Elisha Cuthbert’s ex Sean Avery kicked off NHL team

December 14th, 2008 // 47 Comments

After receiving a six-game suspension for publicly calling Elisha Cuthbert “sloppy seconds,” Sean Avery is now officially kicked off the Dallas Stars, according to ESPN:

“All parties said there is a clear understanding that a return to the Stars is not in the best interest of either the hockey club or Avery,” the team said in a news release.
Details of his departure still must be worked out. He could be traded, sent to the minors or bought out next summer. The club said it will work with Avery to try making this an amicable divorce.
However, there’s no telling when Avery will even be ready to play again. He is at an undisclosed location seeking treatment through a program set up by the NHL players association. When he was suspended, Avery told the Stars he needed help dealing with anger issues.

Damn. Apparently, Elisha Cuthbert has some crazy pull over the NHL – or maybe her vagina does, eh? High five!

UPDATE: I’ve just been kicked out of the NHL. Great. Now how am I supposed to shoot a winning slap shot and gain the lusty approval of a lonely Sarah Palin whose husband is away on business because he doesn’t appreciate her new jugs? Curse you, Cuthbert, you dream killer!

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  1. Mar

    Who cares?

  2. T

    apparently I look like her

  3. Assban

    Welcome to the land of the free, please keep you opinions to yourself as we don’t want people thinking the USA has free speech, do we now!

  4. woofwoof

    sorry for you #2. you look like a fat, ugly, cheap, ho version of miss piggy then?

    he should have been kicked out for carousing with a slut.

  5. Someone

    He was free to say it just like the team was free to fire him for it. Freedom of speech has nothing do with the a private company and it’s employees, or were you too stupid to realize that?

  6. No1 sucks

    1.. Obviously you care or you wouldn’t of bothered taking your precious time to write something.

  7. Truth Serum

    So # 2 you have Cup Holder Dick Rest on your Chin too….niiiiiiicccce!

  8. val

    I bet she screws one of the bosses too

  9. Vince Lombardi

    Sloppy ninths!!!

  10. Sport

    pretty girl.

  11. Venom

    Apparently she is sleeping with the commissioner also.
    This is way over the top for what he did.
    The rest of the players needs to back him.

  12. excuse me im on nhl viewer, but would mark messier be let go if hed made the same comment?

  13. I’d hate to see what they’d do to him if he’d called her a c*nt. Probably take him out and shoot him.

  14. Groucho

    God forbid someone would use bad language to hurt someone. They should do it the NHL way and beat the shit out of them. Maybe if he had been smart and sent her to the hospital with a concussion he would have only have gotten a 2 game suspension.

  15. dew

    I live in the land that makes national news the few times it snows here, so I have NO idea what’s up with NHL. But maybe this guy is a pain to work with, or used to be good but became injured, and the owner was looking for any reason to dump him, no matter how silly.

    Sure, what he said was tacky, but certainly not enough to think he’d lose a job over, especially when that job is being a hockey player.

  16. Cash

    A hockey player… with anger issues? Get the fuck outta town!!

  17. mazdalover

    im hotter than her and megan fox

  18. ianconner

    That is the most bullshit thing i have ever seen the nhl do

  19. ManiacFive

    I’m with #15, theres gotta be more at work here than simply refering to an ex as sloppy seconds. I would place money on there being more to this than refering to an ex in a schoolyard fashion.

    Seriously, sloppy seconds. OH NOES! It would appear that the entire NHL is 15 and emo, and found that slur hurtful. Which considering the action on ice I find unlikely.

  20. cody

    19- yeah he has had a history of verbal assaults on people. including racial slurs though it couldnt be proved. this isnt the first time something has happened.

    unfortunatly avery could NOT be sent to the minors because dallas doesnt have a team of their own right now, but the manitoba moose are the primary recipients of dallas’ players who are in the minors, and manitoba certainly doesnt want him.

    a buyout isnt going to happen since they’ll have to pay out 2/3 of his contract over double the length of the term (4 years).

    my guess, (if he isnt traded, but who would want him) is that avery will sit out most of the rest of the year. then next year when dallas gets their own AHL team, he will probably play the rest of his contract there until he smartens up.

  21. Mister Veryze

    Here’s the news friends-ALL hockey players are dummies. Except for maybe the Great One.

  22. um…. who cares
    he’s scary and she’s insignificant

  23. Binky

    # 21 – you forgot Kenny Dryden

  24. Schmuz

    That’s fantastic. Glad he Stars don’t want him…. since he plays for the NY Rangers, dickbreaths.

  25. I’m sure when money or women are involved this ASSHOLE will even “TRICK” his parents, folks!!
    …………………HANG HIM!!

  26. Stiles

    DAMN, Sean Avery just got BOARD CHECKED by Elisha Cuthbert’s vagina! And no ordinary board check–a blooper one where he rolls ass-over-head over the wall. Congratulations, Elisha Cuthbert’s vagina. You are a formidable adversary. But can you skate?

  27. GG1000

    Here you people go again with the “free speech” crap. The right to free speech means the government cannot impinge on your right to express yourself (except they hate it when you cuss and will try and stop you from doing it in some public forums). It does not mean that people who’ve hired you can’t fire you if say something stupid. If the FBI came and arrested him for saying that, it would be a violation of his right to free speech.

    OK, that said, this is really really stupid. It’s fine when he runs somebody down on skates and bashes them with a piece of wood, but he is getting treatment for “anger issues” because he made a tacky comment about an ex-girlfriend? Hockey’s a bizarre sport.

  28. friendlyfires

    If you got a manly penis that can choke a horse, shakes hands and stirs martinis, you,too, can ride the swimming pool known as Elizabeth Cuthbert’s Vagina. I know I have. Before Sean Avery. Nanner, nanner, nanner!

  29. jzz

    look at that fucking man-chin on her!!

  30. @ #21 – Get over your infatuation with media whore Wayne Gretzky. Have you ever heard him speak without a prepared text? And I’m wondering about the move from Edmonton to LA for the sake of Janet’s ent-biz career. They made the move. When does the second part happen?

  31. Tiny Tim

    He’s a freckled son of a bitch, isn’t he.

  32. Tiny Tim

    He’s a freckled son of a bitch, isn’t he.

  33. Tiny Tim

    Damn the double post monster to hell!

  34. mmmBitch

    Elisha cuthbert is a hound. By the way, Elisha is also a MANS name, and she looka like a man. Can’t act and has no career other than fucking hockey players.
    Good for her though, they make a good buck….

  35. mamadadaist

    Fucking ridiculous, I wouldn’t think you would get that bad of treatment for saying something so silly. I love how instead of privately reprimanding him they keep reporting the story over and over ensuring everybody knows Elisha is sloppy seconds.

  36. kitty_kat

    I know absolutely nothing about hockey, but this is fishy to me. I agree with previous posters. He must be a serious asshole. This whole thing with Elisha is just the final straw.

  37. Mike

    So, if you make comments about your ex you get thrown off the team, but if you consistently beat each other up on the field, that’s okay? What a stupid game.

  38. Dr.

    Good riddance. I hope no one picks this piece of trash up off the ground.

    He even makes fun of people recovering/dealing with cancer (Blake from the Maple Leafs) when he’s not being a racist. CL_Ass act buddy.

  39. el ces

    This is dumb.
    But fuck hockey anyway.

  40. db

    im glad that he got kicked off the team, avery has been a piece of shit throughout his entire career. ALL of his former teams have publicly bashed him, he is the most hated player in the league (according to a poll of all players), he tries to start fights with players who are not big fighters and anytime a goon tires to fight him he runs away like a little girl, he just isnt a very good of a hockey player either. avery, please kill yourself or rot away on the bench or in the minors like a good little vogue reading, talentless, bitchy faggot.

  41. Chauncey Gardner

    Dude looks like a Nazi.

  42. The lesson here: Never, EVER fuck with French-Canadians. There’s a reason their kind has managed to hold onto a piece of North America for so long. Choose your battles wisely, never come up against one of them. You will regret it for a lifetime. Trust.

  43. Vince Lombardi

    First off, Avery is a goon and not Mark Messier, so there’s no comparison. Talent will get you wiggle room in any line of work, however.

    No, you can’t say whatever you want in America. You can’t work at Target and tell everyone Wal-Mart has cheaper prices, or you’ll be filing for unemployment. You can’t work in the NFL and publicly criticize the officiating, even though your point may be valid, or you’ll be fined. You can’t go play for the Yankees and wear Manny Ramirez dreads – they have a grooming code. The NHL is a private industry, so, yes, the Dallas Stars can choose its image and penalize those who violate said image.

    Jaromir Jagr has an interesting take on this:


    Jagr says that if Avery wasn’t in Calgary, that he wouldn’t have said it. He thinks Avery was just trying to piss off the Flames and get into their heads.

    Oh, well. Had this not been about Elisha Cuthbert, this wouldn’t even have been news.


    Did Elisha Cuthbert suddenly turn freckly and bald.

  45. PUCK YOU

    He’s NOT in treatment even Isaiah Washington said that he never went for treatment after calling his colleague a sick slur it was made up to appease the public. NOW Freedom of speech does not include slander, hate speech and verbal abuse. I do still find it shocking since most hockey players have likely said way worse things about their exes so t’s like get off your soap boxes wife beaters. I would be fine with this if the NHL had a real moral code and gave bertuzzi the same treatment, but since bertuzzi is skating today on fully functioning legs after what he did (and showed very mediocre remorse for) it just seems ridiculous to punish the guy so harshly for saying something that most of us would agree with, no you shouldn’t talk about a woman like that, but she has a track record that screams little hollywood slut, I myself have called her worse (but behind closed doors). I have no doubt she’s a bitch just ask Justin Timberlake and his manager Trace Alaya who she was engaged to (she is supposedly the inspiration for the song “what goes around”) and she cheated on him. I guess this was just the last straw and since it was premeditated or seems so and he went out of his way to get this comment out there it does deserve a reaction, but I just don’t like the double standard of the NHL you’d think Elisha’s daddy was the head of it or something with al this fuss. I mean this incident gets so much press and such a harsh punishment and tons of worse shit gets a little slap on the wrist if even. It’s almost a weird kind of bizarre sexism like “don’t say that about a wittle woman she can’t handle that”. Most women would just laugh at an ex who is so hung up on them that he would throw such thinly veiled jealous insults at them. I guess hockey guys are the type that will break your face for looking at their girl even if you were actually trying to look at the clock behind her fat head. it just seems a little extreme but again it’s a cumalitive thing I guess and they are fed up with his ‘tude. It’s like getting al capone on tax evation it’s not about the specific crime they finally get him on it’s the kind of person he is and all the awful shit he’d=s done and they fiinally found a good opportunity to get him. Sometimes the simple stuff is easier to punish and get people on, like OJ and his burglary.

    Oh well all I know I would be fucked if I was a public figure I’d be out on day one after punching all the bitches at the view insulting bush, plain and McSame with the worst array of verbal abuse you’ve ever heard and then strangling Chris Angel by his man necklaces and i’m just a wittle woman. I MNewna I am jkoking but I know I just could not control myself forever eventualy I’d say something and my career would be gone, fame is not worth the price I’ll take freedom any day over being the property of the public and the media.

    P.S. my keyboard is fucked so my spelling may suck I refuse to edit my posts when they are just for fun.

  46. Here you all “free speech” then go with crap. Free speech means the right to express myself government (except they would cuss and hate it when you try and stop you from doing anything in public forums) can not intrude on the right. Not mean that those who do not fire you might say something stupid hired. If the FBI came and saying that it violated his free speech rights would be arrested for.

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