Elle Macpherson might be a witch

September 5th, 2007 // 132 Comments

Elle Macpherson showed up to the 2007 GQ Men of the Year Awards at the Royal Opera House in London last night. And I don’t know if she’s started eating newborn infants or what, but she looks unbelievable for a 43-year-old. Like actually unbelievable. These might as well be pictures of the Loch Ness Monster. Or Lindsay Lohan doing calculus.


  1. wedgeone

    muthafuckin FIRST!

  2. runon

    yeah yeah yeah she looks great for a 43-year-old.

    know what would be much better? a great looking 23-year-old.

    Dale Gribble: “Faaaaaaaact!”

  3. Martin

    She is really hot

  4. Austin

    I’d still have sex with her.

  5. Italian Stallion

    I’d fuck that Grandma……….

  6. Úlli

    Hún er andskoti flott, ætla ekkert að reyna að neita því.

  7. yolatengo

    sure. Elle & Cindy look hot, why wouldnt they? they were SUPERMODELS folks. they have the genes, money, time and incentive to keep up with their looks. not everyone is a slob and loses their looks the minute they make it out of their 20′s or pop their first kid. (ala Brit)

    now someone that i think looks even more spectacular. Christy Turlington. DAMN. oh… and me. i look HOT

  8. jrzmommy

    no doubt she looks great, but…the main picture….she looks ALOT like Noah Wylie from ER.

  9. Ugly People Safaris

    Is there something wrong about doing calculus?

  10. ***

    wow, she really does look great…

  11. I rather she look naked from Jimbo’s place

  12. Yeah, she’s hot, but look at those knuckles. Should could punch at Ali at his prime with those monsters.

  13. veggo

    @7- is that calculus? wow! you math real good like.

  14. go for kate

    what is going on with her nipple in that last pic? huge!!

  15. lola

    I bet she looks scary witout all that hair extensions and makeup.

  16. mr sensitive

    She’s looking great for a saggy old bag. I’d stick it in her baby-head torn up pussy.

  17. eatme

    her coochie must be really wrinkly

  18. Ugly People Safaris


    Lim [You+d/dx(how gay you are)*ln(3x(how much cock you suck))]=Infinity*pi

  19. onetwothreefive

    She’s looking good here. Didn’t she get hospitalized awhile back for post-partum depression? Must have been exhausted after being pregnant for, like, what, 10 months or something?

  20. I wonder if she wears her own line of lingerie. I’ve got some, it’s very nice and not to expensive.

  21. If she’s a witch, she can brew a love potion for me anytime.

  22. @14 Hey Veggo – look that fucking math troll is back!!!! That is the formula she used on her brother and how much she wanted to blow him!!!!


  23. WHOA

    Holy third pic nippleage, Batman!

  24. I think she IS a witch.

    She has put a spell on my cock, turnning it to stone.

    Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. @19….I have one for you.

    How much cock could a cocksucker suck if cocksucker could suck cock?

    Tee Hee

  26. veggo

    19- uh, I thought it was funny. You, on the other hand, I found to be corse and unfriendly.

    *sniffles and tries to regain composure*

  27. HoboChic

    I’m not knocking her, because she definitely looks great, but it also looks like she has had some work done on her face recently. So, witch? No. Great plastic surgeon and dermatologist? Yes. Sign me up.

  28. Linda Lovelace

    Wow, that’s quite a nipple. Too bad her kids are boys – with that early training they’d be amazing deep-throaters. Maybe they can give a few lessons to Cindy Crawford’s gay son at the next over-the-hill supermodel convention.

  29. @26 TT “Infinity*pi”?

  30. John Nash's watery stool sample

    actually it’s Infinity*analcreampi

  31. Ugly People Safaris

    Wow Jimbo!! Howd you guess?? That was my secret brother blowing formula, and now you can tell everyone!

    Too bad you eat your own shit.

    and you probably smell bad too.
    Infinity*pi*bad smell=you.

  32. That’s correct Jimbo…………….Tell him what he’s won, Bob…………………

  33. beanncheese

    Check out this site for so funny celebrity shirts:


  34. Ugly People Safaris

    PS Veggo i love you. Im sorry If I didnt integrate correctly to show you how much I care.

    @26. Probably a lot of cock.

  35. WallyIsAFuckingDoucheBag

    I wonder if I still have that Sports Illustrated issue with her from 20+ years ago, yeh the one with all the pages stuck together…

  36. sportsdvl

    She looks great because, in her prime, she was the most beautiful woman on the planet!

  37. I wonder what her secret is for staying so thin?

  38. @33 Wow you so funny you fucking dumb ass troll. Where did you learn such cleaver lines? “eat your own shit” I don’t think I have heard that one since the 4th grade and “you probably smell bad too” That goes all the way back to 2nd grade. Gee you got me!!! Golly darn I am going to go tell my mommy you said a bad word.

    FUCK YOU!!! You worthless piece of shit!!!!

  39. veggo

    @40 Jimbo.. come back to bed honey and stop taking that trolls bait. Take my bait!!!!! All nite long!!!!! Me Veggo, me love Jimbo’s tiny cock.

  40. veggo

    TT – i wuv making u laugh hunny bunny. smooches!

  41. veggo

    41 and 43. stop using my name. you aren’t funny. really.

  42. jrzmommy

    Wow, a girlish slap fight! First they yell at each other, then they start saying “fuck” repeatedly, then one them notices the other has an erection, then he notices he himself has an erection, then…love. Sweet, sweet, my-turn/your-turn bicurious first-time shock-joy of discovery love. Brings back memories, don’t it, TT?

  43. havoc

    The first thing I would do is build an altar in the bedroom and just worship the shit outta that……



  44. jrzmommy

    TT–45 wasn’t me. It’s probably the assclown running around asking math problems and posting love notes to me from MMMSimmons.

  45. Don’t get me wrong; she looks terrific. But there’s a certain something that happens to the female Aussie face as it ages….a slight horsiness comes to the forefront. For example:


  46. Jill

    ‘Cuz she’s a natural beauty and hasn’t had a bunch of surgery.

  47. jrzmommy

    I hate to obsess about this, but if you put a blonde wig on this picture, you got the same person………


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