Ellen Page Really Knows How To Make Bryan Singer Sound Innocent

In a new profile for The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen Page opens up about her decision to come out of the closet and reinventing her acting career after spending the past few years battling depression. She also inexplicably – and candidly – answers a question about the Bryan Singer rape accusations instead of letting a publicist shake her head in the corner and whisk her out of the room which is nine times out of 10 how these things go down:

With regard to the controversy currently plaguing the film’s openly gay director, Bryan Singer, who stands accused of sexual assault on a minor, she acknowledges that the allegations are “super, super disturbing. … I guess the truth will come out in the way that it does, but it’s hard to hear about someone being in that situation, someone you like working with.” Having grown up on film sets, Page is all too aware of the kinds of abuses that can take place behind doors in Hollywood: “Whatever comes of it,” she says, “I do think that there’s a systemic issue of people in places of power manipulating and abusing young people.”

Is it offensive to imply that a lesbian has giant testicles? Because I mean it in the most complimentary way. Or would it be more proper to say labes? As in, “Ellen Page has huge labes.” Or no, wait, brass flappos grandes. Pretend I said that. I said that stuff.

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