Elin Woods wants nothing to do with Tiger press conference

Despite Tiger Woods’ handlers urging her to, Elin Woods probably won’t be attending his press conference on Friday that’s already pissing off the professional golfing world with its shitty timing. PopEater reports:

“It’s hard enough for her to try and make this marriage work after what he did to her and their children,” an insider tells me. “The last thing she wants to do right now is stand next to him in front of him and the world’s press. What message is she sending to her daughter and women and girls around the world.”

I find it hard to believe Tiger’s people would even want Elin there considering there’s a 98% chance she’d produce a battle hammer if he admits to sleeping with a woman she wasn’t already aware of. Maybe I fantasize about Elin banging me with a Thor helmet on too much, but you get what I’m trying to say here: She should wear a red cape.

NOTE: Added the first public images Tiger’s allowed anyone to take since November because nothing proves you’re serious about your marriage and golf like jogging. On that note, anyone surprise these aren’t encoded to play the theme song to Rocky? Me, too.

Photos: Getty, Splash News