Elizabeth Hurley still has nipples

February 24th, 2010 // 94 Comments

Elizabeth Hurley attended the Love Ball in London last night wearing a dress that might as well have had a hole cut out of it for her left breast. Obviously someone said something to her inside because she walked out sheepishly clutching a program over her chest. I can only imagine how that conversation went…

SHERLOCK HOLMES: So, you see, Watson, losing to the colonies in the war was elementary- By jove, I can see your bosom!
ELIZABETH HURLEY: Oh my! How embarrassing. Spot of tea?

[Full Disclosure: This is pretty much how I assume every conversation in England goes. And sometimes Gwyneth Paltrow is a chimney sweep.]

NOTE: Full size versions are NSFW.

Photos: Getty, WENN

  1. joe littlecock

    Always thought she was Gorgeous and still is!!

  2. chris rock


  3. Daniel

    Que bella!!!

    Beautiful breasts.

  4. NG

    I want a milk mustache.

  5. AteIsEnough

    I can’t decide who’s more beautiful…Elizabeth Hurley or Andie McDowell?! Hell, they are both drop dead gorgeous.

  6. DogBoy

    Still hot.
    Are we sure she’s not Kristen Stewart’s mom though? There is a resemblance.

  7. Dutch

    She is a gorgeous woman… Wouldn’t every man out there cheat on her with a prostitute in a car?

  8. aiyo

    thats not a dress.
    its a saree

  9. Sam

    Kristen Stewart – plain
    Elizabeth Hurley – gorgeous

  10. Crabby Old Guy

    You have to admire an attractive woman who is cool about showing her yummy breasts (albeit “covered”). It’s a, “Here you go guys, crank one out thinking about me!”

    Mission accomplished, Miss Hurley, mission accomplished.

  11. She is a gorgeous woman… Wouldn’t every man out there cheat on her with a prostitute in a car?

  12. Time Goes On

    Who the old lady with perky breasts?

  13. havoc

    Bullshit. How could you not know your tit is showing through a dress like that?

    It did what it was intended to do. Get her photo taken.

    Nice tit btw……


  14. crusty

    Awh, to be in England how that winter is here.. Nice -n- perky..

    And yes, she’s a beautiful woman – always has been.

  15. Taz

    What a fine lady

  16. JD

    They SHOULD be shown, she knows this.

    The end.

  17. pimp

    i would suck on her asshole for days…

  18. She was always TOP NOTCH CLASS and Elegant Beauty.
    Still is today.
    How many woman can be so confident, flash the world and still look like A LADY.

  19. Mr. Nice Guy

    She looks Great going in, bad coming out. Be proud showing off Ladies. You won’t attract every guy, but the ones you do will Love You Forever.

  20. OwnthePodium

    She is absolutely gorgeous.

  21. Tiffany

    Love the way she’s draped the pretty dress over her boobs like a toga.
    She might just set a new trend with this look.

  22. bob

    uh…how come I’m the only person to realize she’s wearing an Indian Sari? LOL

  23. Yatada

    This isn’t how you wear a saree either. You’re supposed to wear it with a matching cropped blouse beneath. I bet her husband loves this!!

  24. Keith

    Her breasts are amazing……..she should display them more often.

  25. Jammy

    Who zat raccoon-eyed greaseball she’s with?

  26. Candian Badass

    too bad we can’t see both boobs.
    she should gather the upper portion of her dress between her boobs so we can properly see them without any covering.

  27. Yosemite Sam

    her husband’s ugly

    she should pull her dress down so i can see both boobs

  28. Parker

    Thank you Elizabeth Hurley. She knows women have nipples so men will want to have anal sex with them and I for one would be proud to sink my weiner into her behind.

    ELIZABETH HURLEY: I say, do you like to plow the back field?
    ME: Why of course.
    ELIZABETH HURLEY: Fancy a shag then?
    ME: I might at that.
    ELIZABETH HURLEY: (flashes nipple) I would be ever so grateful.
    ME: Oh how lovely! Right, lets turn you round then and drop those knickers.
    ELIZABETH HURLEY: Bless you sir!

  29. kaylia

    she married an indian dude and still doesn’t know there has to be a top to that outfit? she’s so palin american

  30. antparty

    Thank God for flash photography.

  31. brandeis

    Her husband is HALF indian. The other half is progressive GERMAN.

  32. dude!

    Got a little carried away with the raccoon paint around the eyes, me thinks.

  33. Jammy

    How do you not realize when your getting dressed that your dress is completely see through! doesn’t she own a mirror!

  34. -I got a Rough complex & you got a problem-

    That boob look modest but somewhat cumbersome(preferably when cupped) I imagine…

    If anyone can pull an exposed boobie and still look classy its Lizzy. I mean shes still buddy with Hugh Grant…

  35. Taylor

    She looks great, the eyemakeup is fine! However she was not always the beauty classy lady you see here. Google her, back a few years, she was a chubby.. dumpy gal. Oh and nice boobage.

  36. The CreaseMaster

    I’d tongue-fuck her asshole, i.e., “make love to her.”

  37. Giorgio!

    Beautiful woman.

  38. gtht

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  39. guy rossi

    She’s still hot….and still classy

  40. Wow, she is still stunning years after years

  41. Jimrunner

    If you look closely, you’ll find out that these are not real tits. Liz, like many other models, succumbed to the knife to create plastic tits. Real tits never look like this, never. Trust a person who has been around a lot of tits.

  42. Her plastic surgeon is an artist.
    She looks better now than she did years ago.
    I used to find something “off” about her.
    Maybe it was the Ritalin I was on, but she’s absolutely beautiful.

  43. mygyver

    her breasts don’t look plastic, they hang like natural one…..but if they are plastic compliments to the doctor

  44. Yeah, but they’re forty five year old nipples, so who cares? Miranda Kerr’s nipples, now that would be something worse seeing.

  45. HEYP: 47. Porky Domesticus – February 24, 2010 9:42 PM

    “Yeah, but they’re forty five year old nipples, so who cares? Miranda Kerr’s nipples, now that would be something worse seeing.”

    It’s sad that if you’re smart enough to even live to be 45 that you’ll always be alone.

  46. danny

    Nice nipple, but the eye make up is pretty eXtreme IMO.

  47. omnomnom

    I think I agree with the flash photography comment. I’m wondering how exposed she looked in her bathroom mirror compared to these pictures. She might have really not noticed. Either way, thanks for the peak Lizzy!

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