Elisha Cuthbert is like heaven in a bikini – with boobs, and did I mention a bikini?

May 8th, 2008 // 112 Comments

Elisha Cuthbert continues her Hawaiian vacation with her boyfriend Guy I Hate Because He’s Not Me. As I’ve learned from you, astute readers, Elisha is Canadian. Does that mean she’s ineligible for the Congressional Medal of Honor? Because I’m pretty sure she deserves one, if not two. In fact, because I’m a patriot, I’d be willing to pin them on her chest. It’d be a laborious task, without question, but one I’d treat with honor and respect because dammit, do I love them stars and stripes. And, also, boobs. Don’t forget boobs.

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  1. Jean Baptiste


    hot! sizzling!

  2. Taja

    she is SO hot.

  3. mimi

    Praying for Amy!


  4. stevey

    Thats deon phaneuf from the calgary flames of the NHL

  5. Randal

    Talk about a looker who takes care of herself instead of stuffing her face with fast food while driving a pickup truck on her way to see some crazy preacher.

    Elisha looks so much better now that we know she’s a Canadian instead of an American.


  6. ganemede

    Uhh, is that guy Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar Galactica?

  7. kazanski

    Takes Care of Herself??? Look at the back of her legs! unless she has been taking slap shots to the back of the leg that is what we call in america a mess. I would rather look and a hot chick I have never heard of than some chick with the legs of hillary clinton.

  8. Steph

    Playing hockey/living in Calgary sure does make you pastey…

    She sure is the puck-bunny isn’t she?

  9. bliss

    OMG i have that bathing suit too! its from victoria’s secret!

  10. monkeyfightclub

    she’s had a rough 1-2 weeks it seems.

  11. Chris

    Heaven? Did anyone see the cellulite on her ass?

  12. hmm

    apart from not knowing who the hell she is, i dont think she’s actually that hot. breast are medium-small, she’s not fat but not toned at all and it’s probably a gift from up above she’s wearing those big sun glasses.. maybe mr. superficial’s eyes just haven’t recovered from all that recent winehouse business yet?

  13. Racer X

    Again, I’ll be in my masturbatorium.

    /that is all

  14. xxxxx


  15. Miss her on 24

    People who complain about the slightest imperfections apparently believe that the pictures they see in skin mags and Maxim are not re-touched. Idiots.

    Elisha is delicious. Pure femaley goodness.

    And I bet she would be a fantastic lay, unlike that stuck up and overrated Jessica Alba.

  16. Flavio

    very hot, sure, but no Kate Hudson

  17. argus

    “Uhh, is that guy Tahmoh Penikett from Battlestar Galactica?”

    There’s a guy in the pictures?

  18. me

    Damn that running shot….her body is so lean. I would like to cut a piece of tenderloin of that body and sizzle it up.

  19. Triflin

    That tummy is DEFINITELY worth writing back home about….
    …and worth leaving a warm puddle of liquid pearl on it as well. YUM

  20. Sasha

    She’s become a butterface. I have a friend who looks just like her.

    And that bathing suit is on sale at Victoria’s Secret right now, if anyone cares.

  21. Handcock

    definitely a butterface, but like many girls shes pretty with make upp. shes still so damn bangin’

  22. Porker

    She has a pork face. So overrated.

    Also, way to date someone three times her body mass! Since she is still breathing, I’m assuming she is always on top.

  23. eyes motherfucker

    what **BOOBS** are u fukcing talking about? Notice the difference between the bikini tops? One pair has padding giving the illusion, the other doesn’t AND revealing those shapely but not really above-the-ave size breasts.

  24. Anyone

    Anyone not recognizing this is a gorgeous, young blonde is a self loathing hetero.

  25. bosendorfer

    fundamentally attractive figure albeit seemingly dwarf-like; weight will be an issue for this young lady who’s only 25; hair looks unnatural; looks a BIT like emile hirsch in drag — just horrified myself. i did enjoy her perkiness from previous bikini shots.

  26. rwtrfgfs

    I guess she’s a puck bunny

  27. boosh

    Umm… don’t you mean “Guy I Hate Because I’m Not Him”? I’m sure you’d much rather be him than have him be you. If he’s you, you might then be… who knows?… perhaps a paparazzo getting hit on by Amy Winehouse. But if you’re him, who cares where he winds up? He might as well be you. What’s it matter to you? You’re him!

  28. Mimi

    She’s ok, not that hot though, I’ve seen much htoter girls on every beach in he country. Decent body, nothing spectacular

  29. nathan felicetti

    Dion Phaneuf is the ugliest person almost ever…..like come on go for something a little more in your league ms cuthbert…courtesy of mike ah young

  30. ali

    it looks like andy warhol but with a women’s body in a bikini

  31. Speedy Ed

    You know what I like about her? No pierced navel.

  32. nadine

    not only is she canadian, but she’s from good ol’ montreal, and went to my friend’s school. it’s nice to know that a chick like that can be french canadian.

  33. God

    GOD DAMN LOOK AT THEM BOOBIES! If that is not evidence for God I don’t know what is

  34. And in other news -
    Not that I’ve seen the show – but I would like state to all women world-wide – on behalf of men everywhere –
    Look – we’re not all as dumb as ‘Eric’.
    I promise.

  35. ph7

    Saddlebags in a major way.

    Hair that looks like straw.


    Verdict: DO NOT WANT

  36. kit

    What the hell are you talking aboot? Her legs are short and stumpy. And, she has hooker/porn star hair. Lay off the back bacon and syrup you Canadian cow.

  37. kit

    What the hell are you talking aboot? Her legs are short fat and stumpy. And, she has hooker/porn star hair. Lay off the back bacon and syrup you Canadian cow.

  38. Dan

    Not pictured: smoker’s breath. And the peroxide has got to go.

    Complaints aside, *schwing*

  39. TREE

    Dion Phaneuf! She’s such a puckbunny.

  40. Rick

    Pudgy thighs, fallen ass (at such a young age! geez!). Sure, I’d hit it, but only because I’m a horndog, not because she’s any hotter than what you’d see on any beach this summer.

  41. shanana

    The girl looks good to the Phfish because we and he are so used to looking at these anorexic or waffled bimbos you normally see on this site. I think she’s cute — hell, I used to look nearly that good. *sighs heavily*

  42. Bobby

    What happened to this girl? I remember her being so hot, now she makes me worry that at 30 she is going to be the next Kirstie Alley.

  43. Tool

    I don’t know dudes. In that second to last picture she kinds of looks like my grandpa.

  44. vitobonespur

    I think she is a doll. No, she’s not perfect. But who the fuck is? Certainly not YOU!

  45. kati

    EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH HAS SOME CELLULITE. it is physically unavoidable to be COMPLETELY cellulite free if you weigh over 100 lbs. it’s just a fact. so shut the hell up. she looks fabulous.

  46. Who is this chick? Never heard of her. How about instead of presuming we all know what she does use a qualifier and call her “actress Elisha Cuthbert ” or “singer Elisha Cuthbert” or “high priced callgirl Elisha Cuthbert” or whatever the hell she does. She’s got ass flaps BTW.

    PS: But Da Man would hit it two times it’s time to step up to this!

  47. Spazz

    She looks great. It’s funny reading all the drivel from you pre-teens who have never been with a women not in a magazine. This is what real women look like in real life.

  48. dude

    lol fuck dat bitch i bet she likes teh cock

  49. Those are great pictures and so many!!

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