Elle Macpherson might be a witch

September 5th, 2007 // 132 Comments

Elle Macpherson showed up to the 2007 GQ Men of the Year Awards at the Royal Opera House in London last night. And I don’t know if she’s started eating newborn infants or what, but she looks unbelievable for a 43-year-old. Like actually unbelievable. These might as well be pictures of the Loch Ness Monster. Or Lindsay Lohan doing calculus.


  1. Vince Lombardi


  2. I was thinking of running for Senator in Idaho. I hear they are going to have an opening soon

  3. I’ve got a magic wand for that witch! lol!

  4. Cowgirl laughing cocquetishly

    Funny one Jimbo! You tell good joke long time (I’m not PC enough to run for office)

  5. I am not PC enough either. You have seen my mouth in here. I would tell the first heckler to go F himself

  6. Editor and Chief cowgirl

    105, you know you definitely couldn’t write your own speeches with your tendency to omit letters and spell worng!

  7. I us spel chuk when I kare abut what i wright

  8. Editor and Chief cowgirl

    Spell check is a sign of the demise of society. Look what it has done to me? I can’t type without freaking out and looking up the spelling of the word. Maybe I shouldn’t use big words or the Fish should put some sort of spell checking device on the comments section. He is a magical fish, maybe he can make it happen!

  9. The morons can’t stop the trolling, I don’t think they will be able to do anything about spell check.

  10. Cocquetish Cowgirl

    109—Maybe they will control the trolls if we bat our eyelashes and use our “inside” voice?

  11. Yeah that will work! And I will be the next Senator from Idaho

  12. Cowgirl who's modus operandi is misspelling on occasion

    Totally Jimbo and I’ll be FIRST!!

  13. That works for me

  14. I think I killed Blogger!!!

  15. Cowgirl Sheriff

    I thought someone shot Blogger down! It doesn’t have the fluidity or grace of say, the Super Fish (bats eyes).

  16. TM

    LMAO, you all obviously didn’t see the Elle pics last week. Most hideous sun-damaged skin on a 43 y.o. ever. And fried egg tits.

  17. kilalc

    oh my shes still got it aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi.

  18. Ike

    Are those NIPPLES?
    A partial roll of nickels, perchance?
    43 or not, I’m damn curious about what under the hood of that ride. ;)

  19. Arden

    She looks wonderful! But . . . kneecaps and armpits . . . the age shows.

  20. Frick!

    I would say its probably fairly easy to stay thin when your that freakin tall! Amazon woman!!!

  21. Frick!

    #9…Holy Crap! You’re right! Good catch! Ever since I looked at that main pic of Elle I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…but something was bothering me. And thats it! She looks like fricken Noah Wylie in drag! Freaky Deaky! Now I can go on…Thank you for setting me free! …Aaaahhhh…

  22. magic of great makeup. have u seen pictures of her sans makeup? shocking.

  23. This quote is from Kelly Osbourne…………

    “It baffles me. I can’t even wear a thong. I always have to have my granny knickers on. I don’t understand the whole no knicker-wearing trend.”

    “It’s a bit sickening, but that’s how desperate people are for attention. Instead of going out and doing something good, they’d rather show their vaginas to the world.”

  24. Shallow Val

    Sometimes the FISH is just stupid. 43-year-old, like that’s old or something. BTW Elle Mac is an hearty Aussie who has been taking care of herself for years. Must be the Vegemite.

    She Rocks!

  25. igroovin

    i dont see what the big deal is about her. she’s tall and has pretty hair, otherwise she reminds me of julia roberts. same smile and shape face.

  26. Xtina

    Just what the hell do you mean “looking good for a 43 year old?’! I looked goddamned good at 43 – lots of water, working out, and watching what you eat is the key to keeping it. I’m 47 now, and must admit it is starting to catch up with me – a little around my eyes, and that goddamned cellulite, no matter how careful I am about what I eat. So despite doing the work and being concientious, it does get you sooner or later. But I’m still fucking hot and have less cellulite than a lot of the young things I see around town wearing short shorts and letting it all hang out. Yuck!

    Some of you dinks, the way you talk about “old” people, like you are somehow above getting older yourself. It’s gonna happen to you too, and probably worse than most people, because of your shitty negative attitudes and sitting on your asses playing with your computers all day. You’ll all have the asses of a Mack truck by the time you’re 35, never mind 43.

  27. unicornzrawk

    Umm… who’s sitting on their ass typing on a computer talking about how hot they’re old ass is?
    Yah, you’re hot, we believe you.

  28. Amberaztec

    I bet Xtina is hot. Like I always say, chronological age is just a number, its your biological age that’s the key. If you think and act young and take care of yourself, you can feel, look, and internally be younger than someone 10, 15, even 20 years your junior.
    I knew this even when I was a teen, and never judged someone because of their age. Makes life more fulfilling when you’re not an overly critical and judgemental pessimist.

  29. Jor Jorr

    This is the difference: This woman did not spend 600K to look like she was cut out whole from some sort of tree. Nature’s not *that* much of a bitch, yanno. Have you seen Nicole Kidman lately?

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