Elisabeth Hasselbeck should wrestle Ann Coulter in a vat of pudding – unless she hates America

May 7th, 2008 // 194 Comments

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one fourth of the clucking you hear when watching The View, decided to show off her sweet bikini-clad post-pregnant bod in the pages of Fitness Magazine. Elisabeth did a bunch of stuff like dieting, exercising and whatever else Republicans do to lose weight. Which I’ll assume includes throwing Bibles at poor people. I dunno, I’ve never been to a gym. Anyway, Rosie O’Donnell is probably ogling these pics and wishing she’d been a little nicer to Elisabeth. Or Rosie could just be eating her typical Wednesday snack that consists of those giant Brontosaurus ribs from the opening credits of The Flintstones. True story.


  1. restingonlaurels

    the white urkle is never funny.

  2. deacon jones

    Cry me river you fucking sissy

    This coming from a guy who says he wants to eat Amy Winehouse’s ass on the previous post…

  3. fygu

    I miss Ted from LA too.
    #21 That was funny shit
    Her body is good minus the really gross belly button. She says she doesn’t diet but her disease doesn’t really allow for any carbs so of course she’s gonna be thin. She’s annoying as fuck, as are most outspoken political blowhards.

  4. Skeptic-All

    Comforting to know that most of the hits on this site are from retarded, liberal toads. Now it’s clear to me why so many support Obama bin Laden. With your heads stuck so far up your collective asses, how could you possibly know what’s going on in the real world?

  5. Wow, all the anti-Democrat postings today really show some high level of intelligence!

    Very few people are 100% Democrat or 100% Republican. Most of us are conservative on certain issues and liberal on others. Only mindless idiots believe all the drabble either party spews.

    Now, to the pics – she’s looking good but as soon as she opened her mouth and started talking most of us would push her the hell off the bed.

  6. fygu

    We all knew #38 wasn’t Randal because the dupe didn’t sign it “Randal”

  7. Gia

    She has a nice figure. It looks like her navel got stretched during her tummy tuck procedure.

  8. Mike

    @# 52 I’m not that Mike. And I’m no sissy you fucking asshat. I’m just making an observation that you are a complete idiot.

  9. MP

    This chick is psycho and crazy, she needs to move where no one has to listen to her crap.

  10. I Don't Like Her Personality But...

    She looks better than Elisa Cuthbert, even though she’s older and has popped out kids.

  11. pistola

    she just goes to prove that u can be in shape and have a “good” body, but still be completely unsexy.

  12. Run n Gun


    Seriously bro, whenever I check this thing you’re always whining about people degrading women, then WHY THE FUCK TO YOU VISIT THIS SITE

  13. Real World

    Hey Skeptic-All, come over here and help me find these weapons of mass destruction. I left them all over Iraq but I can’t remember where. So much sand. But you know where they are right? Your president told you correct?

  14. coffeebean

    Let me tell you how stupid the Democrats are. They sit back and say that McCain is too old to survive his term without realizing that If Obooba does somehow get elected that some good ol boy from down south is gonna Lee Harvey Oswald his black ass within days of the election.

  15. Save America and Vote Democrat!


    With the exception of the elite 3 percent of Americans that make $250,000 or more a year and get the greatest tax breaks when a Republican is in office; why would Americans want to vote Republican? Why would Americans want to continue a war that cannot be won? Why would Americans be willing to have more Americans die in a war that cannot be won and should have not been started in the first place? Why would Americans want to continue the huge American deficit because of the war? Why would Americans want to continue to hurt the envionment by voting Republican because Republicans lift important environmental laws so Corp American can increase profits? US pulled out of Vietnam after 50,000 Americans were killed and the communist never took over America. Just like when US pulls out of Iraq; the terrorists are not going to take over America.

    Save America and Vote Democrat!

  16. a different bigjerm

    hey, she was on survivor!

  17. HuckyDucky

    Throwing Bibles at poor people, AS IF! You see, we don’t do that. The Bible could become contaminated by the poor people, which is sacreligious.

    Instead, we have fitness walks to raise money to lobby corporations to POISON the poor people. THAT’S the way the smart folks do it.

  18. Oveta

    #65 because even though i dont make 6 figures, i still dont want my money going to people that make 4 figures. All in all, Im a libertarian and dont think either party can fix what is wrong with America.

  19. American Patriot

    Republicans run their mouth and ooze their ignorance oblivious to the horrendous destruction the present administration has done to this country. We are in horrible debt now thanks to the Neocons and their ravaging wars. As to the amount of profit the oil companies make, they have made more money the last few years than at any time in history. PROFIT money, WHITE URKLE you cowardly treasonous miscreant. Do any of you posturing incompetents have any idea of how far we are in the hole as a nation. NOT to mention that we have shipped our jobs overseas AND brought in fabulous little illegal mexicans by the millions and millions. And they have LOTS of little brown babies!!!! Lots of ‘em!!! Ha ha ha ha the European derived peoples- you know, the ones that built this country will no longer be the majority soon.
    This is what OUR INTERNATIONAL MASTERS desire. We will be completely ununifiable. How sad. Blacks and whites and browns. 3 main types all hating the fuck out of each other deep down. Resentment and disharmony.

    As to “Freedom of Speech” – surely you are aware that your Neocon administration had against the wishes of the populous (by the way a rebublic is a government OF the people and BY the people you goddamn mindless LITTLE minded traitors) implemented SPYING on us. HOW is that freedom?

    Look how cowardly YOUR nonelected president handled the Cindy Sheehan incident. She wanted to know for what reason her son died. YOUR lying, theiving president could have told her why. He could have been emotional and said that he died defending his country so we all could be free and was a hero and she was a good mother and he was sorry for her and gave her his love and so forth. NAH. This little sneek didn’t have the guts to even face her.

    Remember how they arrested her for that T-shirt? We now arrest grieving activist mothers for politically incorrect T-shirts!

    Your next president wants a war for a century and I bet the WHITE URKLE is not bright enough to know why. Is he? I am waiting for your answer, punk.

  20. justifiable

    #49 You’ll be occupied for the next 20 years. Pray for viagra and a strong stomach.

  21. White Urkle

    Sometimes I think Paris IS a workaholic. Maybe it’s just me.

    Anyway, every time I get mad at the Republicans, I hear some left-wing kook with a new wild theory that makes my head spin. Again, maybe it’s just me.

  22. hey White Urkle

    Is 72 all you can muster? Why are ALL Republicans thieves, liars and idiots? You have not answered my question punk. You are not smart enought. Asslicking little coward.

  23. carlogo

    American Patriot–you are a tool. What’s next, complaining about the 2000 election? Did Dick Cheney piss in your Cheerios this morning? Let it go. Besides, your rant never answered the real question–is camel toe a rep or dem issue? I’m pro-camel toe. Does that mean I should vote for Clinton, the only potential camel-toed candidate; McCain, whose wife probably once sported a fine camel toe; or Obama, whose Kenyan heritage places him closer to the cradle of camel toes–Northern Africa? Please enlighten me, and this time mention something about global warming, you douche.

  24. Joe Melnick

    American Patriot: you’re an idiot. Bush did meet with Sheehan, years ago. She talked to him about her son, they had a conversation. Then she wanted to talk to him again and couldn’t, so she went nuts. How can you get so upset about something you know nothing about? This isn’t my opinion, they actually had the discussion you said he’s too cowardly to have. Admit you’re wrong and move on.

    Calls to/from an overseas terrorist phone number to/from someone in the US shouldn’t be listened to? Is that your idea of the government spying on us? Moron.

    Look up the difference between profit and profit margins. Idiot.

    McCain specifically said he’d have the US stay in Iraq for 100 years as long as our troops aren’t fighting or getting killed, just stationed the way they are in Germany (60+ years), Korea (50+ years) etc. How exactly do you process that as the complete opposite meaning? Obama is using half a sentence to attack McCain on this, it’s retarded.

    Which party freed the slaves and pushed the Civil Rights Act through? Not the democrats, who vigorously opposed both. No wonder Martin Luther King Jr was a republican. Yeah that’s right – look it up, fucknuts. Which president was in power when the Tuskegee experiments started? Good ol’ FDR.

    People like you are so misinformed on so many issues it’s scary to think you get to vote. Don’t get so upset and turn off the caps button. You’ll probably get president Obama to double our taxes, chase away capital and investment, alienate our trading partners and lead us into another Great Depression.

  25. ph7

    No waist to speak of…

  26. Republinut

    Ahhh, sooo hot. And the fact she isnt a liberal makes her much more attractive. Too bad shes married….

  27. CJ

    Clean living…does a body good.

  28. cliffhandfull

    Someone should mention to her that females are supposed to have BOOBS!

  29. woodhorse

    she could attach the space station umbilical to that gigantic navel

  30. Yes Tax The Rich

    As to Bush having met Sheehan, perhaps you are too mindless to recall that she camped out in front of his house and he never came out to tell her the reason for her son dying, retard? Did you forget?
    Republicans did not free the slaves. The world pressured the US and it was time for it to end you coniving asshole. Lincon said something like if he could save the Union and free the slaves OR not he would save the UNION. His intent was NOT to free the slaves, stupid. AND he talked of sending them to SOUTH AMERICA!!!!! Did you forget moron?
    Surely even a dumb republican is aware that BIG OIL is profitting at an all time high these days? How many of our presidents have been in the pocket of big oil? Remember John D. Rockefeller said that “competition is a sin”.
    Another big greedy oil man.

    You filthy stupid daughter (you talk like a woman) of a whore. McCain wants us in Iraq for 100 years and you honestly think that there will not be perpetual bloodshed. Maaaaaan are you a puppet on a string! You don’t honestly believe that do you? Damn your parents must be dumb AND related.

    Surely you are aware that your government has been spying on you and has records beyond our knowledge. Did you know we have an NSA? And I guess you think it is ok for them to look at our internet records and have access to our phone conversations?

    Listen, punk, obviously you are not well read. You have no idea or refuse to believe anything beyond your what you have been told is the truth. Why not admit the truth about the Federal Reserve and all of the profits that the elite make when we the poor suffer. A poor man makes a loan or runs up credit debt and than can’t pay it back expediently. Do you think it is fair for the banking elite to charge massive interest and then PROFIT from another’s misfortune. I know the answer for you and that would be YES. This is what makes you and I differnt and thus MORTAL enemies. I guess you feel the country is better off letting the rich have tax breaks and paying low taxes while the poor get stuck with the bill.
    Why didn’t you WAR time president do any sorties in Vietnam? Why did he go AWOL?
    Now tell me how you fell about McCain and his criminal involvement as one the “Keating Five”?
    Keep digging your trenches in asshole. Your kind has destroyed a great nation. We are now the army and bank of the New World Order.
    You are a little clone foot soldier and nothing more. Now go take your little crumb back down to your Queen (gay lover) .

  31. Jamie's Uterus

    They really dolled her all up. On The View, she looks like she was hit in the face with a frying pan.

  32. Jesus says camel toes are cool.

  33. FDR > GWB

    Joe Melnick 75, you’re going to compare this current batch of neocons to the great leaders of the past? Republicans now and Republicans then are like night and day. Franklin Roosevelt (and you should also have mentioned Teddy) were great progressives that used the power of the government to expand our global presence (TR) and use federal funds to build our infrastructure and help lift America out of the depression (FDR). If in office today they would be decried as tax and spend liberal, anti-business apostates to the Holy Republican Party.

    If McCain wins, hopefully he’ll restore the more moderate and fiscally responsible policies that once made the Republican party great. Not the snivelling hiding behind the flag and bible, morally bankrupt thieves currently in the Executive Branch.

  34. Kennedy


    Since you are not part of the elite then you are paying higher taxes to support everybody and everything. Would you not rather have the elite 3 percent paying higher taxes to support everybody and everthing instead of you? Your logic does not make sense.

  35. @ #75:

    While I won’t digress into name calling and sycophantic rhetoric, it should be pointed out that Cindy Sheehan’s “meeting with Bush” so many years ago lasted all of five minutes and Bush didn’t bother to find out her dead son’s name beforehand.

    Not exactly what any grieving mother would call a “condolence call,” by any stretch of the imagination.

  36. restingonlaurels

    @ 81 – “you talk like a woman”? you just lost all my support there.

  37. Taxo

    You’re an asshole. Sheehan’s camp-out came a year or so AFTER he talked to her.

    The McCain quote was cut off halfway through one sentence. If that’s your idea of honest debate, so be it.

    Profit. Profit margin. Two different things. Sorry, I can’t type any slower.

    The republicans did free the slaves, that’s why the KKK was started as an anti-republican force. They were the party of civil rights, that’s why MLK was a republican. Look it up.

    Are you back on to requiring war service to be president? That’s not going to help you this time around. Bush wasn’t AWOL, those documents are false and you know it. Nothing the swift boat guys said was refuted; nothing. Your chickenhawk argument is weak. If you want/require a soldier, vote McCain.

    You have a lot of rage issues and misplaced anger. Get help and stop putting words in other people’s mouths.

    You also included a number of hateful comments regarding homosexuality. That’s not very progressive of you. Am I supposed to be crushed that you might think I’m gay? Like it’s a terrible thing? That’s kind of pathetic.

    Must dash, the Illuminati are gathering over by the temple. I won’t be visiting this poisonous thread again so save your keyboard and just yell at your cat like usual.

  38. Women

    I do not come here for respect. I did not mean that to demean women. I sincerely apologize and I wish I did not say that. I meant that to anger my adversary since this is dirty pool, not a formal debate. I meant it to mean “bitch”. Nothing against women and I as I am sure he as well love women.
    I am sorry so do not take that as it sounded. When I rant I mix up nasty cuz it’s fun to be ugly as well as psuedointellectual. NOONE here is an intellectual. We are all essentially having fun. I am passionate regarding what is going on in this world and I am sure my opponents are as well. Do not take any ot this personally. I do not wish to know anyone here as a PERSON. We are characters here to me and nothing more. I would not talk to real people this way.
    There is a difference. This is mild role-playing.
    I do not hate Republicans. I am not a Democrat either. I do hate Neocons. They are long established warmongering brothers of Nazis. That is another rant.
    Again forgive me and allow me to be as ugly as I can!!!!

  39. Ted from LA

    I just wish you’d take her for a car ride.

    She is 7 of the 10 most boring and obnoxious women on TV.

  40. coffeebean

    McCain wasn’t even born in the US. He was born in Cuba. How can America vote for a commie Cuban? Democtats rule. Vote Democrat!

  41. NO because YOU'RE UGLY

    I fucking hate this whore. I don’t give a fuck that she looks like a dime-a-dozen, mediocre, blond, whose boobs have been flattened and deflated by pregnancy. Everything on her is very mediocre, you can find a girl like this at any bar or restaurant. She’s a Kelly Ripa with a worse personality; she looks like every blond reality star, every sorority bitch and every girl at the mall who isn’t fat. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    If she had a great personality I’d say “she’s pretty cute not gorgeous like an Adriana Lima type”, but since she is a vicious bitch I find her to be fucking hideous. The only reason she may appear HOT to any of you is because her core is made of hellfire and molten devil lava.

    The day my loathing for her reached its ultimate peak I was to sick to change the channel and was forced to watch the hags of the View. They were discussing the war in their opening segment of “idiot bitches running their mouths and embarasssing women everywhere”. The topic was a woman(Cindy Sheehan) whose son had died in Iraq while on duty, she had been trying to meet with Bush to discuss the loss of her son and the devastating deaths in Iraq. In the midst of the discussion Elizabeth open her gaping idiot hole to blathered on about the fact that she was for the war (like anyone didn’t know that), but that she had sympathy for the mother and that if her child had died in the war she would be against it, but since that hadn’t happened she was still pro the war. She then summed up her brainless hypocrisy AGAIN saying “SO I AM FOR THE WAR, BUT IF MY CHILD DIED IN THE WAR I’D BE AGAINST IT TOO, UNTIL THEN I SUPPORT IT”.

    YOU ARROGANT FUCKING WHORE so as long as it other peoples kids who die then the war is all good, but as soon as it’s one of your own precios kids then you care? In that one horrible statement she summed up EXACTLY what is wrong with the world. People do not give a shit about ANYTHING until it happens to them. As long as it’s outside their little backyard it’s meaningless to their lives. As long as it’s other people that suffer it’s not on their radar and does not affect their beliefs. She’s fucking inhuman since she clearly lacks basic empathy. In this life you can’t possibly experience everything required to make you a good and caring person, which is why you have “sympathy” and “empathy” and other helpful non selfish whore emotions. It’s important to once in while pull your head out of your ass and put yourself in other people shoes to see the bigger picture so that your beliefs can actually be logical and fair. She is a fucking pea brained, nitwit, who does not deserve to have her ignorant ass listened to. It is awful that a person like her is given a venue to spread her closed minded sheltered little whiny bitch ideas. She is a loathsome human being and I pity her husband and children.

  42. #88 toodles

    McCain is a crook. How can you defend one of the five senators involved in the Saving and Loan Scandal? How? I do not hate him though. If I had to pick a Republican it would be him. I hate to say that. But he is dishonest and I don’t care how long he was a POW, that does not make a good leader. It has nothing to do with anything. NOthing.
    I guess you are implying that BIG OIL is not really making monstor money aren’t you? Ahhh margin I see!!!! Go back in your little dark hole snake.

    Oil industry analysts yesterday also pointed out that while times are good for oil companies, one of the reasons is the huge American demand for gas at a time when supply is constrained. And the cost of extracting and refining oil in the coming years is only going to increase, requiring hundreds of billions of dollars of investment. Energy research firm John S. Herold Inc. last month predicted that despite short-term increases in profits, higher costs will probably make many U.S. oil companies less profitable in the next five years, even as their revenue grows rapidly.

    Your little leader was not man enough to walk out onto his front yard and talk to an old woman? Why? And you still defend this?

    The KKK has a longer history than that of which you are aware. And it was to guard against freed slaves NOT republicans! That’s awesome!!!! hahah

    Rage issues? Damn right as the testosterone boils through my veins (I have balls, some of us do) I am fighting mad. Our founding fathers (apparently not yours) thought it was a good thing. I am not a sheep like yourself. And yes, I want to do something about what is going on and not passively (are you a bottom guy?) accept my fate. You have to fight for your rights or they will surely be lost. Insert famous quote of your choice.

    Hateful? Sure! I hate you! And people that think like you. Because of YOU our country is dying for working class people. Of course I am filled with hate!

    Illuminati? Think that is funny? Try out the French Revolution for size. Think that was a joke? The illuninati were behind that and many other things. Don’t worry asshole. The elites are now members of groups that are still in the dark but out in the invisible open. Try Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission. Tell me that you think that NAFTA is a good thing as well.

    I gotta go to and I hope you never come back. Please go serve YOUR empire well in Iraq.

  43. “A poor man makes a loan or runs up credit debt and than can’t pay it back expediently. Do you think it is fair for the banking elite to charge massive interest and then PROFIT from another’s misfortune.”

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this site. Takes a risk he can’t afford, runs up credit debt. This is not a poor man. It’s a stupid one.

  44. Jaw ok 94?

    Profitting from misfortune is ok with you? Why should a person have to pay substantially more than he borrowed. OK let me use a simple analogy for a simple mind (yours): YOU borrow from ME 3 bushels of corn and promise to give it back in 3 months. Your farm in not doing well and then 2 years later I demant 8 barrels. This is fair to you?

  45. dude

    I’d occupy her cuntry

  46. Skip Smith

    Oh great. Political commentary on a celebrity gossip site.

    I’m off to the National Public Radio site to start a conversation about Paris Hilton’s rancid twat..

  47. Whatever

    Hey #93:

    the KKK thing is right, it started as an anti-republican thing after Lincoln freed the slaves. Senator Robert Byrd (D-W VA) was a long-time and high-ranking member of the KKK – a kleagle – and peformed the longest filibuster in the history of the senate (14 hours) to try and prevent the Civil Rights Act from passing. He’s now referred to as ‘the conscience of the Senate”. Indeed.

    I love how you libs complain about high oil profits and gas prices, but oppose every single method of countering them. No nukes, no drilling, no wind farms, no new refineries, and you wonder why supply is tight? If the US even announces that they’re going to drill in ANWR, the price will drop $10 a barrel overnight. Even more when they start drilling, and still more when the oil hits the market. Adding 10% to the supply will change the equation completely.

    And #91 – McCain was born on the US part of the Panama Canal Zone, and is in every way an American citizen. Panama, Cuba, same difference right?

    Wow, more anti-gay comments. Is that a new feature of the democratic base?

  48. world's best metaphor

    “…whatever else Republicans do to lose weight. Which I’ll assume includes throwing Bibles at poor people”

    BRILLIANT SUPERFISH. I LOVE it. That is THE best metaphor ever. Novels could be written about the depth and meaning of that metaphor. You sir are a genius.

  49. Skip Smith

    Thanks amy, that’s the smartest thing anyone has said on this thread so far.

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