Elisabetta Gregoraci in a bikini

August 27th, 2008 // 77 Comments

Elisabetta Gregoraci continues her summer of digging gold in a bikini. There’s just something about Itailan Wonderbra models. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen not nearly enough and want to continually stare at her while praying to the Internet gods she’ll jump out of your screen. Sure, to do sexy stuff, but would it kill her to make a sandwich?

UPDATE: It did. Whoops! Gonna need a shower curtain. Italians are a calm, understanding people with a distaste for revenge, right? Okay, good.

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  1. Wow

    Wow!.. just wow.

  2. FIRST!

    (Well, first to soil my pants! God that was nice to see!)

  3. Randal

    The water beads off your back very nicely Elisabetta and what a deadly first name. You’ve certainly made many more women that much more beautiful by being a model for Wonderbra and showing all just how good they’ll look.

    Keep up the great work.


  4. Cash

    Who the hell are these people you keep posting bikini shots of? This chick, the other chick in the stripper high heels, etc. I mean I’m all for photos of hot chicks in hot bikinis, but who the fuck are these bitches already and why are they more exciting then the photos I can bring up by googling hot bikini beach?

  5. Sponge Bob

    What is that floating next to her in pics 1 and 5?

    I don’t think its a Baby Ruth candy bar….but if it came from that ass chances are I’d eat it anyway.

  6. Sandy

    This must be Fish’s daily post for the pedos. In fairness, though, she’s a very fine looking young boy.

  7. Ted Mosby

    I think we have a floater!

  8. blowup doll lover

    She doesn’t even begin to compare to my blowup doll that looks like a young Cindy Crawford with green eyes and blonde hair.

  9. blowup doll lover

    I bet she looks like a man compared to all the limp wristed homos like Sportsdvl who normally post here

  10. kinger

    what a fucking stomach.

  11. rough daddy

    finally!!! someone who works out,,,id spend hours nibbling on those sweet cheeks

  12. CaptainMorgan

    @5 Actual fictionalized sequence of events:

    pic 3 – she realizes that she can’t hold it much longer, but must suffer through incredible clenching while chatting with her friend. Prairie-dogging it the whole time. Peek-a-poo.

    pic 4 – now that friend is gone, she’s checking to see if anyone is watching

    pic 5 – pulls bottoms back up

    pic 1 – gives the “Oh, what’s that over there?” look and heads towards jetskis

    pic 2 – hops on jetski as quickly as possible

    pic 6 – gets settled on jetski w/ lifejacket (the guy smells something!?)

    pic 7 – possible relapse – more clenching

    pic 8 – friend can’t believe those small kids are playing with it!

    I bet she was hoping for a sinker.

  13. NY Ted

    Wonderbra model…???

    She should be a “bum-cheek” model…modeling her bum-cheeks in front of my face…!!! Gigidy…gigidy…gigidy….OHHHH YEAH…!!!

  14. vg902

    praise the lord

  15. havoc

    Great ass.

    But even better abs.



  16. rough daddy

    thats what you call media savy! she knows she going to be photograph, so she got her skinny ass in a gym and gets some abs…thats what you call career responsibility!

  17. Deacon Jones

    This girl does nothing for me.

    She looks like your typical spoiled bitch at the Jersey shore that drives daddy’s Mercedes

  18. Tim

    Personally I hate a girl with a guy’s six-pack abs. Thin tummy is great, sure, but make it smooth and soft like a girl, not hard and muscled like a guy.

  19. combustion8

    anyone that thinks the perfect 10 looks boyish has serious inner issues… get help ASAP.

  20. Deacon Jones

    This girl looks like the typical blowup doll in my closet that has been worn out by years of service

  21. ms vixen

    i hate you, randal.

  22. Obvious

    You will note in the 3rd pic of her talking to a beach commoner -
    ” That’s right baby … Money talks and bullshit walks !! ”
    ” Do YOU have a jet-ski sweetie? ”
    ” Uh – NO … You can’t borrow mine ”
    ” Get your own fat rich old man and you can have one too “

  23. Tim

    My blowup doll doesn’t have a mannish sixpack

  24. havoc

    It tells me she takes of her body. Which means her snapper is probably clean as a whistle and ready for love….


  25. Jake

    Skinny muscle girl with an ugly face. Yeah, perfect 10.

  26. Deacon Jones


    Nah troll. I usually dismember my blowup dolls after I finish to completion on them.

  27. TetterkeT

    God bless you, Superficial Writer.

  28. Sam

    “Which means her snapper is probably clean as a whistle”

    Not a chance. She’s Italian.

  29. havoc



  30. Sammy

    Her pussy must be ripped, too. She’s got a bangin’ body.

    Of course, the chubby chasers will complain, but they had fat mothers, so they are weird that way.

  31. Jake

    My blowup doll has no muscles and a beautiful face. She’s a perfect 10

  32. Run n Gun

    My blowup doll doesnt even complain when I go ass-to-mouth.
    Now that’s a perfect 10.

  33. Fat Chicks Suck

    I can only imagine how fat and disgusting Sandy, #6, is. What a fat idiot.

  34. metrosexuals suck richard

    It wasn’t long before the lispy metrosexuals compared her to a man. Time to go polish your nails, you homos

  35. Just Courtney

    Come On Now… Ya Gotta Give It To Her, She’s Skinny, Toned, Tanned, & Gets PAIDDDDD : ) Im Pretty Confident That Any And Every Man That Reads & Posts On This Site Would Hit… Again And Again And Again. Seems To Me That None Of You Ever Think A Girl Is Good Enough. I Honestly Would Be Interested In Hearing You All’s Description Of A “Perfect 10″ And Then I’d Like To See Photos Of Your 10 (If You Even Have That Many) Latest Dates And Compare… Im Gonna Bet Your Ideals And Your Actuals Are Completely Different. Take It In Boys, Its Probably The Closest You’ll Ever Get.

  36. superficial dude

    I just love running my hand over a hot chick’s tightly muscled stomach, all the way down to where her erection is peeking out of her panties…

  37. veggi

    hey #35 Just Courtney – I Hope You Get Raped With Shards From A Broken Bottle.

  38. Fat Chicks Suck

    #36: That same “joke” is made in every thread where a woman’s stomach muscles are visable. She has a toned stomach and the way the light hits it makes the muscles appear more defined than they actually are.

    Either you’re a pathetic tub of lard or you’re actually a dude and all you can get are pathetic tubs of lard. Either way everybody thinks you’re a fucking idiot.

  39. Sammy

    Poor #36. He’s had a life of fatties and is bitter about it.

  40. Fat Chicks Suck Sucks

    You make the same comments multiple times in every thread. You couldn’t be more boring.

  41. gobats

    OMG this is great. Shes too much…lol

  42. veggi

    La vida apesta

  43. Joe C

    Go Flavio. Say what you want, but that fat bastard gets all the good pussy. It’s not just because he’s rich because he has had some very rich supermodels that didn’t need his money. I’m sure the whole Formula 1 connection doesn’t hurt.

  44. Joe C

    I see that the fatass lover crew is out in force. Some of you would rather have that nasty Kim K pig than a gorgeous, toned woman like this.

  45. Fat Chicks Suck

    #40: It’s because clearly there’s no shortage of fat idiots in every thread that need to be set straight. I’ll stop posting as soon as the dumbass jealous fat people (like you, no doubt) go away.

  46. Jada Italy

    I’m italian… So i “know” this chick… she’s famous only cuz his Flavio Briatore’s (Formula 1) wife… She’s not so preatty, she’s so stupid and she isnt a model… she’s just a girl that want to be famous doing anything! She cant sing, she cant dance, she cant pose, she so ugly without makeup and with it is ugly too…
    In a word she’s a “slut” that comes from a litle country of south italy and fuck with Briatore to became famous LOL
    that’s the truth… belive me!
    A friend of a person that i know comes from her country and he said that she’s never been pretty, she always was a slut and now that she famous she doesnt say “Hi” to old friends of her little city…
    Everybody hates her…

  47. Maximus

    Pics #4 and #7 make her look a whole lot hotter than she actually is.

    So I’ll just look at them.

  48. oh yeah

    i would smother my face in that ass….yeah

  49. moobs

    bang bang bang

  50. moobs

    Oh, but before the banging i’d have to smash those retarded glasses in a million pieces.

    Those things are fukkin “old lady like” imo

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