Did Jesse Spano Just Say Showgirls?

Jesse Spano used to be ashamed of starring in Showgirls, but now Jesse Spano is no longer ashamed of starring in Showgirls, and wants everyone to know how happy she is about Showgirls. (I’m not even trying because you know the entire point of this post already.) Via Instagram:

Such a special full circle moment tonight at a very special screening for 4,000 #showgirls fans!#hollywoodforever When it first came out years ago, the sweetness of a premiere eluded me since it had been met with such disdain and controversy. Amazing how life works in mysterious ways. Thank you for the love you showed me tonight…I’m #grateful it has served you as your guilty pleasure and as your anthem to go after your dreams. Thank you for writing a new chapter to this story….🙏🙌💃

“EYES OPEN, VAGINAS WARBLING, CAN’T LOSE!” is how I would’ve ended that, but Jesse Spano is a warbler not a writer. For such is her calling in her life. Her hypnotic, warbling purpose…

Jesse Spano Warbling Vagina

*shakes head* It was Friday when I started this post. How far did I leap? Who’s the president?!

Photos: AndraViak/AKM-GSI, Getty