Elle Macpherson might be a witch

September 5th, 2007 // 132 Comments

Elle Macpherson showed up to the 2007 GQ Men of the Year Awards at the Royal Opera House in London last night. And I don’t know if she’s started eating newborn infants or what, but she looks unbelievable for a 43-year-old. Like actually unbelievable. These might as well be pictures of the Loch Ness Monster. Or Lindsay Lohan doing calculus.


  1. @48 Mrs T – I have a coral to put her in and I promise she will get riden a lot!!!

  2. p0nk

    Be careful, jrz. Maybe you’ve been spending too much time with TT. This is how it all starts…

  3. Oh goody. Are we doing that again?

  4. jrzmommy

    where you been p0nk?

  5. promises, promises

  6. R. Giuliani

    Did you ever notice how Maura Tierney looks exactly like Fred Thompson?

  7. p0nk,
    As someone else wrote:

    117. FagHag – August 30, 2007 4:00 PM

    Top five reasons why trannies are better than lumberjacks.

    1. They really know how to treat a lady, in and out of bed.
    2. They smell better.
    3. You can share clothes and make up.
    4. He’ll be excited to go shopping with you.
    5. It’s like having lesbian sex, except he has a real live hot cock, not a latex dildo.

  8. Frick!

    Elle looks unbelievable? As in it’s not even believable that its Elle??? I did not even recognize her at all when I saw that first pic. The only thing that still looks like her is the smile. She must have had a shit load of plastic surgery or botox or something. Not that she looks bad…it just doesn’t look like…her.

  9. man, you is a tard fo sho

    “a coral to put her in”

    too much reef-er, prolly…

  10. lambman

    she’s always been perfect looking. I’d say she’s one of the very few models who appeal to men and women.

  11. S'lant Ayes

    I know somebody in real life who looks exactly like Ming-Na. Purely by coincidence I first met her while dropping off some dry cleaning.

  12. Jamie Dool

    I saw her on an infomercial this morning flogging some Pilates equipment. I’d say it’s working well for her, and I almost bought it just because.

  13. Flogging???????

    She could flog my ass anytime, but once again, I’d let just about anybody flog my ass.

  14. @64 TT you are such a tramp!!!

  15. I yam what I yam.

  16. Any care to insert a Karen Finley joke here?

  17. Diana

    Good genes is the secret people. Note to self, will only breed with a male model.

  18. Guy

    - 7

    What is this moonspeak?

  19. If only I knew one.

    But insertion is always good.

  20. @68 Did you see Zoolander?

  21. happy anniversary

    On the night she died, what was the last thing that went through Princess Diana’s mind? The carburetor.

  22. Jimbo,
    I love Zoolander.

    “wake me before you go go…..”

    The gas station scene is a fucking classic.

  23. #67
    ????? I don’t even know who the FUCK that is!!!

  24. Jimbo

    TT- no YOU’RE classic. i love you babycakes. and you too veggo. i love you like a step father loves his ginger step children.

  25. FRIST
    Jesse Helms said she was obscene like back in the 90′s.
    She performed a nude rap kind of shit on stage.

  26. @76 You so funny you dumb shit troll!!!

  27. oh, thanks TT, Hey, Jimbo you have mail. I have to go file now. Well right after I look up Karen whoever…

  28. Jimbo

    @78 You so funny you dumb shit troll!!!

  29. FYI

    I don’t think she looks that great for a 43 year old..53 yes. She has very bad skin, it’s all blotchy and discolored. Close up pics really show off her wrinkled skin, and for her age they shouldn’t be that noticeable. You don’t get wrinkles on your body except for the face until your mid 50′s.. The only think I applaud her for is keeping off the weight but she’s a millionaire so it’s not that hard for her to achieve.

  30. @80 you’re a homo man. like i was in middle school.

  31. @81,
    But you’d still fuck her?


    That’s what I thought.

  32. joe

    HEY #8

  33. jrzmommy

    I wonder how many love notes MMMSimmons will leave for me tonight?

  34. @83 Damn where do you come up them troll? You must be the life of the party!!

  35. @83 TT you know I mean the troll right above you?

  36. Yeah I know Jimbo.

    But I CAN be the life of a party, also.

  37. leelee

    I don’t get the jokes in this post— even blind people know that elle macpherson has always– and will always– be incredibly gorgeous

  38. joe

    Poor poor Jimbo does not know how to count. FUCK OFF

  39. Catty Cowgirl

    Why can’t Lindsay do calculus? She “does” everything else! I’m here all night folks–Or at least a few minutes.

  40. @91 I thought she “does” everyone else

  41. Cowgirl

    Jimbo-You wouldn’t include “things” in her repetoire as well, just animate objects like people and donkeys?

  42. @93 You are right Cowgurl. I thought that was Lindsay at the donkey show in TJ last week

  43. Cowgurl

    94-Oh! So, I have caught you–You HAVE seen the donkey show! GLGL!

  44. Googolygoo

    She looks like Tawny Kitaen.

  45. yolatengo

    she looks good, but different.

    why does plastic surgery on the face ALWAYS make everyone have the ‘look’?
    their eyes and cheeks just never look quite right. i.e nicole kidman, brooke burke, meg ryan etc

  46. No No….. that was not me. I was not there……. I have never been to the donkey show.

  47. Prez Cowgirl

    President Jimbo, I can see it in the headlines now! With your mad spinning skills, you should Totally run for office!:-D

  48. Prez Cowgirl

    Hmmm. The more I think about it, the better it sounds. What do you say about running for office Jimbo? Elle has a nice blue dress for you already—all you need is a cigar!

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