Elizabeth Olsen Banged Alexander Skarsgard

February 29th, 2012 // 31 Comments

“At first I said no, but a couple minutes into him having sex with me anyway, it became YES.”

If there’s ever any doubt about the smooth, penetrate anything and everything in sight skills of Alexander Skarsgard, according to Page Six, he apparently strolled right into the Independent Spirit Awards and banged Elizabeth Olsen without having to groin-box her older, homelier Muppet sisters first. And how do I know that for a fact? He’s alive.

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  1. “It’s always been tough being the sibling of rich sisters who were the sum of two eggs fertilized at the same time,” she said. Of course, nobody knew what she meant so she fucked a Skarsgard.

  2. lucky bitch. Hopefully she got a cock shot, I’d love to see full frontal of him. I’d even be willing to pray for a cock shot of him (although I’d probably burst into flames).

  3. Smapdi

    I hope she called up her sisters on speakerphone during the sex and yelled out “Whose got a full house now, midget bitches!”.

  4. God is Black

    “At first I said no, but a couple minutes into him having sex with me anyway, it became YES.” Is there a thing called consensual RAPE?

    • zing

      apparently recently in turkey a dude raped a girl, but he got away with it because the girl didn’t scream and therefore the sex was dubbed to have been “consensual”.
      so yes in turkey apparently this term exists.
      we live in a fucked up world.

    • F

      good thing i wasn’t the only one who noticed that-that’s rape dear,it’s not funny. ever.

  5. jen

    Ok, the references to rape really aren’t funny anymore.

  6. mo

    this is ridiculous and offensive to all involved. the “quote” legitimizes the idea that its not rape if the guy is hot. i hate these type of blogs and don’t generally view let alone comment on it, but when i saw this tweeted in my feed i had to comment. bot because i care who alexander skarsgard has sex with, but because i care about victims of sexual assault.

  7. finally

    Now post some more pictures of Skarsgard.

  8. Bidingmytime

    I would fuck Skarsgard to be able to fuck Olsen but not fuck Olsen to get to fuck Skarsgard.

  9. Elizabeth Olsen Film Independent Spirit Awards
    Jon Hex
    Commented on this photo:

    This is how everyone thought Mary Kate and Ashley would turn out. You know, before they stopped growing at 12.

  10. Girl

    If a girl says no and there is a couple of minutes of sex after that, it is called rape. Wtf is up with Fish and the ongoing hostility toward women? This website used to be funny, used to focus on all celebs equally. Now it just reads like the diary of some pyscho who hates women (and it really doesn’t matter if the writers are male or femaile; still bought into the rage). Time to “research” the writers and give them a taste of the law. Stop promoting violence against women, even the insidious bs like this post. Reported this one too.

    • Yes, but “Chris Brown can beat me and steal my phone any day of the week!” is perfectly acceptable. Where’s your righteous indignation on that delightful subject?

      • MyRightOne

        ^This. Why not take your outrage and set it where it belongs, directly at the feet of that douche Bonesworth. She’s the asshat who gushed about what an amazing “rapist” her co-star was. I’m a woman and I get that. Fish and photoboy have been bowing down to the phenomenon you might as well go ahead and dub The Skarsgard Effect, complete with accompanying soundtrack. The only thing missing here are the occasional exploding panties. I’m sure if they could figure out a way to add it to Skarsgard’s posts, they would. Like Willie Dixon said up there, it’s ridiculous to have to explain the joke, but here we are. This is paying homage to the mojo.

    • Jonas Grumby

      “Reported this one too” – reported it to who? Your sewing circle? Your Joe Jonas poster? The old couple who sells you granola at the local farmer’s market? By all means, do tell us who is going to give this site “a taste of the law”. Oh, you can’t? That’s because you are so full of crap you have to comb your hair with toilet paper. Why is anyone buying into this troll nonsense?

  11. Elizabeth Olsen Film Independent Spirit Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Who? and who?

  12. herbiefrog

    …isn’t she pretty : ))

  13. Courage the Cowardly Bear

    jesus christ people. STFU! Rape Jokes AND Holocaust jokes CAN be funny. Stop taking the world so seriously. Everything is offensive. Racism is offensive, sexism is offensive political favor is offensive. Joke about it, laugh or not, move the fuck on. Prudes.

  14. Jimmy

    the hot olsen, well done

  15. Shutter Speed

    Let’s be honest with each other, this will be fun. How many girls tell you their “rape” story and you sit there thinking “wow that wasn’t rape?” now be honest.

  16. Ariel

    Lol muppet

  17. forrest

    it is still ruthless in america for young girls.
    ………..SO BE WARNED!!

  18. Elizabeth Olsen Film Independent Spirit Awards
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    Lovely girl, and a pretty decent actress. For the fellas out there, she has no problem with nudity and showed her tatas in the movie Martha Marcy May Marlene.

  19. Damn You Skarsgard!!!

    Lucky Bastard!!!

  20. Elizabeth Olsen Film Independent Spirit Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    She is so pretty. Her sisters must be spewing buckets.

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