Eliza Dushku poses for Complex

September 23rd, 2009 // 111 Comments

Eliza Dushku poses for the October/November 2009 Issue of Complex, and I’m sure there’s some sort of interview to go along with these pics that I’m not going to bother to read. You see, I’ve learned a valuable lesson from Megan Fox these past few weeks. One that made me realize, it’s time to stop listening to what women have to say instead of staring directly at their chest. And people thought I couldn’t grow as a person. I just grew all over your face.

Photos: Complex

  1. doggydogz

    thin with a little bit of a belly. still very nice.

  2. killerabbit

    “Women what have to say?” Really, Fish? I’m available if you’re looking to hire a proofreader.

  3. Hobbit

    Midget bowling material

  4. Crabby Old Guy

    John Phillips reportedly is “interested”.

    Just sayin’.

  5. person with eyes

    Not being funny but on the photo on the main page (denim top?)
    she SERIOUSLY seriously, not only looks like a child. .. she looks like a BABY.

    It is so freaking me out. Please no-one find that sexy.

    She must have some weird ass body. Oh god it’s disgusting

  6. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I am thinking very naughty things looking at these pictures.

  7. Parker

    I want to douche Dusku’s pooper with my weiner of love.

  8. Nameless

    She is fun to stare at…but her heading bobbing acting and Dollhouse sucks so much ass.

  9. blame it on ROUGH DADDY

    Dear mom:

    I saw an attractive girl on the Superficial today, but nothing to write home about.

    see you at x-mas love ROUGHERS

  10. This looks like a myspace 17 year old pics to pick up dateline pervs. Gross.

  11. This looks like a myspace 17 year old pics to pick up dateline pervs. Gross.

  12. whodey

    #9 I agree with you on both parts but I still watch the DollHouse to see what she is going to wear next :awsm:

  13. dystopia

    Well, she’s got the “dead in the eyes” look down.

  14. Count Dushku

    Is Complex some sort of magazine?

  15. JADE

    I swear she looks preggers in the first pic. I know she isn’t but it looks like it to me.

  16. She’s beautiful and has nice legs. Her upper body is a bit young looking though. I liked her in Bring It On =)

  17. Kangaroo

    Her head is too big. She looks like a taffy apple.

  18. She looks like (a) a baby, (b) an old MySpace come-on, or (c) a taffy apple. I go with (c), and all that it implies.

  19. lils

    Erm… she looks awfull, i’ve seen better pics of her around.

  20. Amy

    This is new and original. Actresses rarely do this.

  21. pstone

    why does it look like she’s posing in the photographer’s grandmother’s house?

  22. Martina

    She’s good looking , and has a nice ass, but most pictures off here are overly airbrushed.

  23. She is just too smoking…dang. I might have to start watching Dollhouse…

  24. me

    lmao she does look like a baby.. why is that ?? The creepy pot belly ?

  25. abby

    #22 yeah, we had that couch on our porch in 1985

  26. Rod

    she can show as much tit n ass that she wants, but she’ll never let us forget about her clinging to a harrier wing and crying for daddy Arnold’s help in True Lies

  27. Max Planck

    (Yawn)…anyone want to go for some dim sum?

  28. they've arrived....

    Why does she look strangely like an alien….a huge head and face and tiny body?

    plus, to the dude taking the picture….we can see you in the mirror.

    and btw, you should really clean up your dresser before you crawl around on it.

  29. the camera man’s reflection in pic 6… what a vision

  30. j_bryon

    Why is it I liked how she looked in “True Lies” better than now? I am sick for that?

  31. aja

    droopy eyed egomaniac with the ‘ douche’ in her last name…


    This girl has had so much plastic surgery it isn’t funny. Go look up her older pictures.

    AND…. anorexic MUCH!?!?!

  33. EuroNeckPain

    These are terrible pictures. Amateur work. seriously.

  34. ala

    pic 8…her veiny hands…did she crawl out of a crypt?

  35. Star

    She’s really beautiful but I agree that the photographer seems amature. What is it with some of these magazines and their terrile pictures? The person who said they look like myspace pics got it just right.

  36. Jeremiah

    Remember everyone, the economy is bad, so they can’t pay to hire someone who knows what they are doing.

  37. HOOTERS!

    Ummm she needs to start working out instead of just starving herself :( That will get rid of that “Starving 3rd-World Child” belly n give her some ABS! :D Yay!

  38. HOOTERS!

    Ummm she needs to start working out instead of just starving herself :( That will get rid of that “Starving 3rd-World Child” belly n give her some ABS! :D Yay!

  39. trueone

    what ever happened the the girl from bring it on. I love it. cool other stories on http://www.pop-pie.com

    check it out.


  40. See Alice

    These odd looking pictures do no justice for this good looking women .

  41. whats going on here

    Her head is too big for her body and why does she have a gut?
    @ #14, I totally agree.

  42. WOWWWWWW WHAT Terrrrriblleeeee pictures, id be EMbaressed to be seen posing for this dumbass, and COME ON a FLASH in the MIRROR of the photographer???????? WTF!!! i take better pictures with a self timer in the closet.

  43. Danny Randy

    Eliza is so much hotter then these pictures show… Half the reason I watched Buffy. They must have copy/pasted her head an done a poor job of it because it looks GINORMOUS in these pictures- doesn’t look like that anywhere else!
    What a crap photographer!

  44. Rick Fox

    Dat’s mah ho!

  45. del

    ‘ew hideous … I’m just sayin

  46. Jackson

    It looks to me like the photographer used a wide angle lens..does not do her justice at all…that would explain why her head looks larger than it should be.

  47. wt

    the photographer is miko lim
    he does fashion photography for all the big names
    personally I like this style of photography – point and shoot with a flash

    It ‘s the same thing that terry richardson does, and everyone loves him

  48. blame it on ROUGH DADDY

    Chick is plain stop blaming the photographer…

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