Elizabeth Hurley hates breast cancer…shocking!

October 12th, 2007 // 132 Comments

Elizabeth Hurley turned on some pink lights at London’s Selfridges yesterday to signify her support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because, you know, nothing says I hate breast cancer like turning on some pink lights. And can you imagine if she didn’t turn those pink lights on? My God, people might get confused and think she loved breast cancer. That she, you know, throws parties in her basement dedicated to how awesome breast cancer is. Whew, it’s a good thing she got those lights on!

NOTE: Yeah, I’m stretching here, but nothing is going on today and I wanted an excuse to post these pictures of Elizabeth Hurley. Desperate situations call for desperate actions! Did I mention I just drank a cup of my own urine? Hydration is the name of the game, my friend.


  1. classic

    i hardly have compassion for my own family and friends. half the time they madden me with jealousy and i wish them all the evil in the world. and you want me to have compassion for you? YOU? who the FUCK are you?

    we only cry for compassion because their isn’t enough. without people like me, you’d be out of a day job, you self-deluded fucker.

  2. Ted from LA

    Isn’t this thread supposed to be about tits? Let’s focus people.

  3. :::::::

    Hang on, didn’t this start with a paragraph about Elizabeth Hurley turning on some lights?

  4. If you're gonna Hurley, Hurley into this.


    She is so classy she turned up to a friend’s wedding wearing a low-cut dress with a slash in it that went up so far it revealed her panties. The bride is supposed to be the one getting the attention. What a great friend. Pure class.

  5. classic

    that dress looks so junior prom. and her arms are amorphous and flaccid.

  6. Dr.

    You are right classic, partially, without fat lazy people like you I wouldn’t have half the work load I have trying to revive some obese burger devouring idiot who has been told repeatedly to exercise and go on a fucking diet and stop wasting the hospitals precious time. I just took a stab in the dark if your not fat I am quite sure you aren’t in good health and you don’t take care of yourself so I’m sure you have or will soon make society pay for your poor choices.

    Your points were some of the most unintelligent things I’ve ever read. I never asked you to have compassion for me moron, you don’t even know who I am and what country I’m from.

    As for this bitch she has a nasty nose and she’s always looked like a real ball crushing bitch to me, cold as ice, lazy in the sack and not much going on upstairs. Esecially since as many have mentioned she supports a comapny who uses carcinogenic ingedients in their products and then has the gaul to pretend they give a shit about breast cancer.

  7. classic

    hahaha….thou dost protest too much

    you mistake me for someone else- someone you wouldn’t like. i like your energy. i’m impressed with your writing, and i agree with you on everything.

    i just wanted you to recognize the way in which if you are disillusioned with global capitalism (mistakenly called western or american), which you clearly are, that seeing those buildings go down might have given you a glimmer of hope. the monster is not invulnerable after all.

    speaking of which, you should see a movie called Varmont. it’s excellent.

    liz hurley used to be punk, and had a chance at happiness, but now she’s just an aging whore married to an aging nimrod.

  8. classic

    in short, it’s BECAUSE you are compassionate that you MUST have liked what 9-11 stood for.

  9. yukadoozer

    She’s just there to wear pink & show off her boobs-and her hair looks dopey. Looks she spent the afternoon in hot rollers ‘reddin’ up that retarded 1985 do.

  10. classic

    also, that love is a deviation of archaic evil (though evil isn’t quite ‘evil’ until love) and not the other way around. wanting to eliminate all cruelty in the name of love is wanting to eliminate the conditions of possibility of love in the name of love. wanting to destroy love for love. it’s absurd, i know, but god is a dick. a funny dick, to be sure.

    laugh with me, boy. come on

  11. Dr.

    Al right classic I can take myself too seriously and I have been in a foul mood all day since my massive rants, becuase this world is incredibly depressing and I think I should really never bother talking about war and conflict because the greatest books of all time have been written on the subject and still it has done nothing.

    You now I have always felt that the United States has always been incredibly vulnerable and it was so sad to see ordinary people suffer because of problems they really aren’t involved in. The monster is always vulnerable because everyone wants to see it go down and eventually it will. Not that I think America or any country really is entirely monsterous.

    But, I must say I really don’t understand patriotism. I’ve lived in so many places though I hate the pretencious term ‘citizen of the world’ I have always sort of felt part of the whole world and not really paid attention to the human made divisions that have caused so many problems. I would never die for my country not because I don’t care for it but because I think it’s impossible to die for one’s country and so it would be in vain. I would switch places in a second with a terminally ill child but I just don’t see going off to war as heoric, I see some of those people as confused victims of sorts, and I think some of them do mean well. I also think some of them must be quite racist and twisted. Extreem patriotism really is nothing more than racism.

    I think at the heart most compassionate people are furiously angry people because if you love something you will hate what goes against it even if you pretend to be mild mannered and calm. I do hate racism and I hate greed and I hate fame and celebrity and I have a tremendous amount of anger towards this world because I see so much cruelty in it. But this is quite a taboo subject and we are supposed to be gentyly respectfully compassionate. That is why I enjoy this website because everyone on it is so flippin bitter and angry, I love it. If you try to curb your anger and focus just on what you care about you will eventually become apathetic because it is impossible to care without anger. The two go hand in hand.

    Anyway the world is full so much bullshit and Liz HURLey like many women proves to me that the Stepford Wives really wasn’t all that fictional and women don’t need to be lobotamized to loose their sense of self. She ‘s not as bad as Poshbot but she’s getting their.

  12. jeanna

    just watch zeitgeistmovie


    i’d like to know if anyone hates this

    [i dont]

  13. ack

    wow, those are some essays. wish i had time to read them.

    with that said, liz hurley needs to lay off the ciggies. it’s starting to show in her face. but she’s still sexy.

  14. ...

    i hope i dont get one.

  15. Retarded Doctor, God Help Us

    The spelling and grammar on this site sucks. If you want to make a serious point don’t write reams of shit that looks like it’s been dribbled on to the page by a 5 year old. Even if it isn’t serious just fucking put together some words that resemble something intelligible.

  16. gerard Vandenberg

    When her own TITS are almost resting on her knees, the feeling of homesickness to the spotlights comes to the surface!! A young celeb like avril lavaigne is much more believible than this “home for th elderly” person.
    ATTENTION: that’s the real reason fo her!!

  17. WTF

    omg rant rant rant

  18. Sel

    hahah I need sex
    ‘rant rant rant….
    #63 –shops at sears YouWIN

  19. bianca

    everytime i see a pic of her smiling i cringe. fugly. wow u ppl can write

  20. steph

    you never post anymore.
    i used to wait sooooooo long to read your freaking posts….
    they’re so much better and funnier than perez.
    but i always go to the faggot because he ACTUALLY posts shit.

    stop having a life.. post more superficial shit that i can fill my mind with already…

  21. FACE

    Why dont black chicks have legs like that?

  22. She could have picked a better pink dress to wear than that. Maybe a pink flashing one.

  23. Sam Hain

    I don’t know why everyone is downing on her tits?!? They look fine to me, if she didn’t look so manly in the face I would be more than happy to drown her in man juice… maybe we could get her a pink baggie for her head… and some cute little pink bungie cords… yeah that would be hott!

  24. fat whore

    Sorry for being so rude when I posted my comment #115. I have Chlamydia, Gonorrhea Syphilis, and Herpes, am severely obese and have a hatred for all doctors because all they keep telling me is what a fat whore I am. Oh well at least I have my imaginary friends to keep me company. Later yall, I have to go pop my puss filled herpes sores.


  25. meee

    “what’s green and has 12 tits?
    a garbage bag at a breast cancer clinic”


  26. DR and BINKY and BUTHO

    Dr, and binky are terrorists. i love america, i can complain about it all i want without getting murdered by savages who don’t agree with me.
    don’t hate cause we’re rich and fat and happy and middle eastern countries are miserable and killing each other. i do feel sorry for the good ones

    and calling all americans morons that eat hamburgers, and military members lab rats is def a BLACK AND WHITE way of thinking, you prejudice fool.
    i don’t eat hamburgers you evil waste of space. why don’t you join the lab rat suicide bombers and blow yourself to hell.

  27. Sam Hain

    I love eating hamburgers, and watching video of the US KICKING YOUR ASS. Obviously any of these little motherfuc*ers talking smack aren’t any where near the action because we would so completely strike fear into their puny brains as to render them speechless.
    In closing I would like to state that you all are obviously too far removed to be saying shit, and that I would love it if you would come over here and say that!
    Line drawn- feeling froggy?

  28. Sam Hain

    besides what does the fact that your little ass – i mean feelings- hurts have to do with the fact that this homely bitch cares about breast health?

  29. Hear it directly from a soldier

    Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) — Retired Army Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, who led U.S. forces in Iraq during the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal, criticized American leaders for placing partisan gain at home above victory abroad and consigning America to a “nightmare with no end in sight.”

    The White House, Congress and especially the State Department bear blame for a strategy that has shipped forces overseas without the political and economic backing crucial for victory, Sanchez said in a speech yesterday in Arlington, Virginia.

    “Who will demand accountability for the failure of our national political leaders involved in the management of this war?” Sanchez asked, according to a transcript of the speech to military reporters and editors. “In my profession, these types of leaders would immediately be relieved or court-martialed.”

    Sanchez, who retired in 2006, condemned President George W. Bush’s infusion of as many as 30,000 extra U.S. troops in Iraq this year as a “desperate attempt” to make up for years of shortcomings. The best the U.S. can manage under the current approach is to “stave off defeat,” said Sanchez, who was overall commander of U.S. forces.

    “This enemy is more dangerous than any we have faced in the 20th century,” said Sanchez, adding that a sudden withdrawal of troops from Iraq would unleash chaos in the Middle East.

    The U.S. military effort has, from the 2003 invasion, been hasty and poorly managed, Sanchez said.

    “As a Japanese proverb says, `Action without vision is a nightmare,” Sanchez said. “There is no question that America is living a nightmare with no end in sight.”

  30. Gee – take a break from this site and the weirdos take over.
    Do I have to babysit ?
    Rock on #129 !

  31. mustapha

    you need to be made love in all the right places….such a beautiful lady for her age

  32. Gloria

    she ia amazing in this pink dress, some one say that she has a account on a dating site called sugarcupid.com, is she lonely?

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