Elisabetta Gregoraci still wearing a bikini, still digging that gold

July 28th, 2008 // 114 Comments

Here’s some new bikini shots of Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci at Blue Beach with her husband Flavio Briatore. If anything, I hope these pictures will inspire you. You see, folks, with a little hard work and determination, anyone can grow up to become a fat rich Italian guy who buys and sells models like they’re baseball cards – with breasts. Dream big, everybody!

Photos: Flynet

  1. May - December Romance

    My husband is 15 years older than me; however, he also doesn’t look like shit like this guy or is no way as old as him, but I’m not a Goldigger. In fact I’m worth more than my husband. I married him because he was the only non jerk that I met in my entire life, considering that I live in LA this is not surprising. We both want to grow old together, and he is the love of my life, so not all of us cute, young babes are Goldiggers. But these two, I bet they don’t last a year together. Falvio is a sick old goat with too much water weight.

  2. Sandy

    I hope she’s getting paid because when dudes are over 25, their shit is naaaasty.

  3. Bruno


    True about American fatties, especially males.

    But in a twist of ironic fate (for your intellect), he is Italian. That is a country in Europe near France, Germany and Spain. Italy is not an American state. You have heard of Europe?

    In fact, there is a city-state within an Italian city, Rome, called the Vatican where depraved perverted, often fat, men wear dresses and make decisions about x-tian beliefs and myths.

  4. venomhed

    “We both want to grow old together, and he is the love of my life, so not all of us cute, young babes are Goldiggers”

    Put down the romance novel and hopefully one day you will see your husband for what he really is. A pussy chasing, lying dick. You’ll see when you catch him fucking with the 16 year old hot baby sitter while you are tossing Bon Bons down your throat, filling that fat blob you used to call ass up, thinking that he loves you, warts, belly, fat ass and all.

    Doesn’t work that way dear. Your knight in shining armor is a man deep down. Unless he is a closet queer, his wandering eyes are a curse that comes genetically with all men. Anyone thinking otherwise needs to take the bong pipe out of their mouth and come back down to reality.

  5. Eorineye

    #53 – Einstein – I specifically said “at least in the U.S.” My comment was not directed at Italian men, since countries other than the U.S. don’t really matter, and everybody knows it.

  6. #44, I agree with you! Fortunately for Flavio, Elisabetta is Italian, so you probably won’t see her chopping off her hair, getting fat, and rationing sex like many American women do after marriage.

    Boys, read #s 13, 27, 29, 36, and 41 above to see why you should never get married. American women feel ENTITLED to half or more of everything you worked so hard to achieve, and our legal system gives it to them. Marriage benefits women and children, but not men. If you just have to get married, do it later in life to someone young and hot (by the time she loses her looks, you’ll be senile, blind, or dead), get the best prenup you can, and never, ever marry an American woman. Try Latin American, Asian, or Southern European women instead. But it’s better to avoid marriage completely.

  7. Jimmy Beam

    I want to stick my head between those boobies and go to town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ed

    Actually I believe all the verbiage in #51′s comment was designed to imbed this one phrase: “all of us cute, young babes”. Nice one, Narcissus.

  9. Holyfuck


    You are not a bitch because your opinion differs from mine. You are a bitch because you called this guy a loser and you think he deserves to have more than half his money taken because he is fat. There’s a huge difference. You are more than entitled to your opinion. But know that whether you are a bitch or not largely depends on what kinds of opinions you have.

    And did you really just compare me to the Taliban? What a jackass…Just stop talking. And put on a Burka while you’re at it. :-)

  10. May - December Romance


    You really are a bitter old dyke, aren’t you. Not all men are alike, and all the men that I know, even the ones that are total jerks, still love all women: big/little boobs, big/little butts, blonds/brunettes/black hair, light/dark skin, blue/green/brown eyes, young/old (except for Madonna) etc….

  11. steve

    #56 – “Boys”??? Yeah, divorce sucks and sometimes you get screwed financially, but it seems like more than that for you, with your single-issue obsession. Latent homosexuality until proven otherwise.

  12. May - December Romance


    FUCK OFF – OLD MAN!!!!

  13. venomhed

    More fuel to the fire

    Do men get:

    Lipo suction (some, buts its a million to one ratio between women and men)
    Callogen lips
    Breast implants
    Hair extensions
    Teeth whitening
    Spend $500 daily on makeup to cover up their imperfections

    Whose the loser now? Men for their brutal and ugly honesty, or women who wish to be lied to all their lives?

    I think we all know who the weaker sex is. I play the game and do great, I never tell women my true intent or else I wouldn’t get laid. I like women, don’t love then, definitely don’t need them. They are time consuming, unreasonable and expensive. They are a toy, nothing more, nothing less.

  14. crayola

    u motherfuckers make me sick

  15. infinetpartners

    makes me want to do the motorboat…

  16. us motherfuckers

    stick another crayon up your ass

  17. Dizammm

    I say let her do whatever she wants.

    Everyone is born with certain gifts and talents, her’s just happen to be that looks fabulous. I say she’s not stupid because she’s using her “gifts” to their full potential…to get all the money she wants! If someone is born with math skills, they use them to their fullest and become an engineer. If someone is born with writing skills, they write books. You get the picture.

  18. Deacon Jones


    HAHAHA. “Women who wish to be lied to all their lives”

    That’s a fucking classic line. I agree %100 with you. Let’s go drinking.

    You forgot one trait however – they don’t shut the fuck up.

    “Sooo, what, you’re just going to come home and turn on the TV and not even talk to me?”

    “YES!! That’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do!”

  19. TetterkeT

    I can’t believe she can still smile when she’s got 108lbs. of belly fat rubbing up against her arm.

  20. Trigger


    Do an unfiltered google search on her. You won’t leave your computer for a week!

  21. well i guess they both win in their relationship. he can have sex with her and she gets paid for it and can get the dig on…..

  22. italian sausage


    here i go again!!

    (( ziiiipppp….))

  23. ilikeemfat

    I think he’s hot.

  24. typical superficial loser

    Her hair is all messy and her hips are 1/4 inch too wide. Totally disgusting.

  25. cecil

    deacon jones and venomhed, no one is taking you seriously anymore because you are both obviously so delusional and and desperate that just the thought that people like you exist is depressing. Now go jump in front of a train. After you fuck each other, that is, because you both obviously share a strong distaste for women.

  26. Deacon Jones


    Telling it how it is, Cecil. If you actually spent time with women on a consistent basis you would realise some of our points.

  27. venomhed

    “because you both obviously share a strong distaste for women.”

    Truth hurts eh dear? Sorry, there are no refunds here when the truth is revealed. Like I said before, women are play things.

    Its a man’s world…. deal.

  28. Angry Beaver

    I think this is bullshit. I mean, how much money can the dude have if he can’t afford a decent fucking haircut and some liposuction? He looks like Captain Kangaroo in cheap boxer shorts.

  29. venomhed

    Wow, Deacon and I posted only minutes apart, we must be in love. Great minds think alike! I guess Cecil “caught us”, tsk tsk, naughty naughty!

    Back alley, in 5 minutes, I’ll bring the rubber….


  30. smith

    With names like “venomhed” and “deacon” I’m sure you two aren’t geeky comic book nerds who’ve never gotten laid because if you were getting laid, you wouldn’t be so pissed off at women.

  31. moobs

    Post #13 explains everything you need to know, really.

  32. venomhed

    #13 explains to men everything you need to know about women.

    They are toys, treat them and discard them as such.

    Venom – Black Metal Band
    Hed – Motohed, English metal band.

    No comic book reference here.

  33. malicious

    Does this guy not realize how RIDICULOUS he looks with this woman? And he is actually an arsehole with it, dumping Heidi Klum when she was pregnant with his kid.

    And to all those calling her a gold digger, she is an international model, she has her own money – so yeah I REALLY don’t get what she’s doing here.

  34. Flavio Briatore is the 2nd pregnant man of the year!

    I love how so many people on this board are turning this couple into the archetypal representation of “man” and “woman”. “All Men are shallow pigs, all women are money-grubbing whores” etc. As if these two were goddamn Adam and Eve. This woman isn’t making a feminist statement here. And this man doesn’t seem to be interested in “brains and a sense of humour”. So why would he pursue a woman who had that? There are plenty of people out there who are with decent men and women.
    So Men, women, give the other gender a little bit of credit. Dissing the opposite sex just makes you look bitter and lonely.

  35. Lisa

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  36. Dan Montana

    And she probably licks his asshole too!

  37. wat

    I was going to say something, but then I noticed those totally fucking awesome aviator sunglasses. So fucking awesome.

  38. Are there really questions about her?

  39. zeb zib

    Listen donkeyballs,

    Why bother with women at all if you seeth with such inner hate for them? There are lots of good people out there in loving relationships and there are bitter people like you who USE women and VIOLATE them to the 9th degree. What’s the point? Why don’t you just buy a blowup doll and save yourself the trouble of taking any woman out on a date? Don’t even think that other women from countries are the solution either. Hah Hah Many of those women are like drill sargeants and will kick their men from one end of the room to the other. They may look all tiny and submissive but that is an act. They are hell on wheels once they have you hook line and sinker. Trust me, I know.

  40. kitty_kat

    #1: This whole young-woman-marries-fat-old-geezer-for-money thing has been happening since forever. Its nothing new.
    #2: She’s a butterface.
    #3: Heidi Klum is WAY hotter (even after having three children).

  41. hi

    Maybe fat, ugly, old, rich, italian geezers with incontinence make her wet.

  42. Jeniffer

    LoL/ She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video on the wealthy dating club ***R I C H L O V I N G.C O M*** for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. She is really sexy with bikini in that video.

  43. vals

    The thing that no one seems to know, or talk about, is that she peaked over a politician/showgirl scandal where phone tappings showed that she was getting it on for a spot on tv with a politico named Sottile. Look him up. She may be pretty and sexy, which I’ve always thought and I live in Rome and saw her in the street just last week, but she drops waay down. To give away for free to someone like Sottile and be “wife of” the rest of your life to a sleaze like him (Heidi Klum loses some points with me for dating him) . … pictures say it all.

  44. my comment

    Another Italian whore. Let’s all clap..

  45. kerri

    i would say this is a huge step down for him. he was with heidi klum? and now this italian fugly chick? gross. and she does have nice boobs but the rest of her body is actually kind of weird looking…look at her abs and hips – they are gross. and her face is ugly. for a guy this rich, he could do better…which he proved with knocking up heidi klum

  46. Drunkman

    LOL she’s orange

  47. Deacon Jones


    Google my name you dumb fuck

  48. lpseypm


  49. Plastic Sturgeon

    @ #44 You will die alone and miserable.

  50. Cattyluo

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