s not even that pretty… I think Ellen is besides sucking her all over.. is sucking her freaking youth… Portia’s is starting to look pretty old for a 35 year old… Those wrinkles around the eyes and the falling nose.. just as Ellen’s… Tops… 5 years.. or so.

  22. william russo

    I glad that Helen is on THEIR TEAM……..
    but I’m pretty sure that Porsche will be coming over to our OUR TEAM as soon as she gets enough of Helen (‘s money)

  23. william russo

    I glad that Helen is on THEIR TEAM……..
    but I’m pretty sure that Porsche will be coming over to our OUR TEAM as soon as she gets enough of Helen (‘s money)

  24. dragonflymother

    Ellen DeGeneres is a sad, talentless ugly old bitch who had no choice but to be a lesbian.
    No man alive could drink enough beer to find her remotely attractive, and still stay conscious.

    gold digger by kanye west is Portia’s anthem.

  25. dragonflymother

    Ellen DeGeneres is a sad, talentless ugly old bitch who had no choice but to be a lesbian.
    No man alive could drink enough beer to find her remotely attractive, and still stay conscious.

    gold digger by kanye west is Portia’s anthem.

  26. bluecheese

    Portia seems like a cold, calculative and manipulative person, and Ellen gets what she really wanted… not what she thinks she wanted. First Portia marries a guy (for 3 years) to obtain a green card (check in the Wikipedia under Portia de Rossi), then she finds rich influential Francesca just to switch later to old rich Ellen. Wow… Perhaps Portia can learn from her anorexia problems why she is so unhappy to sell herself like this.

  27. estelle

    you are all a bunch of homo phobes!! get a life

  28. Eoin

    The world is going to hell , marriage was created to join a man and a woman together for life, not 2 men or 2 women, simple as that. These two lesbians are destroying the sanctity of marriage and spitting in gods face. I’m not religious, you don’t need to bring religion into it to prove that being gay is wrong, its un-natural, that’s the only argument i need. There is nothing any gay person can say about it, if being gay is right and normal then how do you explain the opposite sex? The fact the opposite sex exists proves that, that’s the way its meant to be, each has what the other needs to complete the circle, end of story. Isn’t it funny for everyone to say on here how its ok to be gay and those comments are fine but those of us who are in the right and speak the truth are shot down because we stand up for what is right and what is good, i guess along with gay people we should be ok with child molesters, rapists, woman beaters and incest aswell, right?

    Gay people don’t have the right to marriage or adopting children, you choose that sick lifestyle, you automatically give up those rights, its as simple as that, just like a child molester has no right to be near children. In this world you cant have it every way, gay people want children but don’t want to be with the opposite sex whom without, the child wouldnt even exist. There are plenty of normal couples who can adopt children. I believe in god, the proof is all around you, god is in the details, from the universe to our planet to our imagination and dna which on its own is amazing because it has its own unique code, proof there is a higher being behind it all. God exists so Satan exists, the proof being all the evil in the world, especially gay people and hell exists so it exists for a reason. The story of Adam and Eve, i believe that its just a story but what do we learn from it? that good and evil exists, right and wrong choices and there are consequences for going against god just like there are consequences in this world. You cant live your life any way you want, be the most evil person in the world, kill, molest children, go against nature by being gay and ah its ok, all is forgiven, come into heaven, i don’t think so otherwise what’s the point in right and wrong or good and evil?

  29. I just can’t grip what Ellen Degenerate has to offer anyone except in the lesbian world. Opps, I misspelled her/his name. I think she/he is a woman disguised as a man. Just another mixed up queer.

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