Elisha Cuthbert brings nougaty bikini-ness to your boring ol’ Tuesday

May 6th, 2008 // 137 Comments

I love the stars of 24 and their heroic, undying dedication to patriotism. You’ve got Jack Bauer himself Kiefer Sutherland who singlehandedly keeps the good people at Jack Daniels in business. Then you’ve got his TV daughter Elisha Cuthbert who graces us with some soft-on-the-eyes bikini goodness. You don’t get more American than this. Unless they were both eating apple pies and punching a Native American in the nose. If that were the case, we’d be obligated to stand up and salute our monitors. U.S.A.!


  1. I’m FRIST!!!
    And thank god she is growing hair again!!!

  2. Jackson

    She has a nice shape.

    You will never see loose fat ass Kim Kardaskank showing her behind while wearing a swim suit!

  3. Funny, I’m usually last..

  4. Momma

    Damn I hate skinny blondes. I hate blondes period. Most are fakes. I am proud of what I got and I got a lot of it to be proud of.
    Any singe guys here???

  5. San

    hate to break it to you but Elisha is Canadian.

  6. Randal

    That’s American?

    That’s nasty.


  7. Rev. James

    Well, Canadians sre like that! Once we move to the US, like Kiefer and Elisha, we lap that shit right up. What happened to her massive boobs though?

  8. the first black president

    screw 24… i just want to give her 12…

    if you know what i mean…

  9. Rev. James

    Well, Canadians are like that! Once we move to the US, like Kiefer and Elisha, we lap that shit right up. What happened to her massive boobs though?

  10. She does have a cute body. Not all scrawny with a weird bumpy tummy Amy Whinewhoreishlike..

  11. ph7

    Stumpy, thickening midget.

  12. supernotficial

    I wish she still looked like she did back when she made Girl Next Door……..god damn she was so hot in that movie.

  13. ph7

    Wow, she getting saddlebags – look at those last two pictures. And that hair is bleached so much it looks like straw.

  14. Jean Baptiste

    agree with the saddle bags

    i like the hair

    overall, 9/10

    chew it

  15. Doc


    You are obviously confused of what a natural stomach looks like without lipo or tummy tuck.

  16. AJ


    She does not have saddle bags but if you want to see what saddle bags look like then look at Kim Kardaskank when she is wearing a swim suit. Oh yeah she never shows her butt unless it has been airbrushed or she is wearing a girdle.

  17. Well i hope she got Shawn Avery out of her system.
    He’s a bit of a loose cannon.
    ….I doubt if Kief will ever get the Jack Daniels out of his system.
    They should both be forced to do time on ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ before they’re allowed back up here..

  18. ixz

    She’s Canadian smart ass.

  19. Sarah

    Yeah, both Kiefer Sutherland and Elisha Cuthbert are definitely Canadian.

  20. Drundel

    She does need to tone up a bit.

  21. Like, when are they going to do something about the trolls on this site?
    Frist seems to be lot funnier than her troll. Does she ever come here anymore ?
    And I have this guy in China (Hong Kong) (Chung King Mansions) (Kowloon) who keeps referring to myself and Cliff Notes. Like – WTF ?
    Cliff Notes : Well you did outsource ‘The Inquisition’ to China Bink.
    Binky : Well ok. Never send money to people you meet online.

  22. isitin

    She’s beautiful like the rest of us Canadians. We are all perfect & have six pack abs. Cellulite is banned up here in Canada. Beer bellies are against the law also up here. Trivia for you Americans………….do you know the name of the King of Canada? Answer, his name is King Herb Tarlek.

  23. She is so beautiful and large sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Her blog and photos were found at dating site —”W e a l t h y l o v I n g .c o m ” —- last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is seeking on that site.

  24. tp

    Oh wait…she’s fat

  25. britney's weave

    is he wearing jams?

  26. Vince Lombardi

    I see a younger Jennifer Love Hewitt in that bod. Maybe it IS the bikini after all.

  27. drillbit taylor


    she is not fat.
    if she is fat then the majority of the world’s population is morbidly obese.
    i think she looks very healthy unlike many of the size sub-zero stars in hollywood today

  28. jacob(the apparently ill stated, celeb sympathizing gay this board loves to pretend to be)

    She looks cute!

  29. mrs.t

    Nevermind her, who’s the fatass dude she’s with? Gross fucking hoopdog.

  30. granada

    She isn’t fat, but her non-toned body gives the impression that she is overweight.

  31. Harry

    I would totally get with that, and she looks better than she has in some time, but that is absolutely not the same girl in those recent Maxim pictures. Her legs in these pics aren’t the same long slender ones in those pictures. It really ticks me off how they airbrush those magazines.

  32. Moobs

    Hmm, sadly, my Tuesday is still boring.

    I guess some are more easily amused/distracted by shiny.. er… female things.

  33. Jo

    Aside from the cankles, not bad at all.

  34. erika

    too bad they’re both Canadian.. take that for american patriotism. ha.

  35. Wow… at least she is just in a great bikini, not in great car busted for DUI.

  36. she is sooo hot. how can i get a date with her? lets all brainstorm.

  37. Sarah

    I’d change the title to Dion Phaneuf makes other men cry.

  38. Dan

    I’d really like to lick to the Tootsie Roll center of her vagina.

  39. jane

    love the wedgie picture!

  40. Rob

    Yes there is nothing more american than those 2 canadians that portray americans on television…lol

  41. So. ‘Frank’ from 16th floor come over…and we eat bit of popcorn.
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : ‘Knee. Remember. Don’t forget the ‘inside job’ aspect to your contract – maybe you could text Jake Bauer or Shawn Avery.Maybe send them a ‘heads up’.
    Sometimes dudes who don’t give a shit need direction.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Who ? Syesha? Do I have to text ? Or is it a 1 888 ?

  42. Bob Loblaw

    I still think of her as the little kid on Popular Mechanics for Kids.

  43. Nice body, nice bikini but a shame about that hair. Maybe she’ll put a cover-up over her head.

  44. So Bob, Cindy …
    Teenage Wasteland ?
    Inside job ?

  45. yuck

    ugly, shapeless slut.

  46. Tapeworm

    Water must be reallly cold.

  47. Smitty

    Also when we invade countries and take them over for no apparent reason other then the obvious ones, we want your natural resources…. U.S.A, U.S.A :)

  48. So – yuck to smitty – Having any problems with free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure, ..molten metal in the ruins – that type of thing ?
    Just sort of wondering….Oh, by the way, Here in ChungKing Mansions we think you all complete MORONS !!!
    (no offense – but we in other countries figured it out long ago )
    ‘Frank’ from 16th floor always bring up math – 2 + 2. Concepts like ‘gravity’.
    (‘Frank’ always get very technical.)

  49. WI

    mrs.t : the “fatass dude” she’s with is NHL boy wonder dion phaneuf… he might not be much to look at but he’s banking 36 mil in the next 6 years….

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