Elin Woods still not wearing a wedding ring

December 15th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Elin Woods is definitely trying to tell us something. Here’s someone who consistently avoided the paparazzi, even during the past few weeks of non-stop media scrutiny, yet in the last 24 hours she’s shown her face in public twice without a wedding ring on. Shit, she even looks directly at the paps in these shots from today. I honestly can’t tell if Elin Woods is about to launch a very public and messy divorce, or start flipping over cars until The Incredible Hulk agrees to do battle. The woman’s a wild card.


  1. Fred Garvin

    Fucking hotter than all those other skankabobs

  2. Fred Garvin

    Fucking hotter than all those other skankabobs

  3. lilly

    good for her for getting out and not hiding. She did nothing wrong, she has NO reason to be embarrassed. Tiger should stay indoors for the next 7.5 yrs though.

  4. lilly

    good for her for getting out and not hiding. She did nothing wrong, she has NO reason to be embarrassed. Tiger should stay indoors for the next 7.5 yrs though.

  5. anastacia

    so true.

  6. rc

    A fine looking woman, who I would like to have a go on one day.

    Her mum isn’t bad, either.

  7. David Hasslehoff's Beer Farts

    This chick went as far as letting ugly Tiger Woods impregnate her for the money.

    Oh wait… She loved him for being himself. Not the money and fame. My bad.

  8. Truth honey!

    Elin is much classier than any of those whores (and I say that as a young woman). I cannot stand people who cheat or lie- especialley when their is children involved. Women like the whores that slept with Tiger woods are a disgrace. And good luck Elin- frankly, you can do MUCH better.

  9. David Hasslehoff's Beer Farts

    Oh and poor girl. Tiger screwed around and she only gets millions for being married to him.

    For that money, I’m sure most woman would let their husband 69 an ugly hairy power lifter with a simple hairdo and be OK with it. They would let Joey Buttafuoco shove objects in their husband and be OK with it. Thhey would even have sex with Joey Buttafuoco and be OK with it.

  10. K

    That is one fugly kid?

  11. F'ER

    Elin deserves to be left alone.

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  13. mel

    I’m wondering why some commenters are too stupid to realize that she has, and already had, her own money, and think that just because she married some rich guy that she’s a gold digger.

    Oh wait. I’m on the internet.

  14. It's Me Fuckers

    Elin is a strong woman. The shit that she has had to go through in the past month is disgusting. It is hard enough to go through on MY level (not rich, not even able to get child support out of the fucker who fucked around). But to have to have this happen in front of the whole world, under the scrutiny of the harsh, judgmental bastards (myself included) who troll the internet. I am happy it isn’t me (although the fuckin boatload of money she is going to get WOULD make it much easier to deal with).

    She is also lucky because she is never going to have to worry about trying to feed her kids. Elin, keep your chin up and rake the bastard across the coals for fucking around on you and your kids!

  15. come on

    come on, she’s cold b!tch. no man screws around on his wife if he’s getting what he needs at home.

    i really wonder what kind of damage she did to Tiger to keep in out of the public’s eye for this long.

  16. Did anyone check?

    Many (most?) Europeans wear their wedding rings on the right hand, rather than the left. Has anyone checked Elin’s right hand? You know, Sweden is in Europe, and Elin did grow up in Sweden . . . Just asking.

  17. stupidass

    so hot. i’d love to cheat on her.

  18. chupacabra

    nope, no ring.

    thank god that kid looks more like her than Tiger.

    the kate gosselin bitch has to look at 8 fugly copies of her fugly ex every single day of her pathetic fame-seeking life.

  19. schmoe

    Come on, she jumped on the tiger train because she knew that would get her in on all that tiger money – is she really so super retarded that she didn’t understand that she wasn’t the only skank whore on the planet that would do the same damn thing? what the hell does a ‘cobblanasian’ pro golfer who went to Stanford have in common with a swedish bikini model / nanny, other than he has boatloads of cash and fame, she’s willing to bang him to get some of that for herself, and he’s willing to go along with that deal? guess what bimbo elin, there’s an endless parade of whores right on your heels just waiting to take their turn on your gravy train. chase your hubby out of the house swinging a golf club at his head again, and you can betcher ass the papparazzi will have that on the ‘net in seconds, then it’s bye bye big house & money, and hello to your new home at the state lockup.

  20. Anon

    Wait so domestic abuse and violence in the family home is acceptable now.


    That poor woman…

  21. s.d.

    Tiger Woods is nothing but an ugly, googly-eyed nigger, who happens to be an exceptional golfer! Ellen is much to pretty for him anyways. Come to think of it, I wish she would have splattered his brains (what little he has) all over the concrete! The next time I see his ugly ass face, I hope he’s in a casket!

  22. s.d.

    Hey anon #20, you dumb MOTHERFUCKER, why don’t you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she committed an act of domestic violence. Then we’ll talk, fuck face.

  23. Anon

    Hey s. d.#23 You dumb CUNT, why don’t you prove beyond a shadow of a daoubt that she didn’t commit an act of violence. Then we’ll talk, cunt nose.

    Oh that’s right you only need proof that it happened when a womans accused. Go back and read the comments by the posters all the other times a man is just accused and see what the responce is then? Why different now?

    Hypocrites. Until it’s preven beyond a shadow of a doubt she didn’t I’ll let up but as it has been INVESTIGATED and not just he said she said crap it has a little more substance to it.

    Unlike you.

    And your woman of the year.

  24. Anon

    Oh I see why s.d. is sticking up for her. Not the sisterhood double standards nonsence but because Tiger Woods is black.
    You’re a bigot.

  25. dsfsdfddsfsds

    Of course she’s not wearing her ring!!! He cheated on her with FOURTEEN skanky, club-girl ho’s!! He cheated on her while she was pregnant with his child!!!!!!! Omggggggggggggggggggg!!! I would be chasing him with a golf club, too.

  26. dsfsdfddsfsds

    Of course she’s not wearing her ring!!! He cheated on her with FOURTEEN skanky, club-girl ho’s!! He cheated on her while she was pregnant with his child!!!!!!! Omgggggggggg!!! I would be chasing him with a golf club, too.

    I’ve been saying from the start that she ain’t messin wit no broke niggas, but come on! There’s only so much you can take before it comes down to self-respect. She isn’t some trashy escort.

  27. Jimmy

    She’s going to war.

    Let’s face it – Tiger was a playa before and after he met this chick. Like the girl who marries any athlete on the road all the time, she understood he would continue to play.

    She’s just working her court position now. But she no “innocent” wife. She knew the deal going in.

  28. David Hasslehoff's Beer Farts

    1. she’s not just ugly, she’s uglay! Big man chin. See pic from this CNN article about her.

    2. Poster # 13. mel how do you know she was rich, because who her parents are? “Nordegren and her sister worked odd summer jobs and as cashiers in supermarkets to finance their studies.”

    3. #13 mel. How long did it take you to realise that you were on the internet? Your quite observant albeit slow.

  29. Jane

    Why is this spouse batterer in jail????????

  30. Kim

    She looks like an ice cold princess. No wonder she couldn’t keep Tiger happy. Being pretty isn’t alway enough honey. Got to have some personality – soemthing most former nannies don’t have.

  31. Yumi

    2 31 Kim :She looks like an ice cold princess. No wonder she couldn’t keep Tiger happy. Being pretty isn’t alway enough honey. Got to have some personality – soemthing most former nannies don’t have

    You stupid Fuck yeah that why it was 14 other women and not one,

    You Kim are mostly likely some one who would fuck a married man, with your stupid post.

    Tiger is the one with issues that can not be helped with one other woman, since he was doing 14 or 15,

  32. claudio

    nice one #29, you got some big points there…
    and theres definitely some good reasons to think she “might” have married him only for the money. but yes, probably its only cos i personally dont like him too much, never liked his humour and public talks…

  33. Roy

    What a shame, to have such a hot mama, but to look like your dad…

  34. me

    Damn that’s one mangled up kid.

  35. Ice Cold

    heh heh you mongrels out there better be happy that the vikings were conquered by the weather otherwise your homely asses wouldn’t be here. Same thing for the Krauts in Russia.

  36. Robert Acquafresca

    Shes laughing at all of us. She didnt love him and made a deal to be married and have kids and be around him in exchange for endless gobs of money. If he messes up, she gets to leave and gets more money. If it was about common backgrounds and love and togetherness only, she would not have married him. She gets out of her contract with a big buyout and is now a free agent in exchange for some ugly ass kids and the world knowing why she did what she did. Its all even in the wash and I would probably give her a bit of an advantage after what happened. She is not losing any sleep over this.

  37. elin's twin

    #15–Tiger was obviously getting blow jobs and wild sex and rough sex from a bunch of different women but he cheated on them, too. Is that Elin’s faul,too? Geez, I’d hate to be your wife and get blamed for your behaviors.

    #21–racist–ick–someone delete him/her!

    Elin is fierce, was raised with a boatload of money, studied at university and why people think being a nanny is somehow like being a whore is beyond me…the hand that rules the cradle rocks the world…

    Elin, you look fierce–keep it up. Your daughters will appreciate it if you stand up for yourself. And your kids are beautiful, they look exactly like both you and Tiger….keep kicking ass!

  38. aniuschka

    i´d like to have her sunglasses!
    does anybody know the brand?

  39. s.d.

    Tiger Woods looks like a cartoon character, with his round face, bug eyes and fish lips. Good god he is UGLY! Definite butterface.

    He’s also a duplicitous, moral reprobate, who happens to be an exceptional golfer. It’s comical that his fans insist that Elin only married him for his money or status, as if he has no other redeeming qualities. So according to them, Tiger is ugly, which is true, and doesn’t have anything else to offer? Maybe they’re on to something. Hmmmm

  40. my comment

    Tiger Woods is a P.O.S. I hope Elin divorces him and rakes him over the coals. Then he can be free to skank around with greasy spoon diner waitresses, whores and trannies and pre-ops and gays and every single freak under the sun.

  41. Kelly


    He cheats on her with over 10 disgusting STD ridden skank hoes and you dare to mention DOMESTIC VIOLENCE cos she MAY have chased him with a golf club?!

    You are a cunt. Go fuck yourself.

  42. Richport's Ghost

    Tiger’s like 25% black, right? Yet he still looks like he just jumpted out of a tree.

    Just goes to show you, you can take the man out of the jungle….

    Anyway, that poor kid is like 1/8 black at most, hell Elin is so white I’d say the kid is more like 1/32 black, and yet look — all you see is “One of my parents is black”

  43. anumi

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  44. She is definitely disturbed, can see that look on her face. Wonder what the innocent kid is going through. Hope she takes some fair decisions.

  45. GG1000

    Yes, well, violence is not the answer etc., but I have to admit if MY husband went out and had unprotected sex with a bunch of hookers and exposed me to God knows what, in addition to bringing one of them back to the house where my children live to ooze their diseases all over my home, I just might grab the nearest object and crack him one over the head as well!

  46. bete noir

    Tiger Woods’ wife not wearing her wedding ring?


  47. Real McCoy

    @ Richport’s Ghost

    Not too sure what your point is asshole. Go suck on a BIG BLACK DICK, you fucktard. Shit, you’ll probably like it.

    and @ 21 you’re a DUMB racist bitch!

  48. its great that she is still rockin’ the bod but it is just too damn old and dusty, put it away Pam

  49. Dixx

    Headlines that i want to see in the coming weeks:


    i am sick of this low life asshole, and if he wants the news about his multi infidelity go away and also spare us some other news like global warming he should commit suicide, i dont care how… maybe take pills, or jump off a cliff, drown or hang himself. All these will go away and we will have world peace

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