Elisha Cuthbert and Paris Hilton get their bikini on

August 13th, 2007 // 80 Comments

I didn’t even know they were friends, but Elisha Cuthbert attended Paris Hilton’s Malibu beach party over the weekend and served as the event photographer or something. I’m guessing she wanted control of the camera so nobody could take her picture. I mean, damn, look at her. She’s a big Hollywood movie star now, you’d think she could afford a brush. Or a home. She looks like she woke up, crawled out of a dumpster, and then headed over to Paris’ place to take some pictures.

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  1. kevin

    elisha cuthbert = yummy
    paris hilton = dirty

  2. Robert


  3. Aw man.. that’s the Canon kit lens… surely she can splurge and get a better one!

  4. HAH second frist :p

  5. p911gt10c

    Damn Elisha ain’t look like the Girl Next Door no more.
    Still, one of our best exports outta Canada. and I’d still rim her for a few hours.

  6. Hmm

    Paris looks hot. Elisha looks like she needs to join the rehab club.

  7. Hoppedupongoofballs

    no wonder Elisha’s career has plummted, she probably smokes crack with Paris, everything Paris is around turns to crap, I remember Elisha when she was on that Science Show, such a cute little girl !

  8. combustion8

    elisha’s pretty good at sucking in that tummy for a extended amount of time… she needs to find a gym ASAP.

  9. clamum

    Crawled out of the dumpster? Maybe you should get some glasses, dumbass.

  10. woodhorse

    #3 I like Canon – I used to have a Nikon and it totally fucked up on me and the camera shop couldn’t even repair it. No more Nikons for me.

  11. woodhorse

    I HATE her sunglasses!

  12. treestump

    elisha is smokin’

  13. slow… painful… thrashing death

    RIP thesuperfish

  14. She even looks good frumpy. Now that’s hot!

  15. Ronda

    The only cannon i like is my own.

    But otherwise, if you know moderately enough about photography, Nikon’s rule. Canon’s are for amateurs.

  16. allsummersingle

    I can’t understand why everyone thinks this girl (Elisha) is God’s gift. I just don’t see it and never have.

  17. Chauncey Gardner

    ‘Cuthbert’ is one of the most disgusting-sounding last names anybody ever had. Say it out loud – ‘Cuthbert’. When I combine that name with the image of her pale, doughy body, all I can think of is that big fat vampire in BLADE that farts when Wesley Snipes tortures him for information. ‘Cuthbert’. Her name makes me want to puke. It’s an even worse last name than ‘Pugh’.

  18. Quinn

    she looks like a young kirsten dunst… and I mean that in the most unflattering way possible.

  19. veggi


  20. cristin

    they were in that horrible house of wax movie together

  21. Why is Paris holding a rat??? Doesn’t she know they carry diseases? Oh, wait….

  22. Splooge

    She just looks a little off because she hasn’t had her daily splooge yet.
    Once I finish splooging on her (and it won’t take long) she’ll be fine.

  23. Victor

    Hell FRIST welcome back. Why are you pissed by the way?

  24. Kill me I don't care it's true

    Standing next to Paris, Elisha looks short and fat.

  25. Robert

    Elisha is short, she only 5 feet

  26. Victor

    FRIST, come over and I can make it all better. A foot massage sound good? Oh by the way FRIST……..new post.

  27. SOS

    Elisha is outgrowing her bikini top. Can’t she afford a bigger size?

  28. p0nk

    yeh, you and Bob Geldof.

  29. p0nk

    Victory will drink your douche water. No doubt that will make you feel better.

  30. Victor

    Victory will drink your douche water? Wtf?

  31. flavio

    oh please, she’s gorgeous! paris hilton is to be ignored, of course, but the rest of this is just jealousy.

  32. AmeriCanadian

    They don’t look bad but Elisha is kind of…thick…or something.

  33. Carina

    LOVE the shades! Where are they from?

  34. woodhorse

    #15 yes, I’m an amateur. I have never been paid for my photography. They say they took Nikon to the moon, but they also say the moon landing was fake. All I know for sure was that the Nikon I had was a piece of shit, purchased new, and Wolf Camera had to give me my money back because – AFTER 3 MONTHS- they could not get the damn thing to work.

  35. michelle

    one too many bleach jobs on the hair, leaves your hair looking like HERS!

  36. woodhorse

    #19. I’m sorry – if I had known you were planning to purchase a Nikon, I would have warned you.

  37. wedgeone

    I detect grannie panties under those white pants. Shouldn’t she have known to wear a thong under them when in Paris’ presence?


  38. AmeriCanadian

    Regarding the camera argument, I have a Canon digicam, as does my mother. I like them fine.

    Back in the 80s my ma was a professional photographer of sorts and I think she used a Minolta. She got me a Pentax when I was around ten that set her back probably $400 (a helluva lot of money back then!) and that Pentax is (!) 20 years old and still works fine!

  39. TheRage

    i don’t think Elisha looks FAT, but by Hollywood’s standards? then yes, she looks thick, especially next to PAris Hilton. but to be honest, i’m no better in the waistline that Elisha is. it sucks! but it’s true. so i can’t slam the woman or i’d only be insulting myself. at least she doesn’t have belly dimples, i suppose, right?

  40. andymn

    Cuthbert could roll out of my dumpster lookin like that any day of the week. Paris does nothing for me, but “The girl next door” is hot.

    Of course, not hotter than my girl.

  41. Texas Tranny

    @39…….My Pentax ME Supra is 25+ years old and works great.

  42. gotmilk?

    38, perhaps they’re her bikini bottoms. she is at the beach.

    i never get the white linen. why wear a thong? i thought the whole purpose of a thong was for it not to be seen. they are just as noticeable as regular underwear under white linen pants. it’s pointless.

  43. lambman

    Elisha is so cute, but she always has bad hair. I don’t know why, she keeps bleaching it and it really uglies her up…she looks much better in House of Wax

    which FYI is where/how she became friends with Paris

  44. About the Canon, I was talking more specifically of the 18-55mm kits lens that comes with the camera. It’s crappy.

    //Shoots Canon

  45. cosmetologist

    She looks like she fell into a bucket of bleach.

  46. Also, that’s a 30d or a 20d body.

  47. WhitneyA

    They said, “I didn’t even know they were friends..” well they probably met when they filmed House of Wax together because she was in it too. Duh!

  48. haroof

    Whoa, didn’t realize Elisha had turned into a porker.

  49. The Tavern Guy

    #12: Elisha is smokin’.

    Yeah, she’s smoking a big ham hock with a side of cheese fries. Girl fat.

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