Elisha Cuthbert in a Bikini

May 10th, 2010 // 248 Comments

Here’s Elisha Cuthbert in Mexico over the weekend and let’s not beat around the bush here, someone’s put on a little weight. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to address it because it’s a sensitive subject that can lead to unhealthy body issues, but my penis wants you to know he knows he needs to drop a few pounds. It’s been a rough few weeks for him personally, but he’s ready to get back in shape and appreciates your concern. Now stare at the dough girl.

EDIT: These are Frank Frazetta drawings aren’t they? Now I’m embarrassed.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Daryl G.

    First? wow..

    Anyway, the extra weight is a positive, I think.

  2. James


  3. RMC

    Her boobs look good

  4. Nameless

    Looks good to me and I’m normally not a fan. She seems to bitchy.

  5. Taz

    her tits got bigger!

  6. WTF

    Did she take a dump in the water (Pics 4 & 11)????

  7. Alex

    She looks fine!

  8. Alex

    She looks fine!

  9. Dl

    Wow, a girl actually has a body, and isn’t a disgusting stick figure so she’s a dough girl?

  10. Deacon Jones

    Her boobs always looked big/good…..even when she was 10-15 pounds lighter.

    Fuck she used to be hot. I guess not mindlessly falling down hills and running from terrorists as Ms Bauer has caught up to her

  11. john f

    oh please she looks fine
    you have to remember she is a very short gal so even a few pounds shows up
    but she has that kind of body
    so stop bugging her
    at least she is not an anorexic stick

  12. whoa

    she just plain gave up on life.

  13. andrew

    Wow – she looks better than I’ve ever seen her here. The extra pounds did her good, I’d say.

  14. James

    I’d hit that.

  15. F da haters

    I think she looks great… as usual.

  16. Mike Nike

    She looks like she has the body of a normal woman. I would suck on her back door.

  17. andrew

    Funny – before I read the comments I was thinking, “Wow, she looks better than I’ve ever seen her look.”

    She looks hot as hell, is all I’ll say. Definitely a fertile bed in which to grow my seed, that’s for sure.

  18. Randal

    Here we have a very healthy looking Elisha, prancing and splashing through the waves. The enjoyment she’s having speaks volumes of her own confidence and comfort level, a true sign that what’s on the inside is what counts the most.


  19. Meghan

    I love everything you write but c’mon…she looks great.

  20. miked

    I see not problem here… She looks hot as hell

  21. Gary

    mmmm-mmmm-MMMM! I’d spend a solid 24 hours pulling a Butterscotch Stallion(TM) that fat ass!

  22. Sport

    I think she looks hot. Wow, in fact.
    Maybe my eyes are tired of the crack-whore-thin typical ‘hot’ chick.

  23. Neorules2112

    I would roll in dough and bang tap that V ..

  24. For those of you who think she’s never looked better, your memory must be clogged with bong resin, cheetoh’s residue and ky boosted from your parent’s nighstand:


    She’s a dough blob now. If you think otherwise, you’ve never been to California.

  25. injekter


  26. Urbanspaceman


  27. johnnnnnnnnn7nn

    I think she looks better.

  28. Deacon Jones

    C’mon people!!

    I usually dont give a shit about a little extra flab, but this is Elisha Cuthbert we’re talking about.

    It’s the equivalent of the Fucking Catalina wine mixer!

  29. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    She just got bounced from my spank bank.

  30. Gride

    Yep she is pudgy. Not quite fat but getting there. There must be a lot of black guys on this thread because I see a lot of people saying she looks fine. We now how those black guys love the fat white chicks

  31. boo yeah

    it’s all about that hourglass figure, gentlemen, and elisha has it in spades….

  32. Kangaroo

    She doesn’t look better you stupid fuckers. She looks doughy. Beefy. Brooke Hogan-ish. If you think her new layer of fat is an improvement, you’re a fat loving gay moron.

  33. alex

    That’s hulk hogan’s daughter , right?

  34. alex

    That’s hulk hogan’s daughter , right?

  35. That looks pretty good to me… ;)

  36. ican'tbelieveit'snotbutter

    It’s not the extra weight on the tree trunks that bothers me, it’s her face. She’s looking like a mini Pam Anderson these days.

  37. honeychips

    I think she looks really great. Even though she put on a few pounds, she put them in all the right places. She still has that hour glass figure.

  38. pimp

    let the ass eating begin!

  39. She looks great

    She looks great to me. I’d split those legs & pump her p*ssy until she screamed for more…

  40. mau

    Id tear that shhtt UP!

  41. She’s hot! All she needs is some shea butter slathered on her entire body to deal with that sunburn. And I’m the man to do it.

  42. J

    Yea dude, you are way off here. She looks AMAZING in these. They weight looks healthy and great on her…. I think you need to change your commentary.

  43. J

    Yea dude, you are way off here. She looks AMAZING in these. They weight looks healthy and great on her…. I think you need to change your commentary.

  44. James

    man she’s a tub o’ shit. anyone who thinks that’s hot is either:

    a.) a fat slob
    b.) a black man
    c.) all the above

    meanwhile in reality she needs to hit a jog 30 minutes a day for the next 4 months and no more KFC double downs for breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, and dinner.

  45. Mr. Nice Guy

    If She looks doughy then I want some dough! She looks good to me :)
    As far a a mini Pam, that’s a good thing.

  46. gen

    She could stand to lose a few but it’s not like she pulled a Kelly Clarkson or something.

  47. juaquin ingles

    A few years ago she bragged about not having to work on her body… well times they are a-changin.

  48. Kathleen

    Yes, she put on weight, but calling her “dough girl” is an extreme and yes, you are promoting unhealthy body issues by calling her that. Guaranteed she’s still in much better shape than you and 95% of the people on this website.
    At least the weight spread evenly because she’s got a cute hourglass figure and bigger boobs. Her legs are a bit tree trunky for Hollywood standards but anybody with a dick would be all in that in a second if they had the chance.

    SHE’S HOT. Get over it.
    People that are hatin’ are obviously insecure with themselves! haha

  49. She looks fine!

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