Elisha Cuthbert still in a Bikini

May 11th, 2010 // 82 Comments


EDIT: Anyone else thinks Brooke looks better after yesterday? Uh, yeah, me either. I hate penises. *stares longingly*

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Que

    Que fine b yo.

  2. ha

    Well played!!!!

  3. Ted

    If Elisha “looks great” for a pudgy pasty girl who used to be hot, then Brooke looks awesome for a former man.

  4. immune

    brooke hogan looks better in a bikini than elisha cuthbert. what is this world coming to? time to storm mcdonald’s and burn that mother down!!!

  5. I was going to say…that’s Brooke Hogan lol. I could tell by her mouth in the main pic!

  6. fritboom

    Holy plumper.

  7. Neorules2112

    I would Bang That Pig BROTHER !!!

  8. bitch PLEASE

    Those are some thick manly looking bitches..

  9. ed

    Speaking of comparisons, Britney Spears is about the same size (fattiness?) as Elisha Cuthbert, but if you post pictures of her in a bikini all the “she looks normal!” types will turn catty and call her a pig. Under all the b.s. psychobabble about body image, the truth is that women use body image to fight with (or support) each other. It’s a weapon, not a real issue, and it doesn’t involve men. Well, straight men, at least.

  10. Harold^Sick

    More like Elisha Whalebert.

  11. Hulk Hogan


  12. Hulk Hogan


  13. der der der


    goddamn. are you in 10th grade or something?

  14. Charlie

    Elisha is a lot better looking, but both are doable

  15. Charlie

    both are very doable and very hot

  16. Cate

    The good news for Elisha is that an Emmy-award winning actress spoke out in support of her, denouncing the unfairness of all the current criticism of her body. The bad news is that it was Kirstie Alley.

  17. Laila

    is anyone else creeped out that hulk’s new wife/girlfriend/whatever is a complete clone of his daughter? they are pretty much indistinguishable. and both revolting.

  18. Elisha C.

    “Elisha is a lot better looking, but both are doable”

    Oh THANK GOD!!!! Internet Charlie says I’m doable!!!!

  19. very cool woman

  20. anon

    i can’t believe that i am going to say this…but brooke looks better. body, face, and that slut hair suites her more and looks more natural.

  21. Ahab

    “Thar she blows”!

  22. Parker

    I like the picture of her ass because that is the only part of a woman that I really care about but honestly I am not latent or wierd (somehow). (?)
    *passes a storm clould of methane and then chuckles unto self*

  23. my life on the Rough list

    Mrs cuthbert? I hear you’ve been receiving Gerard Depardieux’s scripts in error, is it true?

  24. dianne

    ALERT You must have let this one slip by….The name was BURT HOGAN….please correct this horrible mistake!!

  25. Jen

    #9, Ed, yes, we do! i didnt realize that. but you are correct!

  26. vc

    Dude. People… this is (thank goodness) NOT Elisha.

  27. Tek

    Was this supposed to be funny…? *Kanye shrug*

  28. HackSaw

    I ‘d hit it.

  29. Harold^Sick

    @13 9th, actually, so I’ll take that as a compliment!

  30. Rachel

    “*Kanye shrug*” ???

    why not just say *shifts sand in mangina”

  31. i think she looks great, i would take her anyday over some scrawny bitch with zero curves…she looks dope

  32. Jay

    Is that Hulk’s girlfriend in the thong? I’d take a stab at that ass for sure!

  33. Brooke Hoedown

  34. uhm… not really a brooke fan.

  35. Deacon Jones


    You’re about 3 years late on that one, toots.

  36. Danklin24

    I refuse to believe this is Elisha Cuthbert. It looks more like Brooke Hogan.

  37. Danklin24

    oh whoops.. i should read first. my bad

  38. uhhh

    that is Brooke. You can see Hulk Hogan in the background. durhhhh

  39. That isn’t Elisha Cuthbert. Doesn’t look anything like her.

  40. Kung Fu Panda

    I’m starting to believe The Superficial is a gay. Really? Elisha Cuthbert, a pretty and deliciously plump chick who has big boobs now, looks like Brook Hogan, the Trankenstein? Cuthbert’s been hot since I was 10 years old watching Popular Mechanics for Kids.

  41. sickboy

    IS that a piece of cauliflower that just fell out of her pants?

  42. Valentina

    Hulk Hogan looks positively ridiculous in a bikini!

  43. godsmack38

    god damn bar.

  44. puck

    they both look sloppy…

  45. puck


  46. Paloma

    None of the girls mentioned or pictured in this article are fat and anybody who says they are are either gay and hate themselves because they don’t have a vagina or they are chicks that hate themselves so much that they have to put others down just to feel better about themselves. If you’re offended by this then you are one of “them” and you need to seek psychological help. If you don’t realize that now give it about 5-10 years and you will realize the ugly truth about yourself. If you don’t realize it then you are just destined for stupidity for all eternity.

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