Elisha Cuthbert should never wear red lipstick – ever

November 6th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Elisha Cuthbert was spotted at Hyde last night in Los Angeles. What the hell happened to her? Didn’t she used to be hot? She almost looks like Courtney Love. And yeah, I know that’s harsh, but if you made Elisha Cuthbert go on a four day heroin binge, kept her from bathing, and then hit her with a car, she’d basically be Courtney Love’s clone. Maybe a tad less beat-up. And more fragrant. And did I mention smarter? Like Einstein smarter.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. MC

    pshh she doesn’t look that bad..

  2. Feckless

    How many guys here would throw her out of bed because of that red lipstick?

  3. RENEE Z...

    Oh come on, she’s still really pretty; not as sexy as she used to be, but still a really pretty girl. And the red lipstick doesn’t look the greatest, but it looks better on her than Christina Aguelira and her constant red lips. Courtney Love?! Come on now!!!

  4. looks good to me

    actually i think she looks good.

  5. She can leave a red ring around my dick anyday………..

    I know that doesn’t sound right but I was talking blowjob, nevermind……..

  6. Sledman

    Yeah, she looks hot. I guess your just not a fan of Elisha.

  7. Donkey Ass

    You are retarded. She looks great. Post of picture of your dumbass looking self.

  8. Hernia

    I think the red lipstick looks good, it’s her hair that is the problem. It looks like she forgot to brush it.

  9. Looks good to me.

    With some nice DSLs.

  10. juls

    mehh she doesn’t look that badd

  11. PunkA

    I am no fan of bright red lipstick. She could look better for sure. But she still is poke worthy.

  12. KC

    Honey! The gay retard got out and he’s posting to the Superficial again.

  13. DA

    Those red lips would sure look good going up and down around my hard cock.

  14. Riotboy

    That shade of lipstick doesn’t make her look bad at all, yo.

  15. Clem

    She looks phookin luvly!

  16. I don’t see any problems with her. I am sure Mike would like to drink her douche water

  17. Mike

    She looks awesomely hot. I love red lips on a pale face.

  18. That’s the color of my pussy lips when Jimbo’s done. He’s a little…rough…

  19. Mike

    She looks more like Faith Hill than Courtney Love, if you have to compare to singers. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

  20. #20, I was wondering where my cute little snuggly troll was. Hugs and kisses.

    This message brought to you by Sinus Buster. The capsaicin pepper nasal spray.

  21. Erica

    She still looks gorgeous to me. To be fair I can’t even tell the difference.

  22. Emmyem

    She looks so pretty. What the Hell is the Superficial Imposter up to now?
    He’s like the Hamburgler or something. Only….not.
    She’s really pretty. And comparing her to COURTNEY LOVE? Something is terribly wrong here.

  23. sportsdvl

    #2, you are even more lame than those idiots who call “first” because you weren’t even 1st when you did it. LOL – retard!

  24. Jane

    I think she looks great.

  25. More like the color of her ripped up butthole

  26. em

    post a picture of yourself, i want to see what you look like.

  27. usbek

    And you would not like some of that red lipstick on your…………..?

  28. Donna

    i think she looks beautiful

  29. aja

    When did red lipstick become the devil? Besides…that’s ridiculous, she’s a beautiful girl…would need worse than red lipstick to look bad. seriously what a stupid and non-sensical post….MISSED AGAIN, SUPERFISH… FAIL

  30. RandomUglyPoster

    #7 & #15 are sooo right, thats prime bj lipstick.

  31. KamUK

    God you are short of material today! The girl looks very pretty, fine. Hasn’t Britney just eaten a baby? Hasn’t Victoria Beckham eaten a sammich? There must be better more shocking news than this.

  32. scooby

    i don’t know, she looks fine as ever to me. nice to see her all grown up.

  33. BishOP

    Personal opinion, I think very few women can pull off that color lipstick honestly. With the total lack of skin pigmentation she just comes off looking like a cheap, no talent Canadian whore who likes being nailed in the bung while covered in Canadian maple syrup and bacon.


  34. jacknasty

    she is so pretty, but she should lay off the bleach. way hotter in House of Wax

  35. Ript1&0

    Now SHE is beautiful!!! I love the lipstick!! Rock it girl!!

  36. alwaysclassy

    You’re blind. She looks pretty much AMAZING! And just because someone wears red lipstick doesn’t mean that they resemble Courtney Love. If worn correctly and the right shade (aka Ms. Cuthbert) then it can be absolutely stunning. Actually this is the best I’ve seen her look in a while.. Gorgeous!

  37. isitin

    She is Canadian, all Canadians are beautiful. And you know what, she is very beautiful.

  38. Joe Fonebone

    Who does this site??!! We get a shed load of Amy Whinehoarse looking like a skank and only four of Elisha* looking unbelievably do-able with a write-up that says she looks awful. Whoever it is that does this site needs a white cane I swear…..

    *First name terms there you’ll notice.

  39. Reet

    She’s hot. I don’t know what you are talking about.

  40. Rob

    damn brotha, yous gay…..gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, she’s one fine white woman i’d like to stick my ethic meat in….lipstick looks hot on her!

  41. tonycatman

    Scrutinize the picture as I might, I struggle to think in what way she doesn’t look hot.

    At a push, I think she could grow her eyebrows a bit, wear fewer clothes to show off that fine body. Dunno. She is still a 10.

  42. LaDrones

    Her tits are bulbous.

  43. JrsyGrl

    Are you kidding? She’s gorgeous.

  44. It’s a BIG mistake with alot of celebs. They simply want to look more “beautifull” than they realy are. I think they have the feeling that alot of make up is the answer to their “problem”. Well, let me tell you this: LESS IS MORE!!

  45. AmeriCanadian

    I think she looks beautiful! Better than she usually looks, if you ask me. Her skin is gorgeous and glowing and no amount of makeup can make you look like you have good skin iffin ya don’t. She is wearing a lot of makeup but so what, I would, too.

    Courtney Love?!?! What kind of GLUE are ya smoking, dude?

  46. CaptainX

    She looks hot! I think you have a touch of the gay.

  47. Ledward

    not that it’s really necessary at this point, but I’m gonna go ahead and concur with everybody else. For a second I looked at the ‘headlining’ picture and was like wtf, but then I looked at the other pictures and i think she looks gorgeous in the other pics! you guys just picked the one that happens to have some bad lighting or something. i mean, sure, she’s looked better, but she still looks fantastic. come on!

  48. I’m with the crowd on this one. Fish, I think you’re blending teams. Not switching, per se, just… blending…

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