Elizabeth Hurley is a Great Wife

Giving hope that eventually women who marry for money will get bored and want to have sex with dirt-poor regular Joes again – *adjusts tie*Elizabeth Hurley either cheated on her insanely rich husband and left him, or started banging a married cricket player immediately following the separation. E! News reports:

Following a News of the World report alleging an affair between Elizabeth Hurley and cricketer Shane Warne, the 45-year-old Method star announced on Twitter Sunday that she and her husband Arun Nayar have separated.
“Not a great day. For the record, my husband Arun & I separated a few months ago,” Hurley wrote on her Twitter page. “Our close family & friends were aware of this.”
The tabloid report included pictures and video of Hurley and Warne kissing, and alleged that the pair spent the night together last week at London’s Bentley Hotel.

Of course, isn’t that always the excuse? “Oh, we were already separated but just didn’t tell anybody, sign any papers or have a conversation that existed outside of my head because I was too busy getting spanked with a cricket bat.” On that note, I really need to learn how to play gay European sports because apparently that’s where the action is. *picks up soccer ball* Ah, here we go.

Photos: Splash News