Elisabeth Hasselbeck should wrestle Ann Coulter in a vat of pudding – unless she hates America

May 7th, 2008 // 194 Comments

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one fourth of the clucking you hear when watching The View, decided to show off her sweet bikini-clad post-pregnant bod in the pages of Fitness Magazine. Elisabeth did a bunch of stuff like dieting, exercising and whatever else Republicans do to lose weight. Which I’ll assume includes throwing Bibles at poor people. I dunno, I’ve never been to a gym. Anyway, Rosie O’Donnell is probably ogling these pics and wishing she’d been a little nicer to Elisabeth. Or Rosie could just be eating her typical Wednesday snack that consists of those giant Brontosaurus ribs from the opening credits of The Flintstones. True story.


  1. Fast Eddie

    It’s a bit pixelated, but … I think I see toe. Bitch.

  2. Gino

    She may be a little looney but DAMN! She’s hott!
    I’d hit it!

  3. meddlingminx

    Shut up, Fish, you moist fucking douchenozzle.

  4. Chupacabra

    Damn, she is an ugly assed ho.

  5. tony the tiger


  6. noneyabeezwax

    not bad for having just squirt out a shitlin’

  7. Mandy

    I hate it when you can see the transistor insertion point (bellybutton) in one of the earlier stepford models.

  8. bigjerm

    hey, she was on survivor!

  9. John McCain

    what’s up with those ugly shoes?

  10. Mike

    @7 Mandy, where is your insertion point??

  11. Josh

    What’s with all the cheap political comments now?

    Are you taking donations from some Obama tard?

  12. @10 Mike, your boyfriend is using your computer and calling you “Mandy” again.

  13. nipolian

    I wonder if her husband will make it to the Superbowl this year.

  14. Jacko

    How refreshing after those pics of Amy Winewhore

  15. morga

    hrm, kinda funny that such a conservative wingnut would forget that Pride is also one of the seven deadlies

  16. They White Urkle

    Fish you liberal dick sucker. Go back to taking it in the ass from your bro and his ho. Oops, I mean obama and his USA hating wife.

  17. plainjane

    Republican, insane AND generic looking, what a package.

  18. Ted Mosby

    I would inject some liberalism into her conservative brazilian wax.

  19. Andy

    Even the good-looking Republicans (all 3 of them) are cold and sexless.

  20. Good for her, losing all that baby weight the healthy natural way unlike Britney who likes snorting meth and drinking til she pukes which is the way God intended it, I mean which is TERRIBLE for you!!

    One more thing, is this chick related to Heidi Montag or do they just share the same photographer, cause these are the most over-posed pictures since well, any pics of Heidi/Spence.

  21. Matt

    John McCain is looking at these pictures and giving his shriveled dick a vigorous palsied rub, but his wife hid the Viagra so he’s only getting more red splotches on his face.

  22. Cindy

    She wanted to get her figure back quickly so she can look good if McCain wins and her party gets 4 more years to continue destroying America.

  23. restingonlaurels

    how can she expect to command any respect after this? men don’t have to do this, how is this fair?

  24. havoc

    I don’t care what her politics are, I’d rail the shit outta that……


  25. Mike

    @12 I don’t have a boyfriend, I just have my goat!!

  26. slysil

    Her husband make NFL cash, she works 1 hour a day. WHERE DOES SHE FIND THE TIME TO EXCERCISE!!! Finally, someone who makes Paris look like a workaholic….

  27. Sid

    Typical Republican. Blathers on and on about morals and values, as long as she can be judging other people. But when she gets a chance to indulge in vanity, she goes for it like GWB when he sees the distractor item on a multiple choice test.

  28. dude

    Matt @21
    that is some sick, funny stuff.

    Compare Hasselbeck’s bikini bod to Wino’s.

  29. deacon jones

    Nice camel toe

    Well, if there’s one thing good about Republicans (women that is) is that they know their role – look good and do as told.

  30. Oveta

    @26 – she at least works out. while she is not Hollywood hot, imo, she is in great shape. Too bad the hubby has lost most of his hair.

  31. restingonlaurels

    @27 – amen. hypocrisy at it’s best.

  32. jFp

    I see they photo-shopped Hannity’s dick out of her mouth.

  33. uglyfucktard

    nice bikini, where’d you get it, Land’s End? this bitch is not hot & never will be.

  34. democrats suck the weiner

    how is it NOT ok for Elisabeth to spout out her views on a TALK SHOW, but Katie Couric can spout her shit on what is supposed to be an unbiased news report. fuck that. you democrats are just like the blacks – hypocritical. (ex: there is a Miss Black America, but if there was a Miss White America there would be hell for whitey to pay).

    and she is not being vain in any way. she is on the cover of a FITNESS magazine, you toolbags. she is encouraging women who have had children to go out and lose the weight and that they can have a body like that after a child. get over yourselves. stop being jealous.

  35. Oveta

    you democrat freaks are just as bad as the republicans and anyone else that spends 97% of thier day on this website

  36. Tits McCholo

    get off the politicking, she’s NOT sexy. You can have a great bod and make my dick fall off, ok? Jesus fucking christ.

    is this the same woman who said she thinks abortion is murder? She should adopt all those crack babies from the ghetto… oh, there is no ghetto while a republican is in office, I FUCKING FORGOT.

  37. restingonlaurels

    yep, #29, not only that but they put the women’s movement back a few hundred years so those of us who know we’re better than that STILL only make 75.5 cents to every dollar that men make and therefore are forced into subordinate positions like the one you see above. what a prostitute.

  38. Randal

    Christ, this piggo is still around. Way too fat. Cellulite city. I though Repub-lick-ends were supposed to be moderates. Elizabeth, try being more moderate when you’re shoveling in the food you waddling heifer. Mooooove past the desert table, Cowly McCow. Time to thin you down for 4H.

  39. yawn

    these pictures need more filter..

    this person is an idiot.. way to alienate your audience.. hey look at me.. i’m not fat like most of you.. oh but i can afford a personal trainer and can buy better food.. look at me i’m so pretty.. well.. with the filter you cant really see through.. but i look hot right.. dont i.. dont i…
    yes uh sure..
    oh god thank you.. see.. i am hot.
    *self esteem*

  40. Mike

    You’re such an idiot Deacon fucking Jones. You never have anything funny to say. It’s either “oh, I partied with these guys” or some sort of woman bashing predictable nonsense that no one gives a shit about.

  41. They White Urkle

    Wow, you dem’s are bitter. At least she takes prode in herself. Not like liberal bitches, hillary, rosie. Every liberal woman I see (I live in San Diego, there are millions of them) has a muffin top and hairy legs. Filthy skanks is what they are.

    The senate is run by the dem’s. What have they done in the year since they came into “power”? Not a damn thing. They wont let us drill for our own oil, but blame the “evil” oil companys. The oil companys make 8 cents per gallon. The government gets 18 cents. Who is the real criminal?

    Another thing. Stop these filthy mexicans from invading our country.

    Freedom of speech is OK as long as you are not a republican or conservative? Go fuck yourselves democrats.

  42. Auntie Kryst

    Who cares about the political bent of any of those twats on the View? I am glad, however, The National Review is finally coming out with a swimsuit issue!!

  43. Ted Kennedy

    I’d fuck her doggy style and make her call me Ted Kennedy

  44. Bigheadmike

    I would love her long long time.

  45. ???

    wow what a fatso!


    I miss Ted from LA :(

  47. Oveta

    @34 – while i do agree with most of your statements, you lose all credibility by comparing democrats to “blacks”. it makes you (and those that agree with you) look like morons, but then again most commentators here are uneducated morons.

  48. Randal

    *sighs at #38′s attempt of being me*

    Well, what can I do really, huh? When you start getting fans, you know you’re reaching that special celeb status here on FISH. Thanks… I guess.

    She has certainly taken very good care of herself but I really don’t have any other reference to compare her with, so I guess all that I can do is give my congratulations at looking so fit and trim.

    Randal likes Mommy!


  49. ph7

    I’d fuck the annoying out of her.

  50. Laedon

    They White Urkle = lame

    She isn’t fat -_-, it is not funny…

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