Elizabeth Taylor Died (1932 – 2011)

March 23rd, 2011 // 135 Comments

Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor died this morning of congestive heart failure at age 79, according to the Associated Press:

“My Mother was an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest, with great passion, humor, and love,” her son, Michael Wilding, said in a statement.
“We know, quite simply, that the world is a better place for Mom having lived in it. Her legacy will never fade, her spirit will always be with us, and her love will live forever in our hearts.”
Wilding and Taylor’s three other children were with her. She is also survived buy 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

May we take comfort in knowing that, statistically, at least one of her eight husbands has to be waiting for her on the other side along with her dear, dear friend Michael Jackson. Oh, how she used to bring him such beautiful children to play with. Fresh-faced and innocent. “Whatever does he do with them all?” she’d whimsically wonder while lighting up a room of passionate activists, like herself, fighting disease and hunger.

Rest in Peace, Elizabeth. Your legacy lives on.

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  1. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
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    What love is that she isn’t all cut like women today – which isn’t bad… fit is nice. But there’s something about a beautiful, soft woman like this. Just so much more…satisfying. Crap, I gave my self a chubby.

  2. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
    Senior Pepe
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    The first time I popped a boner as a wee lad, was when I was watching her in Cleopatra. Thanks for that, Liz and rest in peace….

  3. Urbanspaceman

    She was a goddess and no one else even comes close. Time to watch Cat On A Hot Tin Roof again.

  4. The Critical Crassness

    Liz Taylor will forever be one of a handful of actresses who entered a scene and was instantly the focus. Her presence was commanding no matter what role she was portraying. From her turn in “American Velvet” as a teenager who prepares for the Grand National to “Cleopatra” and beyond, for six decades she stole the show. She was an incomparable beauty in her youth and a staunch advocate in her later years. Her character flaws only serve to prove her humanity.
    Requiem In Paciescat, Elizabeth Taylor!

  5. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
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    My mother taught me if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
    This was a cheap shot. RIP Elizabeth and Michael.

  6. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
    oh i know
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    Oh.My.God. The most beautiful face! Rest in Peace, Liz….

  7. Today Hollywood, in fact the world, has lost one of the truly iconic figures of entertainment history. Elizabeth Taylor was still relevant and still important well after her beauty aged and her body deteriorated. She was classy throughout her public life, which included her private life. She married 8 times to 7 different men, but never once took herself so seriously that she would get mad at someone poking fun of this fact about her life. She once quipped while on the Johnny Carson Show, another icon who married more than his fair share of times, that maybe he could be her #9.

    Despite the tasteless joke above, and the foolish and narrowminded comments about her friendship with Michael Jackson (those making these jokes are showing their lack of maturity and also lack of life experience), MOST of the world will remember those fiery green eyes blazing holes through the hearts of men and women everywhere. They’ll remember the grace she carried herself with, her class and true celebrity, her acting prowess, her wonderous presence, her incredible charity, and above all her ability to live her life on her terms in a time when women weren’t supposed to be as independant and strong willed as she was.

    God’s grace Ms. Taylor. You were one of a kind and there will NEVER be anyone else like you. You will go down in history as one of the most beautiful and captivating women of ANY generation. Celebtards of the modern day take note; Elizabeth Taylor is WHAT a celebrity SHOULD be.

    • Cock Dr

      VERY nice, except that weren’t her eyes violet? It seems important to get that right one last time.

    • wrecked 'em

      Spoken like a true enabler. “I can laugh at myself for being a douchebag, therefore I’m exempt from scrutiny!” Every celebrity tries to pull this bullshit! *cough – Lindsay Lohan – cough – Charlie Sheen – cough – Mel Gibson* They try to sell this crap to the general public, which they think allows them to keep doing scumbag things. All the while they truly believe, they can do whatever they want, and not be held accountable for their actions, because they’re special and the rules don’t apply to them.

      Liz was a home wreckin’ mess who didn’t want to control her behavior(s), because she believed she was special, that the rules didn’t apply to her and that the world should forgive her because she was a celebrity and deemed beautiful. Sounds a lot like most celebrities, doesn’t it? And she was probably close with Jackson because he was one of the few people as fucked up on the inside, as she was. Birds of a feather and all.

      • wrecked ‘em really? REALLY? Home wrecker? She married 7 different men who all knew who she was and what she was yet they CHOSE to marry her. Did some of her mates cheat on their spouses? Probably, but blame the MEN not her. She’s never hidden teh fact that she was a tigress and loved men. Why should she be ashamed or apologize for it? Was she above the scrutiny? Damn right she was, and so I would be as well, even though I’m not a celebrity. How she lived her life was her business, it just happened to unfold and be played out in the public eye. Just because she was a celebrity meant she had to be held to a higher moral standard? Ridiculous.

        How can you compare Liz Taylor’s marital habits with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan? The only crime Liz Taylor ever committed was drug use and even that shouldn’t be a big shocker considering how rampant drug use was and is in Hollywood. Other than that, having sexual Attention Deficite Disorder is not a crime. Being with many different men has never been a crime. Marrying more than once is not a crime. In fact, relatively speaking she led a very good, honest and quiet life for someone who has been in the spotlight for 70 of her 79 years!!!

        Liz Taylor did whatever she wanted to because she didn’t do anything wrong and if she is the example of a person who is fucked in the head then sign me up for insanity because I’d take a life like hers anyday of the week.

      • Karma

        Sounds to me like SOMEBODY’S been cheated on, and has allowed that unfortunate event to define their very essence.

        Either that, or SOMEBODY feels insignificant and unworthy in the skin they were born in.

        You probably don’t go out on too many second dates, do ya. Get over it or get laid, for crying out loud.

      • Deb

        Dante, the men asked her to marry her. SHE chose to marry them.

        If you’re gonna do this, do it right. That’s all I’m saying.

      • Errrr ya what Deb said. They ASKED her to marry them, she CHOSE to. Thanks Deb, I knew I had a point in there somewhere.

  8. michelle martinez

    She use to bring Michael Jackson children to play with? The way this was worded seems awfully wrong especially considering he’s been arrested for molestation.. just saying anyway rest in peace Liz..

  9. Franklin

    Dead pig

  10. I don’t want to be a prick, but are they sure she’s dead? I mean, how can they tell?

    • Cock Dr

      When she passed all gays felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if a billion souls had cried out in anguish, and then went silent.

  11. wrecked 'em

    Death Stars are cool.

  12. MrsEllis

    RIP beautiful lady.

  13. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
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    You are a dick

  14. So incredibly beautiful.
    Rest in peace Liz.

  15. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
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    yikes this third picture looks like lohan..

  16. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
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    A huge piece of old Hollywood glamor died with her. What a stunning woman– seriously, how was her skin so perfect in the days before photoshop? RIP.

    And seriously? The MJ comments? Show some respect and save the trash for someone who deserves it… like um, the rest of Hollywood?

  17. Ritta Aziz



  18. Rob

    Some comments are disrespectful & uncalled for, but that shows the level of some people’s mentality. Elizabeth Taylor was a person who like Princess Diana used her status to help raise money for Aids research & many actors & actresses just dont bother to do anything as they are too busy enjoying their champagne lifestyle. So before having putting anything bad about her at least give her some respect instead of ripping her to bits as its a bit uncalled for & name calling shows how petty people can be that they can give their time to making such nasty comments.

  19. Ray Sist

    She had some awesome tits!

  20. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
    No Airbrushing
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    After seeing this picture, how many will actually say that actresses in the old days were fatter? Her waist was 21″. There is no movie star now with that waist. The supposedly sexy Jessica Alba already has 25″ waist, not to mention without the boobs or round ass that Elizabeth Taylor had.

    • anne

      21? my ass,, probably 24

      • No Airbrushing

        Please stop using your ass to think and type. Google it. It was not rare for famous actresses during that time to have tiny waists.

        It never ceases to amaze me how some people can be so confidently stupid.

  21. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
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    MY gosh,she was a beautiful women,,,,,,,,one of the most beautiful. Today’s stars are all plastic surgery+breast implants,,,+under weight. Miss Taylor was the last Hollywood,star!

  22. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
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    Really nice body!!! Celebrities these days don’t look that good.

  23. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
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    Enough with the MJ jokes!! RIP lovely lady!!

  24. Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.
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    Just because they didn’t have photoshop back then didn’t mean they didn’t have airbrushing. Yes, an actual airbrush complete with an air compressor. That’s how they fixed people’s skin back then.

  25. Skeet Skeet

    Meh. Old bitch was not only friends with a childfucker, she openly defended him. Enjoy your time in hell with MJ hoe.

  26. matti

    Elizabeth did great things for AIDS awareness before it was fashionable. She was an 2 time Oscar winning actress. BUT if she was not born pretty she would not been in a position to achieve either of those things. Which is pretty unfair really. But then life’s unfair so what the fuck huh.

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