Elisha Cuthbert in a Bikini

May 10th, 2010 // 248 Comments

Here’s Elisha Cuthbert in Mexico over the weekend and let’s not beat around the bush here, someone’s put on a little weight. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to address it because it’s a sensitive subject that can lead to unhealthy body issues, but my penis wants you to know he knows he needs to drop a few pounds. It’s been a rough few weeks for him personally, but he’s ready to get back in shape and appreciates your concern. Now stare at the dough girl.

EDIT: These are Frank Frazetta drawings aren’t they? Now I’m embarrassed.

Photos: Splash News

  1. internetter

    Slightly overweight or not, she still gives me raging erections and I wouldn’t hesitate to eat out her asshole.

  2. joho777

    Yum, yum! What a beautiful woman!

    I get so tired of those anorexic skeletons who diet themselves to skin and bone for the photographers.

    This one looks like a real live woman for a change.

    Who cares about those poor masterbating boys who only know women by photographs? Let them try to get a real girlfriend, then they can complain if they want because Elisha isn’t “perfect.” But they won’t bother if they have some pussy of their own.

  3. Nero

    For a better perspective,im missing here the all-fours posings.

  4. rican

    It’s the Pillsbury doughgirl!!!

  5. Deacon Jones


    Oh shut up you obnoxious dyke. I’ve fucked plenty of women in my day and it’s my god given right to say something.

    Other than the witty commentary, most guys come here because this is the closest we can get to bikinis and the ocassional nip slip on the internet at work. For whatever fucking reason, my corporate firewall doesnt block this site. But god forbid I click on an SI photo shoot.

  6. Dosadi

    She looks like she belongs in a Frazetta painting…and that is a good thing.

  7. jane

    Recently I found a hot club — T a l l h u b . c o m — just for tall girls and guys to find their romance. Come on, tall singles. Don’t miss your love.

  8. Asshole

    I’d hit it, but I’m not attracted to it. I would totally treat her like shit afterword until she got the fuck out. There’s nothing wrong with banging a pig, but no guy actually wants a pig for a girlfriend.

    Put the fork down fatty!

  9. Geez

    Yeah, how DARE she gain some weight and look healthy…

    For fuck’s sake, she’s a NORMAL weight. Much better than some paperclip with tits.

  10. bob

    Very few women look like fitness trainers. When women get into their late 20′s, early 30′s they start to gain a few pounds. That’s normal. I think she looks great. As for the few noticeable pounds on her thighs. So what? I bet they’re very soft.

    A lot of criticism comes from guys who probably don’t look awesome themselves and don’t soak and rinse their own ball sacks.

  11. Fat Chicks Suck

    She looks horrible. I love how she lets herself go like all of the other typical Americans and all of these people are complementing her. I’ve obviously seen people in MUCH worse shape but she used to be pretty damn hot and now she’s completely out of shape. How the hell is that a good thing?

  12. Fat Chicks Suck

    Also – why are there are so many idiots on this site that think obtaining a fit body via a healthy diet and exercise is so horrible? Are people REALLY so lazy that they would rather pretend this out-of-shape sack of average has an ideal body? She’s clearly covered with excess body fat.

  13. Madonna's Old Ass

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, Elisha looks GOOD!
    I think she looks MUCH better with some weight on.

    I’d lose 30 lbs of bodily fluid in less than 24 hours nailing that around the clock.

  14. Phil

    She looks great for a mother of two.

    Of course, for a single actress in her 20s, she looks pudgy and beat.

  15. Dougie Prescott

    Bloody hell – she looks HOT – like a real woman

  16. Pete

    She’s hot as f*ck and if any of you morons who dispute that were lucky enough to sleep with a woman half as hot as she is you’d likely sh*t your pants

  17. ctti

    People who say that she looks fat in these pictures aren’t necessarily supporters of stick women who have eating disorders. She DOES look fat &, if I’m not wrong, that’s a lot of cellulite on those thighs. She’d do well to lose the fat & pay regular visits to the weight room – would make her look a hell of a lot better than she does now & definitely a lot better than if she were to go on some stupid crash diet & starve herself to the bone.

    Balance & tone, people.

  18. Elisha looks unemployed.

  19. Andy

    She’s an actress with fat thighs and a beer gut. So, to all you rocket scientists: that’s not a good thing.

  20. Charlie

    she is yummy

  21. Charlie

    she is hot and andy is not

  22. Laila

    Oh, please. SHE IS HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! I Didn’t weight that much when I was 8 months pregnant! (And I didn’t have ANY of that bulgy fat, either). She let herself go, plain and simple. Don’t try to call that bs “healthy”- she’s not healthy. She couldn’t take a flight of stairs without getting winded.

  23. Laila


    anyone who calls her healthy has a pretty distorted sense of physicality.

  24. Dr. Phil

    “she is hot and andy is not”

    Charlie loves him some sticky-salty, that’s for sure.

  25. Daisy

    This is like that one scene in “Never Back Down” when John was trying to find his shoes and they ended up being in the cupboard…

  26. Duke Nukem

    108 – If you think BMI is an accurate measure of whether you’re in shape or not, I hate to disappoint you. It’s just an easy/lazy method for doctors to have some sort of reference point to measure people, but it’s not a good method. For instance, almost every guy who is muscular and works out would have a high BMI because of the muscle mass. They would be considered “overweight.” Same with some fit women.

    A better measure is your body fat %. But the reason it isn’t used as often as BMI is because it’s harder to measure, even though it’s a much better indicator of health.

  27. Jon

    130 – It’s not a health issue NOW. But every year she is like this it becomes a health issue. Into her late 20′s and 30′s and especially afterwards. It becomes harder and harder to have energy and to feel good about yourself. It DOES become a health issue as you become older. Every kilogram you are overweight increases chances of all the diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Other then the curves, there are no positives.. only downsides. You need to try and stay slim while you are young, when you are more energetic when it’s easier.

    176 – EXACTLY. It’s bodyfat percentage that is everything. A certain amount is healthy. Having too little is bad. Having too much is bad. I also think that too much or too little looks bad as well, but the health is the main thing. A healthy person has energy and enjoys life everyday more. A lethergic overweight person is grumpy and feels bad about themselves. That’s not attractive.

  28. udkcoco

    Eeehhhh. Idc what anyone else says real women healthy bodys bullshit, I’d rather have tight curves than dough mountains. You can have curves and be toned. And yes, these ARE thunder thighs. Work out or you’ll never get another job. Flabby ‘healthy’ girls don’t work in hollywood, unless being cast as the token fat friend. The end. Your body is what gets you work-other girls want it more and enough that they’ll do w.e. This is an actress not the clerk at 7/11. There are different standards.

  29. LC

    Definitely not fat, but needs to shape up and firm up a little at the gym. If she started working out again, she’d be perfect within 2 mos. She should def not diet, just work out.

  30. bubba

    any woman that can pull off a two piece bikini and have people argue over wheather or not she is chubby or fat is def hot. i aggree with the person that posted saying any straight.. hell even some gay dudes that wouldnt want to have sex with this girl are just frickin lying..period.shes beautiful AND has a hot body, rockin rack, and the extra weight gives her this really sexy cut line on her bikini.
    i’d destroy that hehe.

  31. tony romo

    nice tummy, perfect for put on a can on cold beer.

  32. greggo

    She gained the extra weight gracefully. Still well within the fuckable BMI range.

  33. Sally

    Whoa people!!! This is absurd! This girl looks amazing to me – after all – she is in a STRING BIKINI! How many of you can pull that off ? (or for the males – an equivalent small bottom) You MUST realize the first photo (or main one on the link) she is standing in an unflattering position, a bit slouched over, her legs at a weird angle. Also let’s not overlook the obvious FACT that when you stand in water in the sun you get all kinds of terrible reflections that make your skin look like cellulite. (This has been used countless times in tabloid features with names like “Look who has cellulite!”) Never-mind the FACT that this girl is CLEARLY in a healthy weight range. And I don’t mean – let’s look like a supermodel/actress with no flaws (even though all models and actresses are routinely photo-shopped, made-up, lighted properly) with perfectly toned (ie: sprayed on) body. The goal of a healthy weight to reduce the risk of disease. The weight this girl is at is NOT associated with increased disease risk – she is active, running around in the water and looks happy and healthy! In reality, many actresses and models are underweight and at much higher risk or disease, infection or other health related problems. I have worked with eating disorders in the past – and I am absolutely SHOCKED at some of the comments on this site and saddened that these detrimental attitudes continue. (Especially from the blogger on this site)

  34. therush

    Yeah she’s gross for putting on a few pounds. I mean, she still has curves in all the right places and her boobs got bigger. That’s awful.

  35. f this

    @75 Really dude? Stamina and body type do not go hand in hand. There are skinny women who can’t run more than twenty feet without getting winded as well as “flabby” women who run half marathons.

  36. alexa

    how can you call THAT healthy?? you people are crazy she definetly needs to lose some weight

  37. cc

    I like the seal act more.

  38. Mr. Nice Guy

    I call it very Healthy, and sexy!

  39. Drundel

    Some of you people never see the gym do you?

    Yes, she has let herself go, she is soft and gooy. She needs some P90X for sure to tone back up.

    Your thighs aren’t supposed to touch.

  40. Tek

    @95 (yeah I know I’m late, but what the hell I got shit to do)

    LOL – I didn’t expect anyone to admit that I was right on my bet. It was merely an observation. A truthful one nonetheless. And for what it’s worth I did say that she’s gained weight (rather obvious) and nowhere in my previous comment did I say that she looks better now than she did before. So that pretty much speaks for itself. I did say that she didn’t look BAD though (meaning she’s not as hot as she used to be but I’d still hit it, and the fact that you were quick to say that it wasn’t relevant if you’d hit it or not tells me that you think the same.)

  41. naughychimp@hotmail.com

    She looks excellent – just no longer like a super-slim teen but a healthy adult woman. She’s still smaller than the average American woman – still smaller than I am, and probably than most of you.

  42. etc

    @176: I never said that bmi is an accurate measure of healthy. I never once used the word healthy, in fact. I did use words like thin and fat however. And with not much muscular tone, bmi is quite accurate. And this woman clearly doesn’t have much muscle going on. She is clearly not a bodybuilder or athlete as a matter of fact. For most normal people, who eat and exercise in a balanced way, bmi is quite ok. And bmi is also way easier to estimate than body fat. Not the ultimate argument, OF COURSE, but there is no such thing as ultimate argument. You can be underweight and get diabetes, as your organs/veins are suffocating. You can have normal cholesterol and generally a good health, even if overweight (non-muscle). So, just a matter of simple conversation, over here, we cannot actually know what this woman’s state of health is, but we can comment whether we find her attractive at this weight or not. Anyone who throws the “healthy” card around, is plain delusional. Or an idiot. So, i’ll stick to my point, thank you very much. ;)

  43. alex

    dont see anything wrong here, she looks pretty normal to me

  44. biggly

    75 –

    Sorry moron, but aerobic fitness and fat aren’t always inversely proportional.

    fact = I’m fat, but I can run 4 miles straight just fine. Do it a few times a week.
    Still fat though.

    So don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    That being said, she looks a little big. But probably still in a healthy weight range. Most stick models are underweight, not normal and probably not healthy.

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  46. Keillyn

    Right, so I’m a bad person, but she looks hot to me. I’m not a black man, as is apparently the assumption of most people who think she looks hot…? I’m a white lesbian. And yeah, while she’s a bit heavier than me, I can’t look at her and go “awww, you poor girl. You used to be hot!”

    It’s more like…

    “Okay, so I really need to stop looking at these pictures. Except that I don’t.”

  47. fugs-r-us

    are ya blind ?
    she has PERFECT proportions ..
    let’s see the short=legged..thick waisted .. pumpkin heads stand next to her ..
    just so’s i can chuckle a bit …

  48. cc

    Keillyn, I think she looks a bit heavy, but if you and Alisha want to get together sometime and be jointly tormented by my tongue, let me know.

  49. Nick

    are you people blind? Elisha has really packed on the pounds and that’s not healthy, there is nothing wrong with curves but she is simply not fit. after a couple of kids is one thing but she is an actress who doesn’t go to the gym, she’s killing her career.

  50. stevo

    she’s FAT.

    really FAT.



    Jessica Simpson FAT.

    She’s not fit.

    That’s not healthy.

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