Elisha Cuthbert in a Bikini

May 10th, 2010 // 248 Comments

Here’s Elisha Cuthbert in Mexico over the weekend and let’s not beat around the bush here, someone’s put on a little weight. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to address it because it’s a sensitive subject that can lead to unhealthy body issues, but my penis wants you to know he knows he needs to drop a few pounds. It’s been a rough few weeks for him personally, but he’s ready to get back in shape and appreciates your concern. Now stare at the dough girl.

EDIT: These are Frank Frazetta drawings aren’t they? Now I’m embarrassed.

Photos: Splash News

  1. whatthe


  2. Vic

    She looks fucking awesome. She’s hot as shit and sexbomb. If you look at a picture of her and think to yourself, eh, she looks fat, that’s because you have a tiny penis and like to have your ass fucked. Elisha Cuthbert is a toy for men, not boys. A 100 hockey players can’t be wrong.

  3. And I’m the man to do it.

  4. whatthe

    I hate it when people call a figure like that “healthy”. Being doughy and untoned is not healthy. It means you need to exercise and that you consume more calories than you actually need.

  5. 108Dragons

    Dude, I’d hit it. She looks BETTER.

  6. Pat C.

    I thought she looked much better in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR than she does now. But she’s still not bad.

  7. James

    @ 49

    Kathleen, I’d bet anything you’re a fat slob that loves the fact that this ‘movie star’ is also a tub. So then you can sign your facebook account with ‘I’m like Elisha Cuthbert, a real curvy woman xoxo!’

    when in reality you still will have to go to the club with a bunch of gay dudes, because men don’t want to stare at rolls when they are bangin’ hoes.

  8. mfbinc


  9. James

    @ 52

    Vic, she was getting rocked by hockey players when she was thin and hot, now she’ll have to settle for field hockey dykes.

  10. turd da third

    Ewwwwwwwww, quick, get the belt sander out..

  11. Jammy

    Any one with eyes can see that she’s put on weight, that being said at least some of it went to her boobs unlike thunder thighs Beyonce who is fat with no tits, and i don’t understand how anyone can say Kim Kardashian looks good and Elisha looks fat when they look to weigh about the same.

  12. bob

    The extra weight is very flattering. Her ass needed some more boom. In fact, she could still do with a few more pounds on each glute. Definitely nicer though. she looks like a grown woman.

  13. Bootilicious

    Oh heck yeah, that’s hot.

  14. Etc.

    I agree she looks sexy and referring to her as a dough girl is just petty.

  15. bob

    #54 I hate it when people call a figure like that “healthy”. Being doughy and untoned is not healthy. It means you need to exercise and that you consume more calories than you actually need

    Wow. That was so hot. Who wants a toned woman? A woman should have soft, pliant, unfirm muscles. A woman’s butt should be soft like 2 waterbags. It should feel like she couldn’t do one squat or one pushup. When your hips thrust into them, you should see a wave of jiggle go across their body. Even at that, chicks outlive us anyway.

  16. Everlost

    I find it interesting that you say you enjoyed Frank Franzetta’s artwork and the way the women look in his paintings, and then the next post make fun of a woman who has the exact same body shape as the women he drew.

  17. thejames1982

    her legs look like a freshly opened package up uncooked pillsbury biscuits…i wouldn’t say she’s totally fuckin fat but definitely way too damn chubby compared to her old, way hotter self.

  18. thejames1982

    her legs look like a freshly opened package of uncooked pillsbury biscuits…i wouldn’t say she’s totally fuckin fat but definitely way too damn chubby compared to her old, way hotter self.

  19. Jenny B.

    whoever thinks this girl is overweight needs to F Off. Seriously, she is still tiny. Time to research more interesting posts.

  20. BennyfromThames

    Ok, she may have gained little extra weight, but if any straight guy wants to tell me he really wouldn’t wreck it I’m gonna call him a fucking liar! An don’t give us that “I see better looking chicks at the mall, school, etc… bullshit. If that was the case then you wouldn’t have time to post on this site you would be tapping the plethora of model quality ass that seems to have gathered around your local malls.

  21. Welcome to America

    You must have a gay dick.

  22. Hannibal King

    Benny, you’re assuming people that visit this site are good enough to get said “model quality ass” at the mall, school, etc.

  23. she looks sexy as hell, i love curves

  24. Okay for the ones saying she’s hot, could you please point me where’s the hot part … I seem blind

  25. Duke Nukem


    You people saying she ISN”T fat need your heads examined. Maybe on Planet Fatassia she is normal, but here on Earth that’s not a healthy weight. If you can’t run more than 1/4 mile without falling over from exhaustion, you’re fat. If your thighs look like a tube of unbaked dough, you’re fat.

    That said, she’s not beyond repair. Maybe lose 20 lbs and she’s back to good.

  26. Duke Nukem

    Let’s be honest. She went downhill. She’s still hot, but she’s hot in the way that you think to yourself, “yeah, I’ll work on her and get her to lose 20-30lbs and then she’ll be smoking hot again.”

    Quit confusing “curves” with “lard” people. She had big boobs before too, but her legs didn’t look like tubes of dough.

  27. Carly Herst

    This is what a real womanly figure looks like. Get over it, you asshole.

  28. Jack Mehoff

    She sure has packed on the pounds and I think she dropped a load in her bikini. I would still hit it.

  29. alisa

    the only reason you all aren’t calling her fat is cause her waist is still relatively small….. cover her waist and she’s FAT…. still cute but looked wayyy better before. i’m not one to talk crap about girls who have extra weight on them but you all praising her is just dumb

  30. Sara

    nice to see she has some cottage cheese I mean cellulite..

  31. anon

    bah. she looks alright. first i saw her thighs and thought ‘woah, she’s HUGE.’ then i looked at her stomach…and its not that bad…and i looked and her boobs and thought she still looked pretty good. and then her arms and back changed that…but then her ass looks decent. and her fat is not all lumpy so, all in all, her body is still pretty good. it IS meaty…she’s not fat.

    its her goddam face, skankass hair, and shitty attitude that have always turned me off. i always just saw ‘low rent hooker version of miss piggy.’ now that seems more appropriate them before.


  32. AnnaDraconida

    Oh, that’s the ice cream, burgers & being a lazy bitch diet she’s on. Works like a charm. It’s quite popular. Requires ZERO willpower or willingness to maintain sex appeal & stay healthy.

  33. Mr. Nice Guy

    This is the body of a women who is a GREAT Fuck. Works for me.

  34. Bootilicious

    @74 All of her is hot. I wouldn’t change a darn thing on her.

  35. my life on the ROUGH list

    Would I approach her looking like this? NO…Buts she is absolutely eff-able, even though she is 24 pounds away from a gut butt…

  36. matt

    I might be able to get her now

  37. Tek

    I’m betting that most of the guys here are either virgins or just don’t get laid often BECAUSE of their shallow views on what’s ‘hot’, yet they act like they only bang supermodels.

    As for Elisha, I’ve always liked her and yeah she looks like she’s put on about 10 lbs, but she doesn’t look bad IMO. She’s like 5’2 and even when she was thinner she had an hour glass shape with big shapely legs… so it looks like most of the weight accentuates her curves that much more now. No need to be alarmed though cuz she could lose that in a couple of weeks. Like someone else said, it’s not like she’s gone Kelly Clarkson. She needs to do something about that hair, though…

  38. Rasputins Liver


    Oh God NO!


    Bitch’s got fucking cottage cheese from waist to ankles. Gross!


    And that washed out palor, bleach blonde hair just makes her look like she’s been inside watching Oprah too much.


    Who the hell is the next door neighbor trailer park denizen?


  39. Phildo

    Well…that’s disappointing.

  40. bar room hero

    She looks good, i like em short and not too skinny.

    I’d shag it. twice.

  41. HackSaw

    I’d pound it sideways.

  42. mad

    she’s not toned enough…
    looked way hotter before…stop sying the phrase ‘this is what a real woman looks like’
    20 pounds of fat does not change what gender you are,
    just because this bitch has no self control.

  43. dude

    daaayum she really plumped up. nasty. to think i fapped to this bitch just a couple years ago:( mischa too… :(((

  44. me

    don’t know what you people are bitching about; she’s got at least another 15 or so pounds to go to reach my wife’s level. I’m the one who should be bitching….

  45. Tek's next victim

    @#87 – you lost that bet. the question here is has elisha gained weight or not and did she not look hotter before. not whether the guys (even the ones calling themselves jenny or kathleen) here are getting enough ass outside the office where they read this… it is quite simple. everyone here who thinks she looks good isnt or has never been in good shape in their life. everyone else here knows when to call it when they see it. whether i’d still hit it is not even relevant. what is relevant is that she has gained a lot of weight, looks doughy and kinda fat. good post fish! keep up the good work.

  46. CharlieBoston

    I see nothing wrong with this picture.

  47. eric

    im tired of reading these posts with everyone writing “first”. nobody cares that you were first. if you took the time to go to the post then write something somewhat smart about it. FYI Elisha is HOT and I wouldnt change a thing.

  48. siempre ereccion

    She still looks too thin. A woman’s normal body type is between 40-50% fat.

  49. I’m usually quick to defend thicker girls, being one myself, but she’s not a solid/fit thick girl. She has let herself go a little bit. For all of you saying she looks BETTER like this…you are nuts. She in no way looks better like THIS than she did in the pics (link) #24 posted. Her body looked fantastic there. Now she just looks out of shape and lazy.

  50. Jimmy the Knife

    She looks good. Solid and tanned, good firm ass, not foldy or saggy.

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