Elisha Cuthbert gets a haircut

November 13th, 2007 // 66 Comments

Elisha Cuthbert and her new hairdo were spotted at Hyde last night. I have to say this style looks way better on her than it does on Tom Cruise. See what I did there? I’m like a word assassin. You never know where I’m coming from. I am curious though, when Elisha went to the hairstylist did she ask to look like Ricky Schroeder? Only, you know, less feminine? Because mission accomplished.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. duh

    That’s one homely looking bitch. Sick.

  2. asdf

    f1st lol

  3. aja

    Big Mistake

  4. SippinDaSizzurp

    Who is that dude? Is that the Chixy Dicks girl?

  5. RENEE Z...

    Oh wow…not good. Its the Ricker! (so right on with that hilarious comment fish guy!)

  6. RENEE Z...

    I guess she didn’t get the memo that you need to have “delicate” features to pull off a hairstyle like that; otherwise you just end up looking like a dude…and she looka lika man….big time.

  7. RENEE Z...

    Imagine if she didn’t even have makeup on…yowza. Okay, I need to stop being a posting whore already…I’ll shut it now….just bored…

  8. For the love of all that is good and hot, what the F happened to her!?!? Did she turn into a bull dyke?

  9. SippinDaSizzurp

    By the way, what’s up with Kanye West’s momma dying of plastic surgery, the doctor had 2 DUI’s and 2 settled malpractice suits. Sounds like the Wests’ got a bargain.

  10. SippinDaSizzurp

    Too soon?

  11. CC

    Calm down, short hair works on some women……not Elisha Cuthbert, but SOME women.

    She looks like she’s auditioning for a One Day At A Time remake.

  12. F

    Another entrant into the Keri Russell club of BIG mistakes.

  13. It’s funny how hair can change a person’s look completely. Remember when Demi Moore shaved her head for GI Jane? Crazy…

  14. Donkey Ass

    That must be for a movie. She looks like crap…

  15. Pedro McChang

    Who’s the blond guy in the picture?

  16. P911GT10C

    This is ok, now that she’s done it and it looks this bad, she’ll never do it again.

    #2, I’m disappointed.

  17. blpressure

    It’s Marcy from Married With Children!

  18. KC

    Looks like shit. #12 is spot on.

  19. em

    #9 and 10
    i really don’t feel sympathy…i mean, we were probably paying for the surgery anyways.

    kayne would be my definiton of ghetto

    and what’s with all these black rappers being so tight with their mom’s?

    i love my mom and we are best friends, but do these ghetto bastards EVER have fathers?

  20. Who’s that guy?

  21. Mal Reynolds

    Helen Slater did it better in “The Legend of Billie Jean”
    Love is a battle field….
    We are strong! No one can tell us we’re wrong……


    SHIT HAIRCUT. She looks like a boy.

    SHIT CLOTHES. They are hiding her nice big tits.

    I am no longer erectish for her.

  23. Feckless

    Hotter than ever. She is fine from head to toes.

  24. crazyguy#3

    not a good look,
    I bet her agent is calculating how much $ this’ll cost them.

  25. WOW BOYISH…. No longer in love with her

  26. BunnyButt

    Wow, Jon Voight’s plastic surgery is spectacular! Who’s his surgeon? Genius! Pure Genius!

  27. He’s kind of cute.

  28. CruisingForCock

    Take off your top!!!
    Take off your top!!!
    Take off your top!!!

    I may be a lesbian.

  29. Dave

    She is cute and sexy! She looks beautiful in that black dress! It seems she has a major crush on mature wealthy men! Her profile was found on millionaire dating site (Millionairematch.com/photo/bloger) last week! Good luck to her search!

  30. A

    she looked good in the girl next door, but now she’s a mess

  31. Miguelito

    This is the girl from The Girl Next Door? She’s gone from peter-sucking to Peter Pan.

    Second star on the right, straight on ’til boring.

  32. 23apples


  33. free lily

    marcy darcy anyone?

  34. She is cute. Some of my friends told me she has left some of her nude photos on a nudist date site named nudistonly.com. many celebs posed nude, rencetly such as Vanessa, Sophie Monk. It is porn path? No, I do not think so. Many celebrities have the nude photos, because they are intersted in nudim. I saw their profiles and nude photos on http://www.nudistonly.com . Being naked is comfortable and healthy.Nudism is divine and natural, do not regards as porn.

  35. Victoria

    Ugh, what the hell did she go and do that for? She looks like the last kid you’d pick for kick ball.

  36. Mr Semprini

    Ricky Schroeder? Man, that’s nasty. Yet, somehow, I have wood…

    I am taking a very long shower…

  37. Ript1&0

    This has ruined the pretend boner I had for her a few days ago when she looked fabulous with the lipstick.

    I’m not gonna approve this hair, girl. Bad idea, bad move. When the novelty wears off you’ll be crying.

  38. Eva

    Speaking of Tom Cruise…. TCLTC Forever!

  39. sofasleeper


  40. hammond b3

    a nice cherubic boy, she is!

    hand me my priest’s collar and robe and stroke my meat until it’s pink and shiny, then have this little boy give me a brown treasure!

    father franklin hawkns

  41. XXX

    Worst haircut since that curly headed MMC bitch who cut her hair and got her shitty as WB show cancelled…..

    My wife says … “felicity?”

  42. xx

    Cutest chick in hollywood -> ugly ass WNBA star in like, two snips

  43. bianca

    that haircut looks better on tom cruise

  44. Ray to the izzle

    haha to #17!

    a busy lifestyle should never be the reason for a haircut…

    who cares if you have kids pulling at it or you have zero minutes to look good. this shit ain’t cuttin it…

  45. SSS

    I don’t know who this is, but hopefully she’ll glam up better with some hair gel, a hair piece, and some fabulous clothes. Otherwise, it’s off to the PTA and soccer games for her.

  46. John

    Jesus fucking Christ. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

    Or maybe I will, once I ruminate on and come to terms with the fact that every woman on television is only as ‘beautiful’ as she is ‘made up’ to be. Look at her in ‘The Girl Next Door’. And look at her now. :-(

    Now where’re my sleeping pills?

  47. mc

    For real, she still doesn’t look completely TERRIBLE. the outfit isn’t all that flattering but i bet she’d still look pretty good in a cute dress. i do wonder which role it’s for… maybe bull dyke isn’t so far off, Chick Crack.

  48. William

    My first thought is…the CSI chick had a face left…my second thought is….I wonder how much lotion is in the bottle

  49. She looks great in short hair. A nature beauty. Do you want to meet some real girls online? Try blackcentury.com to find your soul mate

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