Elizabeth Hurley hates breast cancer…shocking!

October 12th, 2007 // 132 Comments

Elizabeth Hurley turned on some pink lights at London’s Selfridges yesterday to signify her support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because, you know, nothing says I hate breast cancer like turning on some pink lights. And can you imagine if she didn’t turn those pink lights on? My God, people might get confused and think she loved breast cancer. That she, you know, throws parties in her basement dedicated to how awesome breast cancer is. Whew, it’s a good thing she got those lights on!

NOTE: Yeah, I’m stretching here, but nothing is going on today and I wanted an excuse to post these pictures of Elizabeth Hurley. Desperate situations call for desperate actions! Did I mention I just drank a cup of my own urine? Hydration is the name of the game, my friend.


  1. jack


  2. Lonewolf

    Id hate it to if i had those :P

  3. cate

    she looks damn good for her age!

  4. Binky

    Liz is looking pretty good. What is she 60 ?
    And a glance at the second pic bottom row – looks like she’s been flossing.
    But what’s with that black stuff on the molar near her right cheek ?

  5. big billy

    Hurley has a nice rack (even if he ex dumped her for a sunset blvd prostitute). Speaking of Britany Spears…oh, we weren’t speaking of Britany? WTF! What is the use of this site if we can’t talk about the pop princess/child abuser. Come on, dude. Talk to the paparazzi. Get crack’in!

  6. shit even I know pink is the fight-breast-cancer color

  7. Marshall Banana

    Mmm, shes smokin’ hot!

  8. GoingGoingGone

    Yeah even the ‘roid rage pro baseball players (some of them) use pink bats in games on Mother’s Day.

  9. Binky

    #6 Yeah Jimbo – “Show some Pink” is now PC

  10. jcwbnimble

    Liz, honey. Go out and spend more than $10 on a dress if your going to go in front of the media. I think I saw that fabric on some curtains in the honeymoon suite at the Madonna Inn. It’s so sad when older stars start to lose their fashion sense. Tragic.

  11. Dorito man

    She is looking very good indeed. That’s a lot of woman there, and curves in all the right places..

  12. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    You know what’s hilarious Estee lauder’s products are full of parabens a preserving agent which is incredibly cheap. It’s also incredibly dangerous and is completely illegal in Europe because it is carcinogenic and has been linked to breast cancer. Cosmetic companies know this but they would loose too much money if they changed their products, there are safe alternatives, and some companies refuse to use parabens because you know they have some fucking morals. Anyway parabens come in several forms ethylparaben methylparaben (E214), propylparaben (E216) and butylparaben. Anyway Estee Lauder knows that what is most important is money and women’s health is only inportant if it allows you to market special products like pink breast cancer awareness products.

  13. Werthyopia

    Liz Hurley is in the same category as Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. Attractive, nice boob, will look you right in the eyes as she bite the tip off your cock.

  14. I miss her already

    Come on, do the right thing, Fish. Britney owned this week. Put one of her stories on top for the weekend. We can’t get enough of her. Britney Britney Britney. Hey, here’s an idea to get about 500 comments over the weekend – repost some pictures and call her fat.

  15. veggi

    #12 geez do you ever write something brief and funny??? I hope your cancer is the rapidly growing kind.

  16. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    #14. It’s so true all Fish has to do is call some non morbidly obese girl fat and it’s like some secret signal to all insecure women and they come charging in here by the fat assload and presto 500 comments. It happened on a Mandy Moore post the Jordin Sparks post and oh and on the Tyro post LOL it’s fucking hilarious and sad. I bet he could get a thousand if he showed the most flattering photo of crazy Birtney taken from a great angle and went on and on calling her fat, the combo of the two comment getting subjects would overload this place oh and if he worked in something about god this place would be more overstuffed than J-Lo’s size small panites. CUZ she’s SOOOOOO very very very fat. Okay I’ve put myself out there like a steak at fat camp I’m done lardies come and get me!

  17. ScuttlingCrab

    Age. AGE, damn you, demon bride! She can take extreme close-ups even at 670 years old!

  18. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    #15. A little black humour. If it is I hope it’s fast too no sense in prolonging the inevitable or maybe I’ll be put on some hormone meds that will triple my boob size that would be fun. G cups her I come.

  19. ScuttlingCrab

    I was using “age” as a verb there. Case you didn’t notice.

  20. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    Persian men have the biggest, hairiest rigs. They fill up my bunghole quite nicely thank you very much.

  21. Patty

    I used to live next door to a guy named Harry Rig.

  22. Harry Rig

    That was you? I remember you, you had tiny tits.

  23. Debagger

    I would so lick her asshole, even if it was hairy although I’m sure it’s not.

  24. She looks stunning in pink. Her coloring and hair blends well with that dress and background.

    You can tell by her figure – she really takes care of her body and exercises.

    Not many women can wear fabric that sheer and get away with it

  25. Liz H.

    It most certainly is NOT hairy!!! How dare you!

    Some have said it’s a wee bit…tightly constricted, you might say. When I pass gas, nobody hears a thing, but my friends know because dogs come running…

  26. Debagger

    I would lick it while you were farting honey;)

    Give me a call at 619 RIM-JOBB

  27. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    #20. Wow Veggi I mean troll you are a sore loser. Anyway Greek men have the bigest hairiest penises moron and there’s nothing wrong with taking it up the ass I mean how else would you pass your time when you are not hiding behind people names and how else would I have fun with a broken cootch.

    Well I must go folks have a great weekend. I’m off to have fun with my husband I’m one of those rare girls who like to suck. And veggi try to get laid sometime it will loosen you up a little.

    Well have fun using my name people or wasting time commenting back to me or if you have a life don’t ,that would be impressive, this site is for amusement and there’s nothing worse than a pent up ltittle fucker who can’t laugh at themselves or a loser who spends all night and weekend here. Good night bitches. Get a head start on thanksgiving and get your assholes and pussies stuffed you’ll be a lot fucking happier. Veggie you’ll have to go to a morgue for that but, I’m not sure how morbidly obese people find their own genetalia so good luck and please don’t tell me your a vegetarian that would just be too pathetic.

  28. Sister Sweetly

    Beautiful, elegant, classic beauty.

    And I was talking about Debagger.

    Liz looks pretty good too.

    i love cervix!

  30. Doug McFuck


    ‘Persian men…’?? How fucking old are you? It hasn’t been called Persia for over 70 years.

  31. sharpeidude

    I’d like to hit her “pink”!

  32. Ript1&0

    Water, water, everywhere
    And not a drop to drink

  33. BunnyButt

    Warning: I’m about to say something nice. It’s pretty refreshing to see someone who isn’t trying to look like she’s 20 years younger than she is, which makes her, in my opinion, far more attractive and sexy than if she was botoxed, cut, lifted, collagened and siliconed to the point of looking like a mannequin as so many other celebrities are these days. Liz knows how to dress appropriately for her age and emphasize her positive attributes. She looks confident and comfortable in her own skin … as if (Gasp!) she likes herself as she is. I think that’s a great thing when so many other celebrities are artificially trying to achieve flawless, youthful appearances. Liz isn’t perfect, but she’s pretty damn hot.

    P.S. Why is she holding a bomb detonater in the last two pics?

  34. aja

    Anybody else find it tacky that she is at an event for boob cancer and is flaunting her own droopies?? It’s like flaunting her own goods when alot of women have double mastectomies. It’s a bit cruel and insensitive

    what’s green and has 12 tits?
    a garbage bag at a breast cancer clinic

  35. Igottabemeee

    For all the money I pay for my Superficial subscription I expect more and better entries per day. If Britney wasn’t flashing her snatch so often we’d barely have a website here. Come on Mr. Fish, where is the value for my $299.99 per month. I know that’s the Gold Plan, but I must wonder what the poor Silver Plan members are seeing.

  36. whatever

    My mouth sucking on a woman’s tits is a proven vaccine against breast cancer. No, really. I thought all men had that power, but apparently it’s only me. If you help me get the word out, you’ll be helping to save women all over the planet. Maybe even a woman you love. Your sister, your mom, your wife…your favorite stripper at the nudie bar.

    The Fish should dedicate a page to me and my miraculous ability to suck tit. That way famous women like Ms. Hurley can locate me and take advantage of my life saving, tit sucking powers. I’m happy to help, for a very small fee.

    (Note: some women require a follow up shot of special super strength vaccine in their pussies and/or mouths. I can tell if a woman needs this follow up service, and how often, after a tit sucking session.)

  37. Butho

    BAGHDAD, Oct. 12 — The American military said on Friday that it was vigorously investigating a Thursday evening airstrike on a stronghold of insurgent leaders northwest of Baghdad that also killed nine children and six women.

    Fucking useless Americans. Somebody PLEASE drop a fucking nuke on America and put them out of our misery.

  38. ButhoNeedsDick

    To All Americans: I apologize for my insensitive comment a post ago. I’m just feeling angry because I haven’t had a big dick up my ass in a week.

    Yeah, I said somebody should drop a nuke on America. And you’re probably mad at me for that. But by nuke, I mean big black dick. And by drop on America, I mean shove up my ass so hard my ass rips.

    So forgive me if I speak in anger. I’m really just frustrated because no one wants to fuck me in the ass this weekend, and that makes me sad.

    Your Sad Friend in need of Dick,

  39. jacknasty

    wow she is hot as hell

  40. mark

    Shit, she is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. soy

    overated yAWn
    man hands

  42. marylou

    wtf#34? she is so forehead botoxed
    she ‘s an old bag whore using esteelauder carcogenic makeup

  43. ButhoNeedsDick

    Also I apologize for getting angry over such a low kill total of women and children. I know American soldiers are now aiming directly at the orphanages in Iraq. They’re overflowing with kids because of all the innocent parents you’ve killed. When the American soldiers finally develop some minimal competence, they’ll hit one of these orphanages and have something big to brag about for the first time (as soldiers and as men). Sure, it might take awhile, and in the meantime they’ll still be riding around on “patrols” getting their limbs blown off like total retards, but it’ll all be worth it in the long run.

  44. Butho

    I’m Butho, and I’m so fucking ignorant that I don’t realize if America was as evil as I claim, America would have nuked every mother fucking Muslim nation off the face of the planet on 9/12.

    Intelligent people see that America targets assholes like Saddam and the Taliban Goat Fuckers, while trying to minimize innocent deaths. Where other nations would have probably just killed everyone and sorted it out later. If I knew anything about military history, I would know that in past wars millions of civilians died in conflicts where the armies didn’t care who they killed. I would also know that America spends billions buying weapons designed to minimize unintended damage, and billions more putting troops on the ground to try and rebuild a society that America could have just nuked to hell for a few thousand dollars.

    But I don’t read! Therefore I’m just too fucking stupid to know any of this shit. And stupid fucking people, like me, don’t realize that even if we think the war was a bad decision, we should acknowledge the efforts to which America goes to try and protect human life, where other countries would just kill without concern. I also just can’t understand that while the American military sometimes misses a target and kills innocent people, it also risks its own men to save innocent people from radical Muslims who like to kill in the name of God and then bend over and perform at a donkey show.

    In short, if I had brain cell one, I would realize that war is hell, and cannot be carried out perfectly. And I would also realize that America does more to try and minimize the horror of war than any other nation has ever done in history.

    But I don’t have brain cell one. And one day ass hats like me are going to fuck with a country other than America. A country like China, or Russia. And that country is going to slaughter my people in front of me, even the innocent ones, forcing me to realize just how good America actually was.

    But until then, I’ll keep posting my bullshit in Internet forums.

    Well…until then, or until I find a really nice dildo to shove up my ass. Gotta stretch for my donkey show!

    Good bye, and take care!


  45. Yeah, terrorism sucks. Whatever, I don’t give a fuck. And donkeys suck too. Horse is where it’s at.
    Butho, fucko, don’t know where I’m going with this, suppose it’s the bloody mary. Anywho, I totally hate breast cancer. I have donated like 15,000 bucks so far for a cure or research, or I don’t know, but I donated and there was pink somewhere. Ok I gotta go, my boob has a lump.

  46. Igottabemeee

    How the hell did this happen? Ms. Hurley is obviously evil and causes wars to start. We went from discussing boob cancer to a full-scale military exchange.

  47. TS

    Whoever wrote #46…

    One coud not put it better than that.

    And nukeing the USA would be the worst mistake in the history of mankind. By far. If you don’t believe that, you undoubtedly are the owner of 47 chromosomes. Fucking idiot.

  48. Hey, TS, what are you doing?

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