Elisha Cuthbert uses body doubles

January 30th, 2009 // 44 Comments

Sad news, everybody. Elisha Cuthbert uses body doubles for her nude scenes. Although, I shouldn’t judge, I use one in the bedroom. (Ladies?) Seen here posing for the latest issue of Complex, Elisha talks about picking out naked chicks that best exemplify her body of work:

You don’t do nudity but instead employ body doubles. What’s the process in selecting someone?
Elisha Cuthbert: I’ve only had to do it twice. To be honest, it was really quick and pretty basic. I saw three girls and chose one out of the three. It wasn’t a long, drawn-out process. It’s not looking for someone [with] the perfect breasts. Nothing to do with that, really. I think it’s trying to find someone that looks natural, someone that looks good.
You mean someone who acts natural in front of a camera or someone, y’know, natural?
Elisha Cuthbert: You never see their face, right?

Anyone else imagining Elisha Cuthbert examining three topless girls’ breasts? Uh, yeah, me neither. I was just sitting here thinking about how much I love to marry and respect women first before getting intimate. Which, obviously, explains why I have no pants on. A ha ha ha don’t look at me.

Thanks to Joe who once doubled for Hugh Jackman – until the cops showed up.

Photos: Complex

  1. havoc

    This is more like it….


  2. WTF, She needs to be naked..

  3. AteIsEnough

    I’ll never look at her the same.

  4. Jo

    3rd! a big mehhhh at this

  5. Sam

    “To be honest, it was really quick and pretty basic.”

    Lie. First of all, when somebody says “to be honest” the next part is always a lie. And second, she’s at least half lesbian, so the evaluations were slow and very wet.

  6. anthonyOA

    So that wasn’t her riding that midget in Girl Next Door?

  7. P911GT10C

    I am shocked and appalled!

  8. Andy

    I’m glad she uses body doubles. She peaked very early and crashed hard.

  9. I wonder if Jack bauer knows about this..?

  10. Andrea

    She should do the nude scenes herself and hire brain doubles for the rest of her waking life.

  11. Jrz

    I’m sorry, and just who is this?

    Hello Rich.

  12. Jack Bauer

    I knew the pubic hair looked wrong.

  13. hmm

    So obviously she’s not pregnant, but then why is her face so puff when it didn’t used to be? Who says (investigative) journalism is dead?

  14. if you’re going to be in a movie that requires nude scenes, just do it! they get paid enough already


  15. azzman

    still she is in my top 5

  16. Hola Jrz.

    This chick is the NHL’s mattress.

  17. Rossco

    I imagine most people don’t know she uses body doubles for the nude scenes, so what the hell is the difference between having a double and actually doing them herself then? Answer: she must have something hideous going on under there.
    Besides, if she thinks she’ll actually be more respected as an actress and a human being for not being nude, then she’s basically saying she doesn’t respect whoever is being her nude body double. Snobbish much?

  18. I LOVED her in Girl Next Door! So cute!

  19. Sean Avery

    Sloppy seconds, anyone?

  20. Ben

    I’m in the industry (yeah yeah go fuck yourself) and the word is, she was one of those sudden-puberty chicks who ended up with tons of stretchmarks on her hips and ass, without being fat. Same deal but not quite as bad on her boobs. You can always try to cover it all up with makeup or try to fix it afterward, but a body double is much simpler. Plus then the actress gets to claim virtue, which the general public buys (while we’re laughing).

  21. lola

    I can respect that. Not as much as if she chose roles that didn’t involve nudity in the first place.. but work is work. She probably feels that her body is something sacred to save for a partner and not for the whole world to see. Just knowing that my parents would watch it would cause me to do the same.

  22. Austin

    I don’t respect that. I respect sophisticated women who don’t mind getting COMPLETELY naked in a movie, like Kate Winslet and Nicole Kidman. Kate gets TOTALLY naked in ALMOST EVERY movie she’s in and everyone still respects her. That’s the way the world should be.

  23. SATAN

    when did she get tits like that?

  24. Kink

    Well, I’m not the world’s most physical guy,
    But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine,
    Oh my, Lola, Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lola.
    Well, I’m not dumb but I can’t understand,
    Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man.
    Oh my, Lola, Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lola, Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lola.

    …anyway, lola, if this girl thinks her body is sacred then church services are held round the clock and everybody’s welcome.

  25. Body doubles?? She’s never “appeared” naked in any movie I know of. So she gets a body double when they just want to show some non-nude skin? That’s plain retarded.

    I think she was tired of only being in the news ’cause NHL players pass her around like a joint at a Grateful Dead concert so she figured she needed to come out and act all virtuous.

  26. Cash

    Why do people think she is so hot? She has the face of a downs syndrome kid, and the body of, well, pretty much every other reasonably attractive woman I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing striking or remarkable about her, and now we find out she’s a prude and a faker, so whats the deal?

  27. Peter North

    I fucked her a few times back in the day. She has smallish tits and uses a push up bra. She needs an ass bleaching too. She’s got reddish brown skin all around her asshole. No big deal. She gives good head though. I gave her a nice teabag and rewarded her with about a dozen prime choice shots of tube-steak sauce all over her face.

  28. Damn, that sucks. Totally ruins my mental image of her in the Girl Next Door. Oh well, she’s still attractive.

  29. yuck

    This doesn’t suprise me at all in a bikini she’s a little dumpy looking. Funny thing is she picks some hot body double she thinks looks like her naked when in reality the body double is ten times hotter except because life is cruel she has a butt ugly face (all boody doubles do, if they had hot faces they’d be models or actors). Life is cruel. All celbrities pick body doubles who are way htter than they are bodywise yet they are SO delusional they think yeah I look like that. Jessica Simpson probably looks at a barbie doll and goes “oh my god this doll has the exact same dody as me and the same plastic hair!” And Russel Crow probably walks by a picture of the david and goes “yeah we’re twins”. The celebrity ego knows no limits.

    Why did she admit to this, she should have kept her yap shut and the doubles must have to sighn confidentiality agreements. You gotta keep that Hollywood illusion alive. Sadly up close they’re almost all nasty.

  30. Guest


    She used to be on PMK! Popular Mechanics for Kids…
    she got to experience all this amazing stuff
    and travel the world, and she ends up being
    a fucking D-list actress!?!?!?!

  31. JoeJam2845

    f she used Body Doubles for “girl next door” I’m gonna shit!

  32. sushi

    She’s a disgusting fuckpig. Never did understand why anyone thought she was hot. Her candid photos show that this bitch only looks good if the developer has a Ph.D in photoshop.

    (hopefully this is a nightmare, folks!)

  34. friendlyfires

    Word up: she uses no double in the bedroom – she has the appetite of an animal – do they make female Viagra, ‘cos I think she fell into the vat at Pfizer and didn’t come up for twenty minutes.

  35. mmd

    well duh, thats the answer
    of course she uses body doubles
    shes just like every other star

  36. Mexican Master Race

    Who wants to see her stumpy body anyways? Viva La Raza

  37. A face double might be prudent as well.

  38. Pathetic Worm


  39. I have never heard about her but she looks beautiful and talented..I would like to know more about her……

  40. mike

    I saw her up close fuck she was a huge disappointment, celebrities look nothing like they do on screen and after tons of photo shopping.

    I can honestly say I see prettier women in the street.

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  42. I actually like it and I respect people who make such decisions. She is an actress and if she doesn’t want to act naked, I fully understand it.

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