Elisabetta Gregoraci still wearing a bikini, still digging that gold

July 28th, 2008 // 114 Comments

Here’s some new bikini shots of Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci at Blue Beach with her husband Flavio Briatore. If anything, I hope these pictures will inspire you. You see, folks, with a little hard work and determination, anyone can grow up to become a fat rich Italian guy who buys and sells models like they’re baseball cards – with breasts. Dream big, everybody!

Photos: Flynet

  1. It is amazing what money will do for you….

  2. hot mess

    those are some seriously perfect breasteses.

  3. dan

    Perfect? nahh not really, could be better….

  4. Tyler Durden

    My God…theres hop for greasy W.OP.S. like me. (sniffle)
    I fucking love gold-diggers.

  5. Tyler Durden

    My God…theres hop for greasy W.OP.S. like me. (sniffle)
    I fucking love gold-diggers.

  6. Barak Obama

    She is almost as hot as those Ecko:manufacturing girls.

  7. zegabe


    you forgot to say you wereeeee



    if you only knew how sad of a man briatore is (all that money, really, is spent in restaurants, women and clubs – and as soon as he opens his mouth, you realize that in this world to make money you really DON’T need an education and that after having made money there’s no reason or incentive to use it to SEE things, LEARN things and so on – not even your own language) and how even more sad she is… (no comment: in her case WYSIWYG)

    how saaadddd

  8. Karma

    I’ve gotta admit: Excellent boobies

  9. *applauds Flavio* heh heh, I love that!

    See boys, hot chicks seek money, power, and fame. No matter how old and fat you get (like me), if you have money, power, or fame you can keep getting younger and hotter chicks. Meanwhile, women lose the main thing that makes them attractive to men (their looks) as they age. Money, power, and fame won’t make an older woman attractive to most men (I’m talking to you, Madonna).

  10. Deacon Jones

    I wonder how many times that fat pig has nutted on her.

    She probably just stares at the ceiling in mid-splooge and tells herself
    “Well, I DID get that pair of Gucci glasses today that I was JUST DYING to get.”

    Cheers, whore, for making the feminists proud.

  11. scooby

    her tits look silky smooth. beautiful.

  12. dude_on

    I’m buying lotto tickets by the bucket load pronto.

  13. Cindy

    Woo-hoo, Elisabetta, you go grrl!!! Find a mark, take ‘em down, all perfectly legal. She’ll be divorcing him soon enough, looting tons of cash from that old fat useless tool, and she’ll still be incredibly hot – but also super rich. Rich guys are such blithering fools, completely superficial (haha), and obsessed with having what they think other guys will consider enviable. I admire any girl who realizes that and goes in for the kill.

  14. andy7171

    HOTT AS BALLZ!!!!!!

  15. Holyfuck

    Before any retards say that this woman is too skinny, I will offer a preemptive “pull your head out of your ass.”

    This is the shape that all women should strive to be in. If you can’t get there, fine. Just keep trying.

  16. greene

    don’t forget this is the father of heidi klum’s first child

  17. yellowe

    yeah, before she started shitting out half-tarbabies.

  18. Joe

    Say what you want about Flavio, but I doubt that its only about money. He has bagged a lot of very hot , famous and rich women that don’t need his money. He has more than one supermodel notch on his belt and those women didn’t need his money. I suppose the F1 allure has something to do with it. In any case, Flavio has some real game. More power to him.

  19. E. Norma Stitz

    She’s a fine looking woman, but what a disgusting thought seeing her with that greasy, whale-belly, dumbass, inchworm slob. The porn tape would be nauseating unless you could blur that blimp out to avoid vomiting.

    Guys who look that pathetic should learn to cover their junk up! At least be considerate of innocent bystanders!

    I’d rather just keep my job, my integrity, my sanity and my dignity than try to get rich that way. As for you guys cheering her on, would you sleep with wrinkled up fat 80 year old smelly nasty women if they were rich?

  20. The Rev. Media

    HOLY! I just googled this woman for images and jebus frakking christ on a unicycle, I could found a religion on her nipples!

  21. Rick

    Money, power, race cars…whatever. It’s not exactly news that despite decades of endless feminist PMSing, girls still wanna suck the alpha cock. Nothing changes. Cunts are cunts.

  22. Peter Bustanuty

    Somebody get that jellyfish looking guy in the backround with the man boobs some sunblock.

  23. I’d hit it!

    Him, not her. I love it when my man has an abdomen big enough to serve as a helicopter landing pad or to play king-of-the-mountain on! Multi purpose men turn me on!

  24. Deacon Jones


    You ever hear of a prenup you fucking idiot? You really think this dude wouldnt get one with this tramp? Please.

  25. BigJim

    His tits are bigger than hers.

  26. Divorce Lawyer

    Actually, prenups aren’t nearly what everybody thinks they are. They get challenged all the time, and most often some important aspect of the prenup can be circumvented – you simply can’t anticipate what will happen to your finances in the future, at least in a detailed enough way to make you bullet-proof. Besides, most parties will settle at amounts much higher than the prenup dictates, just to get the whole thing over with. If this girl decides to leave Mr. Piggo and hires an excellent divorce lawyer (a real shark), she’ll make out like a bandit.

  27. bored@work

    The way I see it… both of them are getting what they want from this… shes getting lavish vacation, clothes, money… hes getting a woman he could never have if he wasnt wealthy. Eventually it will die out, thats for sure, but at least they are having a hell of a time getting there.

  28. Andrea

    If she had to see that fat-bellied piece of shit naked, she deserves half his money. Case closed.

  29. Michelle

    I don’t think he looks all that bad, for a guy. Most guys past the age of 18 have big beer bellies and hairy bitch-tits. And about 1/1000000000000th of this guy’s money.

  30. therusskie

    I hate chicks that try to wear watches on the right hand. Hate it! What are you trying to prove? C’mon now! Its not a fashion statement. Stop trying to act cool. Then again, this chick, despite her hotness, is a huge douche. So I’m not surprised.

  31. Deacon Jones


    Good point. And most girls past 18 fall to shit.

    We truly are a fat fuck nation. I was in Spain and you couldnt find a fat person if your life depended on it. Little beefy, yes, but not obesely overweight like 40% of the population here.

  32. Holyfuck

    Andrea, #29,

    She DESERVES half his money? That could be the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time. The problem with wht you said is that she never HAS to do anything. She CHOOSES to see him naked in exchange for large amounts of money and gifts, thus making her a whore and him a John. She doesn’t deserve anything more than what he choses to give her. And Vice Versa.

    Now stop being a bitch. Case Closed.

  33. typical superficial loser

    I would not have intercourse with her because she is not perfect. Only perfect girls get my attention.

  34. burungi

    Good call, Heidi, getting out when you did. This guy is gross. No way around it.

  35. Andrea

    #33 – you WISH that was how it works. Count the money when these types of couples break up. The women always get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the pain and suffering of seeing these over-the-hill, pot-bellied, hairy-backed, saggy-ball losers without their clothes on. Jesus, just looking at these pictures I’m about to puke. In this case, Elisabetta deserves more than half.

  36. dude_on

    On second thought maybe this is true love and we are being shallow. Dude may have some special belly bump maneuver that sends his women into some state of erogenous euphoria. That could easily explain why hot young women find him attractive. Maybe some of the ladies could share their experiences with fat Italian men to confirm the theory.

  37. Joe


    Heidi didn’t leave him. He kicked her out on her ass when she got pregnant. He didn’t want to marry her or have a kid.

  38. Joe

    Oops. I meant #35

  39. stroker

    My God, she is perfect! I need to jerk to this one.

  40. Eorineye

    lmao@”over-the-hill, pot-bellied, hairy-backed, saggy-ball losers”!!!!!

    Finally!!! Day after day, perfectly attractive girls are picked apart in microscopic detail on this site, while the obvious truth is simply ignored: at least in the U.S., the men are fatter and much more unattractive, especially when they hang their fat busted bodies out at the beach, with sweat beading up on the dark hairs growing out of zits all over their bodies. No wonder American women turn to food for pleasure.

  41. J@cko

    hot mess I completely agree with you: these are fine breasts.
    I’m talking about Flavio’s. His wife’s are fake.

  42. Dubya

    They are no better than the winos in the subway, probably smell about the same too.

  43. I see nothing wrong here as others have stated already. They both deserve each other for whatever their goals are.

    I see nothing different than what a typical American wife does here. The difference between a whore and an American wife? The American wife is a bit smarter about getting what she wants.

    A whore, money up front, you get what you want, you leave, take yourself out to dinner.

    An American wife?
    Gets fat after kids
    Decided that both your sex lives are over now that she has your (her) kids.
    Gets half your pay for half the length of the marriage.

    Where does a man benefit from a woman these days? How does marriage help a guy in America? Its a lose, lose situation for men, and I laugh at all married men.

    Just date, fuck whores, and take yourself out to eat. As Charlie Sheen said “I don’t pay whores to stay, I pay them to leave”

    Any man that thinks otherwise is a dreamer… and a loser.

  44. Holyfuck

    I dont WISH anything. I am not rich so it’s a mute point to me.

    And this dude was loaded way before he ever met this gold digger, so she isn’t getting close to half. Keep dreaming. Besides, you’d be on that dude’s jock in a heartbeat if he wanted you to. Admit it.

    Funny though, how you call this guy a loser. He is rich as hell, bangs the hottest chicks, vacations at the most lavish places. He pretty much does whatever he wants, whoever he wants, and whenever he wants. And you call him a loser. Along with about 10 other derrogatory remarks about him. What did he ever do to you?

    You are still being a bitch. Uncalled for.

  45. Andrea

    Sure thing – a woman has an opinion different from yours, so it’s uncalled for and she’s a bitch. You missed your calling – I think the Taliban is still accepting new members.

  46. rough daddy

    Id like to hear the conversation she had with her girlfriends when she first meet this guy….
    1)He had a great personality
    2)He’s fat and ugly but he make me laugh
    3)He got money

  47. Gives us all hope… make enough money and when you’re old and fat you too can have a girl like that.

  48. Gives us all hope… make enough money and when you’re old and fat you too can have a girl like that.

  49. venomhed

    Only ugly, bitter women find fault with this relationship.

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