Elizabeth Hurley needs to be more considerate with her cleavage

October 17th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Elizabeth Hurley rocked the monster cleavage last night at a breast cancer awareness event in London because apparently she’s a giant bitch. I mean, Jesus. That’s like showing up pantsless to Lance Armstrong’s house and making your testicles sing “One” by Three Dog Night. Sure, it’s adorable at first, but it’ll only end with you getting dragged behind his bike until you link his charity on your site. On that note, LIVE STRONG, everybody!

Video for “One” after the jump because why not?

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  1. assgrabber

    first? AWeSOME CLEAVAGE MAN!!!

  2. Jiffro


  3. Jiffro


  4. i read my moms playboy

    im in love ? 1ST !!!!!1!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

  5. i read my moms playboy

    im in love ? 1ST !!!!!1!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

  6. Jewelee


  7. i read my moms playboy

    1ST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

  8. frankinSloth

    No, see she’s making the statement of

    if anything she should be given a medal *tear*

  9. frankinSloth

    No, see she’s making the statement of

    if anything she should be given a medal *tear*

  10. michael

    I don’t care if she is old enough to be my mum, I’d tap that from the front

  11. This is fucking AWESOME! All those scarred up bitches with their tits cut off, desperately trying to force people to say they’re still “women” even though no honest guy would ever agree, and Liz Hurley puts ‘em on the glass for everybody to see. And then all the scar tissues ladies wearing their pink “awareness” outfits became aware that all the men were looking only at Liz’s rack. God damn, I wish I had been there, I wouldn’t have stopped laughing the whole night!!!

  12. mamadough

    dammit fish! either my computer sucks or your server fucking blows! i refresh and refresh and don’t see any new comments or stories being added. it said this hurley story had 0 comments and i get here and there’s fucking 14 of them. i post comments and then after the page refreshes i don’t see them and have to refresh the story 5 fucking times before they show up. Geekologie isn’t having this kind of problem. get with the fucking program!

    sorry everyone, continue with your assholery.

  13. surfette

    Her cleavage looks so much younger than her baggy old face. I see why she shows it off at every opportunity.

  14. pete

    I don’t blame any guy who bails on a women who gets breast cancer. You only live once and you want to fuck somebody who looks like Elizabeth Hurley, not like Travis Barker’s ruined groin. Why fake it?

  15. Deacon Jones

    Man, are you on a British kick this week FISH?

    At least she knows her role – sex object.

    I’ll bet anything she doesn’t suck dick. That’s why Hugh resorted to some black tranny-looking hooker. She’s probably as frigid as my bitch girlfriend

  16. Fat Chicks Suck

    I think they’re using a new (or reconfigured) cache server to save on bandwidth. Pretty stupid and extremely annoying. If it was a static page that only changed once a day or something it would be fine…but it doesn’t work for this application. You shouldn’t have to do a hard refresh each time you load up the page.

    People should consult me before they do ANYTHING. For $1000 I’ll tell you if your idea is stupid or not. It would make everyone’s life a lot easier.

  17. Done

    #11 you’re a sick puppy. Do you have a mother? a sister? a female friend?(you obviously don’t have a g/f) I hope you never get testicular cancer and waste away slowly & painfully….

  18. maeby

    actually thought it was gonna be metallica for some reason

  19. jesus

    glad to see a real woman on these pages. tired of the slutty spears and mountain gorilla tennis player.

  20. These broads don’t usually deliver what they advertise, didnt her exboyfriend went with a prostitute?

  21. Miserable Bastard

    Somewhere on Sunset Blvd. a toothless hooker with a muffin top and bullet hole scars is giving Hugh Grant a BJ in the front seat of his car while he stares up at this photo taped to his sun visor and cries his eyes out.

  22. bubble boobs

    this dress sucks

  23. Fat Chicks Suck

    She used to be amazing…but now she’s just packing on too much weight. She looks bloated and a bit flabby. I’ll never understand why super hot chicks let themselves go – especially when, like in this case, their job is essentially to look good. How hard is it to eat healthy and exercise regularly?

  24. Simone

    I’m female and therefore not interested in the cleavage.

    I do wish this loathsome woman would drop of the face of the earth though.

  25. Dorito Man

    She’s beautiful. Rawrrrr.

  26. kdm245

    what is wrong with this site lately??? nothing new ever comes up and the comments are never refreshed. LAME.

  27. Fat Chicks Suck

    #11: I’m all for making a joke out of just about anything. It’s virtually impossible to offend me as I can find the humor in even the most serious and/or morbid situations or jokes. That being said…you are the most worthless piece of shit I’ve ever run across in my entire life. Even if that was a joke…that single post was so beyond tasteless that there is nothing you could ever do as long as you live to redeem yourself in my eyes. You are quite possibly the most fucked up, pathetic person to ever post on this website and I wish you a life of absolute misery.

  28. Dar

    Those are natural, right? Fake ones couldn’t handle that much PSI.

  29. Fat Chicks Suck

    #26: Refer to post #16

  30. #27 – dry your tears, little fag. The only thing “in your eyes” is your dad’s semen.

  31. Fuck off #11, and #30…stupid fucking troll.

    IT’S NOT ME!!!! I don’t talk like that. That is fucking sick.

  32. agentgirl

    For her it was obviously just about breast awareness…

  33. Andi

    Ah, Liz never fails to amaze me with her cleavage!

  34. heck man

    She makes me a bit randy

  35. sameshitdifferentyear

    Elizabeth Hurley’s hotness to wicked-bitch value is off-the-charts.

    Historically speaking.

  36. I’m wondering: SHE’S STILL ABLE OF BREATHING, folks?

  37. fumanchu

    are you sure she wasn’t at the Breast Cleavage Awareness benefit dinner??

  38. monkeyfightclub

    Goddamn she’s holding up well.

  39. her and any girl that looks like her

    I would lick her ass hole any day all day. she is so hot i would do anything she wanted. I would suck on her pussy like it was butterscotch. she is so hot.

  40. supersex

    damn she so fine i’d eat a mile of her shit just to find where it come from…….

  41. jimsy

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  42. Lizzy

    I am a seamstress. I would be ashamed to put my name to that dress and call myself a designer. The dress looks cheap and badly fitted.

  43. Marce

    #17. You are a douchebag. But you probably already know that.

  44. Marce

    Meant #11, not 17.

  45. woodhorse

    She looks like the Attack of The 40 ft Woman wearing some little kids’ dress. She probably would have looked more appropriate to wear a skirt and just tie a belt around her tits. I bet everyone did stare at her rack all evening – it’s morbid curiosity like when you see a car wreck.

  46. Sarah Palin

    I’d lick her ass till my tongue hurt. By golly you betcha! Wink! Wink!

  47. SemiAuto-sluuurrrrz

    DOOOOOOOD i would so pee on this chick!

  48. Me

    # 14 you have a small penis I bet. Why settle for a small penis when I can have Peter North?

    you sick asshole. I have breast cancer and I have one boob and getting implants on both to even out my physical appearance and move on with my life which I have struggled hard for. I don’t have a chest wall anymore so they had to slowly and painfully expand my chest muscles for 6 months. My boyfriend bailed on me the last day of treatments. And yes he has a very small and uneven penis. One that matches the brain cells he poorly lacks.

    If you know nothing about pain and suffering, which you obviously don’t, and since you know nothing about how hard it is to be a 24 year old woman and be attractive one day, to miserable and deformed the other, then I would really appreciate you keep your backwards comments to yourself.

    You and many like you were the reason I was afraid to be who I am when I lost that bit of my physical being, and then I picked myself up, decided that hey losing my long beautiful hair, and losing one breast which can be painfully restored, and that people like you were just sad lifeless beings who will never leave their backyard to experience anything remotely human or worthwhile.

  49. pete

    #48 – uh, ok, sure, you totally changed my mind. What you describe sounds like a wonderfully sexy body and you yourself sound like a joy to be around.

  50. Egh. What middle aged boobs she has. They’re starting to meld into her armpits. She obviously had some heavy duty push up thing going on for all the saggy skin, and all the armpit skin, and all the surrounding skin. All of it isn’t even her cleavage, I’m sure. All the fat just bursted out of the top of her ugly dress. She just went ahead with this ruse because she’s a horrible person. And old. She no longer has her body or looks. Look at her face. It’s the face of a middle-aged woman covering up wrinkles. But you can still see them. Her face is haggy. Also, she looks fat.

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