Elizabeth Hurley wears a bikini (No, it’s not 1999)

October 29th, 2007 // 103 Comments

Elizabeth Hurley hit the Seychelles this weekend with her new husband Indian playboy Arun Nayar. She also brought her old husband Hugh Grant. Sounds like a great vacation. I bet she made Hugh Grant sleep at the foot of their bed. You know, to let him see what he’s missing by dating young, nubile actresses that haven’t been cruelly ravaged by the effects of time. The crazy fool.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin.com

  1. jse

    She looks unbelievable. However, she has a reputation for chain smoking–that is never good for maintaining looks, and who wants to be around that awful breath?

  2. 1980

    She looks okay. Her boobs are really sagging now, and they always look better in clothes than when she is topless. Always looked kind of like man-boobs or pecs or somethin.

  3. Roflcer of the Lawl

    Isn’t this that chick from Bedazzled? Damn has she changed. She was sooo fuckin hot in that movie.

  4. roughdaddy

    uh oh….liz hurley dont look so cocky anymore after that baby,,,women should not have kids,,,what happen to her?

  5. your dad

    youd hit it you fag. if she lubed up her flapper and stroked your dick for 2 mintues, ud beg her to let her slide it in. stop bein a half a homo

  6. dmacd

    She looks plump. Knowing that she was going to be on the beach, 2 weeks of sit ups would help. I’m close to her age and look much better than that.

  7. Nameless

    Bunch of stupid, balding, fat, pot-bellied old men critiquing a beautiful woman. Now that’s pathetic. You guys are self-loathing creeps, especially the one who wrote the initial post underneath her pictures.

  8. Mick

    #68 – LMAO! Good one. I love dry sarcasm. You’re right, there’s always some douchebag who writes something like that.

  9. malicious

    are you serious? she looks great! Hugh grant sucks

  10. hausfrau

    OH please. She is flabby and pasty white with saggy tits and an obvious c-section pouch and saddlebags. If she is hot, then I am a fucking goddess.

  11. Realist

    She looks good. Could lose a little bit of fat. Tits a little droopy. I would just love to see these women who claim they look better than her. I’m quite sure it’s not the case. Certainly possible. But anyone who makes claims about their looks to an anonymous internet blog doesn’t actually look good.

  12. Don’t wear bikins any longer. And why should you? That yellow bading-suit looked as sexy as hell!! With bikinis your TITS have to look almost new and quite bigger. Not like the sad looking tea bags thy are now. With bikinis the public is looking closely towards the TITS and belly. With a bading-suite they first give your “shaped pussie” a closer look!!

  13. iburl

    prove it hausfrau

  14. choocher

    By the many dongs of Vishnu! Truly is Arun Sahib a devoted husband to the semi-untouchable Hurley. Buckets of vegetarian virgin blood for this spawn of colonialists to bathe in every day, while New Delhi’s orphan population mysteriously keeps shrinking.

  15. bosendorfer

    re: 55:

    wtf? “acoholic’s [sic] nose” ? you’re fucked in the brain.

    this is one of the only hot women ever featured on this site. thank christ she’s not britney or hayden what’s-her-name or nicole kidman, the anorexic sell-out, the little hayden panettiere, who’s mother sold her to commerical producers as an infant. go jerk-off on your cot some more.

    half of the comments on this site are penned by illiterate non-americans.

  16. Ben Baller

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  17. Dorito man

    She’s too much woman for little Hugh.

    She is hawt. I’d do her in a heart beat. Raawwwrrrr

  18. Why are we staring at pictures of Elizabeth “Makewewanna” Hurl-ey instead of pictures of Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous naked ass? I have them. They’re hot.

  19. BishOP

    Well now, Hurley is looking a bit worse for the wear. What they don’t tell you is that Hugh brought his transvestite hooker friend and they’re all snorting coke off that kids chest and smoking she-cock.

    Oh yeah then they all order Indian food via room service.

  20. hendero

    if there was ever any lingering doubt that Hugh Grant is gay, this should end it. Would any straight guy go with an ex-”girlfriend” and her new husband on their vacation? Liz and Jemima Kahn were just his beards.

    She’s still hot, btw.

  21. I think she looks hot!

  22. MrsP

    39 & 40, you call yourself Mrs P but I AM THE REAL MRS P & I haven’t been posting on the Superfish for days. So stop it!!! And get yourself your own name to post with, or a life or something!

  23. EBW

    the mono-kini looks GREAT on her!

  24. Andi

    She’s still damn hot, I’d do her anytime. And actually I think it’s refreshing to see someone who does not look sickly anorexic. If she toned up a little more, she would be perfect. But those boobs in that yellow bathing suit make up for everything anyway :-)~~~

  25. I knda like that chcicken dance thing she’s doin’ on the beach!

  26. yukadoozer

    As the poet philosopher Blondie says, “Die young, Stay Pretty”. She should have gracefully excited after Autin Powers and before Serving Sarah. Her life has become a daily fight to keep her figure.

  27. Big Mama

    Did you see the size of that rock on her hand, it looks like a meteorite.

  28. Nut Case

    Hugh Grant is ALWAYS with her……….. it is so weird. She must be using him as their threesome partner.

  29. Mark J. Shrader

    Dildo time baby!

  30. So glad to see so many other commenters who think she looks hot.

    I think she carries her age well — she’s not trying to hide her age. She looks every year of it, and she’d dead sexy.

  31. KatiePie

    You people that think she has a crooked nose or ugly are out of your minds. Obviously she’s not going to look young; she’s 42 years old and looks amazing for her age!

  32. hate fake boobs

    man those titties are nice. real, big and just enough sag. Id tap every 42 year old bone in that body.

  33. Susan

    I applaud you! Amen! Young people suck.

  34. celia

    I never liked her. However she has an AWESOME body!
    If she was 19, 25 or 45 – she is still tall slim and tight!

  35. Tom

    It is just pathetic to see criticism of Hurley’s looks. She is an amazingly beautiful woman. Her breasts hang down because that what’s gravity does to actual flesh and blood breasts. Some of you on this board seem to be looking for a Barbie doll. Your perceptions have been screwed up by TV, movies, who knows. How sad for you. I’m living in the real world, and this is one dropdead gorgeous woman.

  36. Freddy

    Um. She looks good.

    I really doubt most of you on here are going to look that good at 40.

  37. lastangelman

    I hate to say this but can you say threesomes – MFM – or perhaps even dare I say it – MMF.

  38. Elizabeth Hurley is just amazing ! Here’s a few other hot EH pics for you all to enjoy:


  39. nick

    Some of you guys are completely mental. Hausfrau, I’d sure as hell like to see you putting on a bikini in harsh light and see if you could come within 10 miles of looking this good, let alone being a “goddess.”

    This woman looks absolutely astounding at her age or for 10 or 15 years younger. You don’t see one 20-year-old in 50 who look this good in a bikini.

    You guys who think this isn’t good enough for you, wait until your wife’s in her 40s, then come back and tell us whether EH looks any good in these photos. Jesus. You only hope.

  40. soya zephirin

    salut a tous les la pour une am soeur

  41. You people that think she has a crooked nose or ugly are out of your minds. Obviously she’s not going to look young; she’s 42 years old and looks amazing for her age

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