Elin Woods still not wearing a wedding ring

December 15th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Elin Woods is definitely trying to tell us something. Here’s someone who consistently avoided the paparazzi, even during the past few weeks of non-stop media scrutiny, yet in the last 24 hours she’s shown her face in public twice without a wedding ring on. Shit, she even looks directly at the paps in these shots from today. I honestly can’t tell if Elin Woods is about to launch a very public and messy divorce, or start flipping over cars until The Incredible Hulk agrees to do battle. The woman’s a wild card.


  1. that’s ture! lol

  2. Rachel alone nullified their marriage contract, but all that other shit he was humping may have endangered the lives of his wife and children.
    Screwing random fug bar whores without a condom?
    He could have ended up transferring diseases to his kids. Does he care anything about them?

    Elin certainly seemed to be a model wife in public. Modest and doting.

    She has very distinguished bone structure. doesn’t seem to wear much makeup.

    @ 39 – “i´d like to have her sunglasses!”

    Look kinda aviator style. Not like those Kim Kumdumpster mafia goggles.

  3. ANON

    Does anyone realize that Elin has a twin sister? Has anyone considered this may be her?

  4. Britt

    She just needs left alone. I couldn’t imagine what she is going through and having two children involved?!?! I truly hope she just says screw the money and get the hell out of the marriage. Tiger will be just fine…..Hell he’s been fine the whole time. She is a beautiful woman and I really think highly of her to just keep quiet and go along with her life. The sad thing is next year, this whole scandle will be nothing….. Jon Gosslin is so happy this has happened.

  5. SwedenJ

    Can anyone really blame her for not wearing the rings her cheating husband gave her? I sure doesn’t. I hope Elin takes Sam and Charlie with her back home to Sweden and leave the cheater behind. No matter what’s going on – no one deserves being cheated on.

  6. Joe

    If this apegoon was a hero, at any time, then we would be better off tearing down this society and starting over again

  7. gigi

    cute boots

  8. gigi, again, after reading all the hilarious malfeasance above

    OK, sheep, being blonde doesn’t make you hot…. are you guys looking at the same person? how is Elin beautiful? It’s called make-up, good lighting, photoshop and knowing your angles….. have you seen them together when she’s au natural? they both look like a couple of monkeys…. and to the mouth breather who said that the ‘poor kid’ has that ‘one-of-my-parents-is black look like it’s a bad thing, she should be so lucky! thankfully, with the black genes her DNA is almost perfect, or do you not understand how genetics works…? duh……

  9. soahc

    Fuck she’s looking mighty thin these days. God damn it that sucks. Ladies, despite what all these half-fags on here may proclaim, THIN ASS WOMEN ARE NOT HOT. If there is no roundness to their asses: NOT HOT. Sure some women have finer frames, but there’s a hyper-abundance of chicks who too too much cardio, not enough weights, too many salads and not enough burgers. When are you going to get it through your skulls that FERTILE it hot. And thin women with low body fat are LESS FERTILE.

  10. em

    i don’t find her attractive at all! ew. pasty and bleached… She doesn’t look hot or charming or feminine. She has zero – let me repeat – ZERO – sensuality about her. She might as well be a man. Bet tiger was pissed when his kids didn’t turn out white…I bet that’s the reason he hooked up w her in the first place. I saw them in person in California. She dressed and looked frumpy just like this. Women, you need to spice it up for your men!!!! Tiger was in his corner and they were barely ever together; they didn’t seem loving at all.

  11. #31. You can buy them at any gas station, cheap as well.

    You lot are all crazy talking shit, none of you have got a clue.
    Big deal what goes on in their lives and who cares.

    #59. Big ass women are a turn off but I suppose that’s all the US, UK & OZ know these days, too much junk food and no exercise you lard asses, skinny women forever.

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