Elisabeth Hasselbeck should wrestle Ann Coulter in a vat of pudding – unless she hates America

May 7th, 2008 // 194 Comments

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one fourth of the clucking you hear when watching The View, decided to show off her sweet bikini-clad post-pregnant bod in the pages of Fitness Magazine. Elisabeth did a bunch of stuff like dieting, exercising and whatever else Republicans do to lose weight. Which I’ll assume includes throwing Bibles at poor people. I dunno, I’ve never been to a gym. Anyway, Rosie O’Donnell is probably ogling these pics and wishing she’d been a little nicer to Elisabeth. Or Rosie could just be eating her typical Wednesday snack that consists of those giant Brontosaurus ribs from the opening credits of The Flintstones. True story.


  1. Sasha

    Gross, she’s built like a boy. I’m guessing this is the type of body all the people who hate on Kim Kardashian think is hot.

  2. Sasha

    Oh and McCain is a fucking moron. He said on national television that Putin is the president of Germany.

  3. JP

    #151 – Bush DID meet with Sheehan, just like he did with all parents of soldiers killed in Iraq. She even admits he was generous and the meeting was appreciated. Then, AFTER she decided to try to become a political cause celebre, she wanted ANOTHER meeting whereby she could denigrate the President with her new anti-war views and publicly embarass him. Why would anyone agree to let her do that? Plus, you are a total tool-box.

  4. This kind of bets we did when we were just out of kindergarten!!

  5. At this point, anyone defending George W Bush needs to share whatever drugs they’re sharing with him with me.

  6. whatswrongwithyou

    to # 151.
    You should take a English writing class. You should learn something about run-on sentences. Your thought comes out confusing and incomplete.

  7. JP

    #156 – A common misconception amongst you liberals is that we conservatives care about George Bush. We just don’t like YOU, that’s the only issue. You just refuse to accept the fact that you can’t discuss anything without becoming irate and nonsensical like poster #151, spouting erroneous and emotional info as if it’s fact. Oh yes, and I also take solace in the fact that I can absolutely, without a doubt, 100% physically kick your ass. And also enjoy the thought that if you are a dude, I know your woman would be more physically attracted to me than you, and if you are a woman and you didn’t know me from posting on here, I could pick you up and have sex with you. That is all, carry on.


    It is illegal for repblican to ware a bilini anyway. dint you read the news?lol!

  9. Tree Hugger

    I am not composing a treatise. I am typing my thoughts as they come to me. Why is it that you can not answer questions? Rather, like a vulture picking the living thought from idea’s essence, you kill debate by offering nothing. You have not addressed a thing I have said to you. I do not spell check or proof read. This is informal here. We could discuss the woman’s vagina or anything vulgar I am good with that.
    You come to the table with a knife and nothing else. Can you bring something?

  10. Tree Hugger

    By the way. You sound like an imbecile. If you touched me and tried to have sex with me or my woman it would be your last day on this earth. I promise you that. You threaten me with gay rape? Incredible! You people are inhuman.
    By the way, I can take care of myself quite well one way or the other so be careful there faggot. (Amazing sex fantasy – tough guy is incapable of refuting an argument and then threatens another man with rape. This is what America is up against)
    Incidentally everything I type is MY opinion and that is all.
    Go try to scare someone else. I pity you. Particularly if you made the mistake of trying assault me.
    That is all.

  11. JP

    #160, tree hugger, are you drunk? Your entire argument was that the President was too busy exercising and vacationing to meet with Cindy Sheehan, but the problem is that he DID meet with her. She demanded another follow-on meeting years later to belittle him publicly. Nobody would agree to that. Now, if you are an attractive female, get over here and show me something. If you are, as I suspect, an overweight male or an ugly female, then get off the internets immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

  12. JP

    Faggot? What kind of liberal are you???? The kind that is bigoted and full of hate? I thought your whole deal was equality for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, race, etc. etc. ad nauseam? Boy, talk about your all-time major mis-statements!

  13. Tree Hugger

    No faggot. I am your worst nightmare. I am the man you would make the mistake of trying to assault only to have it backfire on you.
    The Neocon punk should have met her and talked to her and tried to explain his position. Did he have to do that? NO.
    I am the type of person that if I offend anyone I will discuss it with them. If I need to explain myself to another I always will.
    By the way, punk, what percentage of the time has you Wartime President vacationed? What time does he go to bed? He goes to recess 2 hours a day. What kind of intellect does this man have? Is this man truly presidential material? What about Reagan? Did her serve the military? Did he have an intellect? “There you go again”. Amazing stuff here.

    Drunk? Nah I don’t do drugs and I do not drink in the daytime. I am not a degenerate. I am healthy. I am in extremely good physical condition as well. I could most likely kick you pathetic ass, punk.

    Go talk tough and dumb elsewhere. You lost this debate as it has degenerated to this point and you are not bright enough to have answered any ot my more imperative progressive points. Dullard. Go to a bar and shoot some pool and pick up a VD infested whore. Dirtbag.

  14. tree hugger likes bag

    wow what an idiot….imperative progressive points? What an idiot.

  15. Jackson



    Kim Kardashian obviously loves to eat and is around 45 pounds overweight. She needs to wear girdles and body shapers to improve her body. She has to cover her big butt when wearing a swim suit. This is why people think Kim is fat and not sexy. Elisabeth looks nice for her body type. Kim looks fat and could improve her body by eating right and exercising regularly, but I doubt Kim has the discipline, so she will continue to eat too much, and wear her body shapers and girdles to tuck in the excess fat; not hot or sexy at all, but this is what most fat American females do.

  16. AJ


    It is amusing how people want to praise overeating, laziness, and having to wear a girdle and body shapers to hide the fat like Kim. This lady is being praised because she takes care of herself unlike fat Kim. There is no effort with Kim for self improvemnt because she eats too much and relies on support garments and airbrushed pictures in an effort to look less fat .

  17. #158 – Low self-esteem getting to you today? Wife too brusied to beat? Who the fuck said I was a lib? See that’s the issue with the crazies, you mention Bush and their lose both their sense of hearing and their ability to comprehend what they read. And as far as “you can’t discuss anything without becoming irate and nonsensical “, dude you just described Rush, Hannity, and redstate.com. I would say nice try, but it’s was pretty pathetic really. Here’s a little piece of advice: volume and repetition do not equal truth. Chew on that for a while. As far as kicking my ass, I can say with 95% certainty, that you would walk across the street if you saw me coming, internet tough guy.

  18. Republicans = Democrats in Prison = Rough Sex

    Damn in conclusion, I wish we could all agree to move on past the age of oil and develop new technologies before we all, like, starve.

  19. MKarrh

    GO #158 That is ENTIRELY TRUE, Liberals only know how to argue, they believe that makes their entirely incorrect views correct..

  20. MKarrh

    GO #158 That is ENTIRELY TRUE, Liberals only know how to argue, they believe that makes their entirely incorrect views correct..

  21. #170-171 – It’s entirely true that he can kick everyone’s ass? Or that he can screw everyone’s wives? So let me see if I have this straight… you write “Liberals only know how to argue, they believe that makes their entirely incorrect views correct” after agreeing with what the idiot at #158 wrote gems like “I could pick you up and have sex with you”? I mean, seriously? Wow… you people really need to go form your own party and leave Republicans the hell alone. First Bush now you… you fucks are ruining our party.

  22. Vote Democrat

    The bottom line is if you make less than 250,000 per year and want to end the war then vote Democrat. Only the elite 3 percent get better tax breaks than the rest of the 70 percent of Americans. The terrorist are not going to take over American when US pulls out of Iraq.

  23. so what else is new?

    Silly liberals.

    Let’s get back to what is really important here:
    Why is her belly button so HUGE? you could put a rolled up sock in there.

  24. Trover

    If I poked her in the ass with my republican ruler, she’d never “Survive” it. Get it? HAHAHAHAHA

  25. Doc


    She has a huge navel because of her tummy tuck surgery. She must have had a lot of loose skin. I suspect she also had lipo on the hips. Thank goodness for cosmetic surgery or else she would not be posing in a bikini.

  26. Muhammed Atta

    No more pics of pregnant women, or post pregs.
    After a woman has a child she is ruined and should be discarded, or persist only to have more babies but must never be seen publicly again.
    Thats why we muslims have four wives and many sex slaves.

  27. tanya

    Anorexia, works every time.

  28. Skip Smith

    Are the high school kids done debating politics yet?

  29. Skip Smith

    I come here to see pics of cute guys not hear people ranting and raving about the fate of their country for shit sake.

  30. retarded nation

    What the hell does republican or democrat have to do with the fact that her body is killer! SHUT THE HELL UP WHINEY BITCHES!

  31. betenoir

    Oh gawd… the “Yes We Canabots” are everywhere now. Can’t even rag celebutards in peace anymore.

    You people are making me vote Republican w/your shit!

  32. gena

    her belly button looks retarded

  33. Republican Gay Sites

    It is a scientific fact that 6 times as many gay men are republicans.


    My god this bitch is repulsive.


    My god this bitch is repulsive.


    My god this bitch is repulsive.

  37. harkin

    Why are liberals so scared of a rather pleasant-looking woman who spouts nonsense along with three or four other ignorant woman on a worthless TV show?

    Such hate is truly puzzling, she must be hitting at their inner fears about themselves.

  38. docinaustin

    her navel looks like a pulsating sphincter. at least it’s only a picture and not her shrieking voice.

  39. Jess

    Can’t stand her political banter on the View.. her voice begins to annoy like Rachel Ray…..and Palin….and…she is very very narrow-minded. She doesn’t seem to have a real grasp on what the average american is living like. But you really have to admire her getting back into shape.

  40. Sam

    what a retarded bitch….shes lookin like a nice piece of whore ass tho…much more of a whore than erin andrews

  41. Sam

    what a retarded bitch….shes lookin like a nice piece of whore ass tho…much more of a whore than erin andrews

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