Elisabetta Gregoraci still wearing a bikini, still digging that gold

July 28th, 2008 // 114 Comments

Here’s some new bikini shots of Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci at Blue Beach with her husband Flavio Briatore. If anything, I hope these pictures will inspire you. You see, folks, with a little hard work and determination, anyone can grow up to become a fat rich Italian guy who buys and sells models like they’re baseball cards – with breasts. Dream big, everybody!

Photos: Flynet

  1. smith

    Venomhed and Deacon Jones

    So one of you worships a band and the other one worships a football player. Doesn’t make you any less of a geek than a comic book nerd.

    And no Jones, I’m not dumb, just ignorant (when it comes to football and black metal bands apparently), which is what you and your friend are when it comes to women. My ignorance comes from the fact that I don’t care for these two subjects. Your ignorance comes from a lack of interaction, or should I say, action?

  2. Gal Pal

    Get real. Every guy on here has written some nasty comment about her then unzipped to pop a load. If she only knew.

  3. BunnyButt

    Aw, how nice that she hangs out with her grandpa.

  4. Deacon Jones


    Lack of interaction? You stupid bitch.
    And I am calling you a bitch, you have to be in you don’t follow football. If not you’re a fucking queer, so grab a GQ and go wank one out.

  5. smith

    Touchy, aren’t we? Who’s the “bitch” now?

    So if I don’t know anything about football, I must be either a bitch or a queer? Your logic is FOOLproof. Maybe I’m just not American and don’t care for such a sport. Again with the ignorance. You’re on a roll buddy. A regular Einstein you sure are!

  6. HoodFellaz

    #83. malicious

    Im sure every time he walks in somewhere with the hottest girlfriend most of the guys there ever saw in their entire life, im pretty sure he’s thinking to himself, oh lord i look crazy, i’ve got the hottest wife money could buy, poor little me, let’s go fuck without a rubber now.

  7. Lola

    I see nothing hot in those pictures


  8. typical superficial loser

    She’s so ugly she makes me want to hurl. I’m going blind looking at her weird body and ugly face

  9. Deacon Jones


    I can tell by your diction your American (holding pinkie to lips)

  10. joew


  11. mysoginistseatme

    “Tom Leykis” wins mysoginist of the year award, congrats! The bad news? You won’t ever come close to breasts like this woman’s (which, btw, are plastic hence the silky smooth skin due to stretching), or ever hope to have young, attractive women when you are old unless you pay good money for them. Just from your posts you can tell what an a-hole you are, what a tremendous bore you must be if you ever even get out anywhere, and how all your hopes pin on you winning the lottery and buying a juvenile bimbo wife to be replaced every few years because that is how you view women. I am guessing you are pretty nasty looking, but even if you were hot, your personality stinks and your mysoginy is blatant.

  12. Being hot today is easy.
    Just add some plastic.

    Pity she’s so dumb. Really. Her interviews are sad (God knows why italian television continues to interview these soubrettes).

  13. Would someone please throw a tarp over that mess? Have it hauled off the beach and disposed of?

    #54 – I disagree

  14. Rocko

    She may be gold-digging but she i also a trophy wife. He wouldn’t be interested in her unless she looked like that so in a way they’re perfect for each other, if she can put up with the poon he’ll get on the side and he can put up with her getting older.

    Best wishes to them both.

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