Elisabetta Gregoraci wears a bikini, gold digs

July 1st, 2008 // 100 Comments

These are shots of Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci on her honeymoon with husband Flavio Briatore. You may remember Flavio as the Italian businessman who knocked up Heidi Klum then bounced. Clearly, this man knows he can get any woman he wants, and maybe the ability to shoot gold nuggets from his penis has something to do with it. I dunno, NASA’s looking into it. And also providing me an estimate. I’m aiming for a similar set-up of my own, except I’m not rich, so, ladies, I hope you like Pop Tarts!



    1st to say way to go.

  2. Farr


  3. I’m not sure if this gives me hope for having my own supermodel someday or just makes me very very sad.

  4. eric

    If anyone still needed proof that women are gold digging whores. There you go…

  5. my comment

    Is everyone in Italy a whore?

  6. Miss Kitty


  7. They are going to use eachother her for the money and him for the fun!

  8. How did this fat fuck get her??

    Sorry Sara, it only works one way

  9. Fat Ghetto Queen

    I think homeboy be sexy

  10. sara

    he’s too rich, smart and experienced to fall for the tricks of bra-model – i’m sure he has an iron clad prenup, and any $$$ she gets will only last as long as their marriage.

  11. og bobby j

    #11 if by “iron Clad” you mean that bitch gets absurd sums of money for letting a fat rich dude go balls deep and dump spew in her face…then you are correct

  12. SigmundFuckingFreud

    Money….makes the world go around. Now where the fuck do I find some of it.

  13. Janine

    Why would anyone want to be with a man who is so irresponsible that he doesn’t even raise his own child! What a catch NOT. I don’t care how much money old flabby grey pubes has. The girl is an idiot. I hope for her sake she doesn’t accidentaly get pregnant.

  14. God bless the gold diggers cause if your ugly you can become rich and you get mad hotties who do damn near anything in the bedroom…so don’t hate guys get rich

  15. Debutante

    The only man I would love more than Flavio is Bill Gates– or as I like to call him –”the handsomest man in the world”

  16. Hamper Lint

    “touch my big belly and everytime a hundred dollar bill falls out of my ass”

  17. milkrobot

    #5 no, darling, that’s America, nobody can bit your record of “whore-ness”. We Italians prefer to call it, “investment for the future”….

  18. Grossed Out Chick

    I just want to say something:


    Hit the mill, disgusting old man.

  19. pixy

    she’s not that hot. no curves, fake boobs, manly face…big deal.

  20. sharpeidude

    #9 – Obviously, the old “fat fuck” has alot of dough-re-me falling out of his asshole. That’s the only was this dude gets his shriveled gray pubed cock near that pussy. Money talks; bullshit runs a marathon!

  21. Dolce

    Looks like she’s kissing her father.

  22. Harry Ballzack

    Even more proof that money talks and bullshit walks

  23. Kate

    #4 Yeah because you know, he’s so with her because of her philantripy and intelligence and good heart. Because you know the men who date women like that don’t use them for their good looks and sex and it’s only the woman getting something out of this. But hey know, if all women are gold digging whores then that means your mom and grandmother are gold digging whores as well as your sister. It also means every intelligent, educated, hard working woman out there, doctors, lawyers, peace corp workers, every little old church lady you see, they’re all gold digging whores. You’re just a jaded, bitter, self loathing loser that blames women for all his problems with no real manhood, because a real man with a healthy perspective on life wouldn’t call every woman a gold digging whore.

  24. Foxy

    i agree with you completely but even i look at this pic and know who’s got the money. But hey, it’s not like he’s not getting anything out of it. Fat old men love showing off young women on their arm. Fair deal i think.

  25. blow me

    Check the second to last shot-holy man ass.

  26. ph7

    Marrying for money is the hardest way to earn it.

  27. yobo

    guys, this is flavio briatore hahahaha, the team manager of renault. what a gun, man

  28. yobo

    guys, this is flavio briatore hahahaha, the team manager of renault. what a gun, man

  29. sammy

    #5 look at our own country first before you say stupid things.

    #19 you would get with a guy who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars no matter what he looked like! you wish you could get with this guy!

  30. Jesus

    Italian women are many things, but generally not gold digging whores. Then again, few women ARE NOT gold digging whores.
    Eh, Italian women are bizarre and could fit an oak tree up their nose, but hey…what gives, a chic in a bikini is as good as oak.
    I’d kill for pizza right now.

  31. elf_renault

    Godamn it – right on Flavio!

  32. emmyem

    Yes, # 27! Well said, even though I always heard:
    “You know women who marry for money, they WORK for a living! And the job sucks…..”

  33. cecil

    It looks all fine and dandy for the old fart here, but in a few years she’s going to have to leave him unless she wants to push him around in a wheelchair and change his diapers. Get real, people. The whole may-december romance thing usually doesn’t work out in the end. I would know.

  34. granada

    She’s got great legs. In fact, everything looks good except her abdomen.

  35. mitt

    italian women are whores. italy’s where the french go to screw. just wear protection.

  36. Sport

    They both have nice tits.

  37. Dr. Neptune

    Woman do not value romance and companionship anymore. Heidi Klum also dated this guy which makes her a golddigger. I hate the excuse that just because a woman has money it excludes her from being money hungry.

  38. zegabe

    # 36 – mitt:


    just the idea that a french could come to italy and be a playboy or even score a woman is preposterous.

    oyoyoy mitt seems like a little (french) resentment and a lot of (french) insecurities are coming out huh?

    oh but zon’t wory my friend ze french are always welcome to come drool looking at ze beautiful italian women voilà!

  39. damn , this bitch is hot

  40. eyepopper

    When fuel’s rationed and food is scarce, some lucky souls will be putting these two on their b-b-qs. Personally, I’d rather tuck into Elisabetta Gregoraci’s roasted firm arse than Flavio’s saggy burnt one.

  41. number1armywife

    Not EVEN with a bag over his head (both of them!)

    God, I just threw up in my mouth a lot!

  42. Maria

    I’m Italian and I have something nice and interesting to say about Elisabetta Gregoraci.
    Before 2006 she was just a barely known starlette that worked as showgirl in a TV show on the pubblic Italia television. Then in 2006 the press reported some telephone tapping in which it was said that she (and other showgirls) were working on the public TV because some politician “suggested” them to the managing director. Then she, during a police questioning, ammitted that she had “love effusions” with politician man Salvo Sottile and then he helped her to go on TV. A scandal!
    And what happened then? Public television dismissed her, and private Silvio Berlusconi television immediatly hired her as one of the protagonists of a very famous sunday tv show. She became very famous in Italy, after the scandal, thanks to the help of Berlusconi’s managers.
    I hate Italy, I want to run away. Everything works like this. Talented girls doesn’t work because of these untalented b***s, and because of disgusting men that take advantage and pussy from this situation.
    PS: if you are interested in this story look for “vallettopoli” scandal on the internet.
    PS2: and sorry for my awful English!

  43. Is that her father? Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

  44. Sunday

    She is pretty and sexy. I think I will love her. LOL. Every time I sign in to the celeb club RICHLOVING.COM, I can see many new topics talking about her. She has created a nice profile for seeking a great man for hook ups

  45. lilianward

    Remember the Eliot Spitzer Hookers’ drama?
    Well, after a few days a rumor started to spread in Italy. Seemingly, one of Spitzer’s hooker was an italian TV hostess named Elisabetta. The following day a rep for Elisabetta Gregoracci had to deny the she was the aformentioned hooker, ’cause *everybody* immediatly thought it had to be her.

    Said that, she might look dumb, but she actually managed to tie the knot with him. And, there is no such thing as prenuptial agreement in Italy.

  46. She must endure Flavio’s post-rectal discharge to remain marriaged to him

  47. King Wang

    Sorry, I could have sworn that on Page 45 of the “Wannabe Star By-Laws” that you had to actually be hot.

    She just reminds me of a 12 year old Transexual, post-op. No hips, unless you consider “hips” to be her “tits”, in which case, one of the two are sagging, and neither is “quite tasty”.

    But old bastards like him can afford it. Good for him. Fire her ass though, you know the bitch can’t cook, and Brit-Brit is a hole everyone wants to dig anymore anyway. Unless as an old-timer, he likes old-timers, which Madonna would definitely fall into.

    Get you some of it Old Daddy! You won’t knock the bottom out of it, but damned if you won’t put some use into something that doesn’t do much but lay around in her lizard skin soaking up the sun, and snorting Brazilian Coke by the pound!

  48. Timmer

    This made me remember, my girlfriend gave me a mind-blowing handjob last night. It took ten minutes to clean up my mess. Girls, it’s something so simple yet so amazing!

  49. doomhammer

    As always you saturday night ice cream eatting, movie renting, cat petting fat ass girls say “she’s not even hot”. Are you all fucking delerious? If you looked even half like that you would be somewhere other than this website sharing your pathetic, jealous insults.

    As for “curves” and hips, no, despite what your magazines and womens tv shows tell you, its not sexy. Its called fat. Start throwing up your numerous meals or get on a treadmill for like, oh, I dont know, 20 hours a day, and then maybe, MAYBE, you can look half as good as that super hot bitch does.

    That is all.

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