Elizabeth Hurley is nautically hot, hearts Photoshop

Elizabeth Hurley is featured in the new ad campaign for Mango swimwear (above.) At 42, Liz is practically the hottest MILF this side of MILF Lake in the town of MILF-FORD. Of course, her secret is admitted use of digital wizardry and I couldn’t care less. Just keep doing those bikini shoots, Liz, even though you hate them more than dentistry, Madonna, and whatever else you English people hate. (The Welsh?) The Daily Mail reports:

“It’s unbearable and I bring it all on myself. I’ve got nobody else to blame.”
But, she revealed, she now relies on “nice photographers” and a little digital enhancement.
“I like a certain amount of retouching like anybody,” she admitted.

Okay, so Liz Hurley gets down with the Photoshop. As long as she keeps things believable, who cares? It’s not like Optimus Prime is coming out of her stomach which, wow, is probably the most erotic idea I’ve ever had in my life. Wait, what if she was also holding a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s holy crap I need some alone time. Uh, and now a word from our sponsors!

Thanks to Erin whose love of bikinis rivals that of my own – which is why she’s currently locked in my basement. You can say I’ve “buried” the competition. Ha, ha, I kid. She’s totally safe. I threw some moldy bread down there yesterday.

Photos: Daily Mail, Mort and Marcus