Elizabeth Hurley is nautically hot, hearts Photoshop

April 22nd, 2008 // 98 Comments

Elizabeth Hurley is featured in the new ad campaign for Mango swimwear (above.) At 42, Liz is practically the hottest MILF this side of MILF Lake in the town of MILF-FORD. Of course, her secret is admitted use of digital wizardry and I couldn’t care less. Just keep doing those bikini shoots, Liz, even though you hate them more than dentistry, Madonna, and whatever else you English people hate. (The Welsh?) The Daily Mail reports:

“It’s unbearable and I bring it all on myself. I’ve got nobody else to blame.”
But, she revealed, she now relies on “nice photographers” and a little digital enhancement.
“I like a certain amount of retouching like anybody,” she admitted.

Okay, so Liz Hurley gets down with the Photoshop. As long as she keeps things believable, who cares? It’s not like Optimus Prime is coming out of her stomach which, wow, is probably the most erotic idea I’ve ever had in my life. Wait, what if she was also holding a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s holy crap I need some alone time. Uh, and now a word from our sponsors!

Thanks to Erin whose love of bikinis rivals that of my own – which is why she’s currently locked in my basement. You can say I’ve “buried” the competition. Ha, ha, I kid. She’s totally safe. I threw some moldy bread down there yesterday.

Photos: Daily Mail, Mort and Marcus

  1. choico


  2. Ted from LA

    Yummy. I wouldn’t pass her up for an unknown hooker.

  3. blabla

    there’s something wrong with her lips… it’s lime they’re not really there… weird!

  4. blabla

    there’s something wrong with her lips… it’s like they’re not really there… weird!

  5. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    I would ruin that. Isn’t she a gilf by now? I’d still wreck her.

  6. fygu

    She looks good. I can’t believe that there’s been seven comments and none are hating on Kim Kardashian (yet) I’m starting to believe it’s Paris herself doing it.

  7. ph7

    If only every 40 year old could be photoshopped in real life.

    Nice to see Superficial adding some new chicks to the lineup, but keep it under 30 please?

    NO one is interested in seeing any woman over 30 in a swimsuit.

  8. Crappola

    I hate Kim Kardashian. I heart you fygu!

  9. lipper


    Um… they looked a bit too retouched. Hell anyone can be made to look hot thanks to photoshop. But she’s still amazing.

    Looks like she’s got cramps in that 2nd picture with the pink bikini. Odd pose that.

  10. Ted from LA

    Speak for yourself.

  11. Kingsley Amis

    Tragically, they appear to have Photoshop-ped away any hint of cameltoe.

    It is interesting how Fish seems to have cooled on Big Kimmy K. Time was that her acres of flesh and bag-o-ice butt were all it took to get our intrepid blogger into a sweathy froth. Suddenly, the scales have tipped (Ha!) away from her.

  12. ph7


    Non-photoshopped version with saggy gut, droppiness everywhere, cellulite:


  13. jeff

    this is playboy-style airbrushing – wow.

  14. Jackson

    It is a nice change from having to see fat Kim Kardaskank in a swim suit and covering her huge ass!

    I don’t care if Elizabeth is over 40 because she looks hot!

  15. Jack LaLane

    Being fat and old is a major bummer.

    Being fit and old makes aging not so bad.

  16. Jade

    She does look good. But whoever is editing those photos needs to go back for more training, because the edits are very obvious.

  17. she married some indian dude.

  18. Ted from LA

    If only every 40 year old could be photoshopped in real life.

    Nice to see Superficial adding some new chicks to the lineup, but keep it under 30 please?

    NO one is interested in seeing any woman over 30 in a swimsuit.

    (On second thought I will speak for you as anything anyone else has to say is infinitely more interesting than anything I could come up with)

  19. MILF

    She is hot and I do not care how old she is!

  20. Ted from LA

    On third thought she pretty hot.

    I want to be Ted from LA too. This is such a fun game.

  21. Welcome to the matrix

    “Admitted use of Photoshop.” Stop right there.

    Please tell me, what’s the difference between this and complete fantasy? Pretty soon you’ll all be masturbating to anime like the Japanese.

  22. havoc

    #15 Jackson is either:
    A. A homo.
    B. A fat, ugly chick.
    C. A homo.
    D. A fat ugly chick


  23. abdo

    God bless The Photoshop!!

  24. Terry


    I do not think Jackson is a fat ugly chick because Jackson would be denying that Kim Kardaskank is fat and would posting comments like Kim is curvy not fat lol!

  25. Christopher


  26. Robert

    Could you guys stop scaling up images when they aren’t high enough resolution to start with (i.e. they weren’t that size or larger already)? Otherwise stop being cheap and get a copy of Genuine Fractals to do the enlarging or something. Thanks. Elizabeth will thank you too, in her own special way. Hugh Grant will thank you too, in his special way. I’ll thank you in my own special way too. Just give me your credit card number and expiration. ( I need a new Mac )

  27. Every photo of an actress/actor in every fashion magazine is photoshopped. (perhaps that is why America is obsessed with tabloid/papparazzi photos). At least she has the balls to admit it ;)

  28. ldsqtbea

    i dont find her that attractive … shes not ugly but not hot … and not a MILF … at least i dont think so

  29. OC Dee


    Thanks for the post!

    Enjoyed looking at celebrity before and after shots of cosmetic surgery.

  30. kitty

    photoshop my ass…….try vaseline on the lens……she doesn’t look like that anymore…..cut the horsehit liz

  31. kitty

    photoshop my ass…….try vaseline on the lens……she doesn’t look like that anymore…..cut the horsehit liz

  32. kitty

    photoshop my ass…….try vaseline on the lens……she doesn’t look like that anymore…..cut the horsehit liz

  33. JM

    I don’t know if this is your site also, but their’s is 100% the same. If they are copying yours, you should get them!!!


  34. Rick

    In real life, she looks droopy, thickened, and crinkly. Like all old chicks.

    Why photoshop some over-the-hill hag when you could post un-retouched pictures of a truly hot 20 year old? As a guy, I don’t give a fuck what the girl has “accomplished” or even what her name is. She just has to be hot when she strips and sucks. Otherwise I’ve got no use for her.

  35. MeanOldMan

    Back in my day I’da nailed ‘er….

  36. Dorito Man

    I’d carve that. I always thought Hugh Grant was a poof for cheating on her with an LA prostitute. (who was probably a tranny)

  37. Sam


    You sound like an ugly heartless loser that jerks off to barely legal cunts on the Internet.

  38. boobs

    she is topless under that partial see-through sheer top in the last picture.
    Where are the nipple lovers and haters?

  39. ph7

    Tired of these old battle axes.

    Let’s be perfectly clear: women over 30 are dried out and falling apart. They should *NEVER* appear here again.

  40. stephanie

    #13– wow. wow. Now I think I can really start being jealous of photoshop.

    Of the fact that guys (not all!) drool over fakeness and put it on a pedestal.

  41. Bob

    I won’t be visiting this site again until you remove those autoplay ads. Fuck that shit.

  42. Doc

    Speaking about Photoshop:

    It appears that Kim Kardashian likes to play up her ass-ets with bodyshapers and padded panties. As you can see in her (totally airbrushed) nude photos, her butt doesn’t look nearly as high or defined as when she’s out in public strutting her stuff and posing at nightclubs.

    Kim Kardashian is just a fame whore looking for attention. There is a reason why paparazzi take “shocking” pictures of Kim with what looks like a pillow stuffed down the back of her pants….because there is. It’s just padding, no butt implants involved.

  43. BoboTed

    Her stomach was clearly photoshopped. For a woman of such wealth, Liz should do some fucking crunches and get rid of that flab. Also do some squatting and tighten up those thighs and ass.

  44. Joe C

    #8 “NO one is interested in seeing any woman over 30 in a swimsuit.”

    You’ve obviously been hanging around the wrong 30 plus women.

  45. OC Hottie


    It takes discipline and self control to maintain a figure like Elizabeth. I know because I have a hot body too. If you want to see six pack abs then perhaps you should visit the gay porn sites.

  46. BoboTed

    @#46- Liz doesn’t need a sixpack, just a tight firm stomach.

    So you have a hot body eh? Do you have nice big titties too? Can I lick them?

    Oh, and thanks for the suggestion to go check out gay porn sites, but I really should leave your father alone.

  47. punanny

    she looks evil. she looks like she’s promoting zombie strippers…

  48. OC Hottie


    You could probably find my dad on the swinger sites.

  49. gotmilk?

    i doubt they put all that time & effort into photoshopping her entire body. they just plastered her photoshopped head on some 20 year old’s body. this doesn’t even look anything close to realistic.

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