Elizabeth Olsen Truly Is The Best Olsen

While Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner had interviews that all went remarkably south, Elizabeth Olsen talked about how much she loves doing nude scenes, so she wins. She won the interviews. Via PEOPLE:

“I remember watching Holy Smoke and thinking that it was so reassuring to see a young Kate [Winslet] doing something that was so bold in so many ways. I thought to myself, ‘OK, so it doesn’t destroy your career if you appear nude or take risks,’ because not everyone in my family and group of friends thought it was the best idea to be naked in a movie,” she explains. “There are actresses, young and old, who have decided never to do that and they become those examples people talk to you about . . . [But] there are times when I like to do it. You want that voyeuristic quality, but I never feel I have to be nude — and you won’t ever see me in a beauty shot in a bikini on a beach. That’s a character I will never play.”

She also says her sisters are an inspiration which is amazing because their former castmates can’t wait to point out that they only need one of them for the Full House reunion and can barely mask how much they hate them. Via Hollywood Life:

“It doesn’t matter how much money they get paid. They don’t care,” Lori [Loughlin] said, quickly brushing off questions about the Olsens’ involvement, but eventually softening up and adding, “I think everyone would love it and it would be really nice.”
However, when host Kit Hoover pointed out, “You only need one of them,” Lori was quick to excitedly agree. “You only need one of them. She’s right! You only need one.”

Of course, the Olsen Twins could easily make this all better if they just told everybody why they killed Heath Ledger. We just want to know why. No cops.

Photos: FameFlynet, Getty