Elisha Cuthbert still in a Bikini

May 11th, 2010 // 82 Comments


EDIT: Anyone else thinks Brooke looks better after yesterday? Uh, yeah, me either. I hate penises. *stares longingly*

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Eva

    You can’t really see her in these pics but she looks alright. Far far from fat.

  2. Not even recognize her if she had not said. Her blond hair is way too often seems very nice. In particular, the girl next door, Hot Damn his body was beautiful!

  3. bitch

    CHANGE THE TITLE!! this is brock (brooke) not elisha!!!!!!

  4. Jon

    It’s not Elisha or Brooke Hogan, it’s Ke$$$$$ha.

  5. Jen

    Nah, It’s far to say that Elisha has gotten chunky. She did used to be slimmer, and if she used to play up the part of being hot (The Girl Next Door, anyone?) she should stick with it or she’ll get burned. The press are fickle, as is everyone.

    It’s just like when Kendra Wilkinson put on baby weight and didn’t lose it instantly – everyone called her fat, since her entire job is to look slim and be sexy.

    I feel kinda bad for Brooke Hogan though, she’s not THAT bad, at least it looks like she tries to stay in shape. She’s just got a BIG physique. Elisha is just doughy.

  6. Nina

    come on, these 2 aren t fat, pic 4 proves that brooke s not fat at all, she just don t have ass cheeks and have a MAN Physique…. Many women are like that… and who care s if she have a man physique, she s hulk hogan s daughter ! and she s rich and she can go to whatever beach she want to ! Unlike us, nobodies, we just sit our asses in our momma’s bassement critizing people we don t even know and never be closer to ! Let s all get a life and focus on important issues/people !

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  8. captain america


  9. bmose

    1st pic looks like she’s queefing.

  10. They are pretty hot compared to a regular woman out there.

  11. Marcus

    When does her sex tape come out?

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